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2 months ago

My #bestnine on Instagram for 2018. Happy New Year all. x

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3 months ago

Love these necklaces, and wear them all the time. I’m often asked where they are from - check out the wonderful Amy at @chambersandbeaujewellery who makes them in her studio in Devon. Careful though it’s addictive seeing the gorgeous designs she has 🙈 The shortest one is @georgjensen another absolute favourite for me for silver jewellery. (Also addictive! Or maybe the problem is me 😬)

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4 months ago

So I made this video and it’s not perfect but I’m putting it here anyway. As a segment in the inspiring day at elevate yesterday (organised by @notaboutthekids and @antoniataylorpr) we learned about making videos with @lottiestevenson - I’m hooked! So there will be more and hopefully they will get better! And for now this is a lovely memory of the day and some of the wonderful people I met. at Thames Lido

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4 months ago

Made it to the gym on holiday quite a few days this trip. Felt great!

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4 months ago

Day 16. Pig! Think he may be trying to fly away with these ears. Over half way through inktober, must be getting sick of them by now! #inktober #inktober2018 #pig #sketch

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4 months ago

Day 14 - lonely or saving a seat for someone, I’m not sure (Samika thinks the other swing should be for a dog 🐶) Almost halfway through October and up to date on the drawings everyday, phew! #inktober #inktober2018

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