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1 day ago

This morning I came across my measurement tracking when I first started my health journey. I remember thinking why start when I know I’m just gonna fail. I remember being sick and tired of feeling exhausted, no energy and bloated. I remember being completely disgusted with the huge roll around my stomach. I remember always worrying what other people though of me because I was overweight. Fast forward to today......and I can't BELIEVE the difference!! 🙊 Now I want you to know.....I wasn't always someone who enjoyed working out. 👎🏻 I was actually pretty lazy and ate horrible. Was constantly eating fast food (Hello Taco Bell 🌮!!!) and take out. I’m pretty certain I went a week or two without ever eating a vegetable!! So needless to say, setting off on this journey was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Looking back, it is now one of the most REWARDING journeys I've taken. It's given me a better life, a passion for something I had always despised, and confidence and love for myself I have never felt before. Losing weight isn't just about a DAMN number on a scale. It is about gaining a NEW LIFE!! A new beginning for you and your family!! One that I am so thankful for. ❤️ If you need help taking that first step or talking through your struggles, message me and let's talk. I would be happy to help!! 😃 #conqueringyou #mynewlife #healthymama

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2 days ago

I’m having a hard time getting off the struggle bus this week, which sucks after just coming off such a fun vacation. You know how it is coming back to work after being off for a week where no one did my if your work while you were gone, your inbox is over 1,000 emails deep and everything is on fire??!! I’m not gonna lie.....makes me feel like why go on vacation when its just going to be a living hell when I get back. 😩 Seriously....why does it have to be this way??? Does this happen to you too? I’m trying to look at it as I’ve got 2 more days to go, I’m over half way there, I can do this (I think....)!! #conqueringyou #corporatelife #stressiskiller

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2 days ago

Doing things you’ve always done is essentially living in the past. You aren’t moving forward or growing. How will you ever get ahead if you’re only holding onto certainty and comfort? Success never comes without uncertainty. Embrace it! “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” - Theodore Roosevelt #conqueringyou #embraceuncertainty #changethingsup

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3 days ago

Yesterday was a rough day for me. Emotionally I just couldn’t get myself together and was physically drained. I got up to workout, got dressed and just sat in the recliner trying to get myself to move....but I couldn’t. No amount of ‘you can do this’ was gonna get me there. So I crawled up on the couch and went back to sleep. Today....I woke up feeling better and was able to get my workout in, but still couldn’t put in 100%. It took everything I had to finish. Isn’t is crazy how much stress and anxiety can impact you physically??? What tricks do you use to cope? #conqueringyou #emotionalmess #anxietysucks

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5 days ago

I don’t know about you, but nutrition has always been my weak spot when it comes to health. I am consistent with workouts. I am pretty good with self care. But food???? That’s a whole different problem!! During the week I seem to take 1 step forward, but as soon as the weekend gets here I take two steps back! Especially when it’s a holiday weekend! So how about this.....me and a few girlfriends are hosting a 3 day foodie Challenge THIS WEEKEND!! Yes, I know it’s Easter, but you can still enjoy the holiday without gorging yourself and regretting it later. There will be: ✏️coach tips on how to deal with cravings 🥦recipes, quick to grab AND things to take to family gatherings 🍱food prep ideas 🍳Portion info And of course a fun prize for the person who shows up throughout the weekend!! It’s totally free and everyone’s welcome.....just trying to get some ladies to do it with me since I’m committing anyway!! I always find doing these sorts of things with others keeps me more accountable!! Whatta ya say?? Comment below with your favorite emoji and I’ll reach out!! #conqueringyou #foodiechallenge #healthyholidays

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5 days ago

One day at a time. One workout at a time. One meal at a time. Focus on the next step and not the end goal. All those little steps you take will get you to where you ultimately want to be. I believe in you girl!! 😘 #conqueringyou #onestepatatime #stepstoabetterlife

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5 days ago

I always leave our live events feeling so inspired, motivated, on fire and like nothing can stop me!! This is not an easy business and I’d be lying if I said I never thought about quitting. There are some hard days!!! BUT.....I know quitting would let down so many people, so many lives I’ve touched, so many lives I’ve promised to help and to be there for them!! Not to mention the promise I made to myself to chase those dreams that everyone else thinks is crazy!! The top coach in the organization spoke today and it really hit me. She said when things get hard and you feel like quitting keep in mind, you aren’t quitting on this....what’s happening today. You’re quitting on the future you! MIC DROP!! 🎤💥 I cannot quit on the future Teresa!! So a big thank you to all of the speakers who shared such great wisdom and passion for this incredible opportunity. Thank you to my team who shows up with me, is chasing their dreams, and inspires me to be better!! Thank you to Beachbody for creating a platform that allows me to impact so many lives across the WORLD.....something I NEVER would have imagined!! This “job” feeds my soul, feeds my mind, makes me feel like I belong and has allowed me to dream bigger than I ever have!!! ❤️ #conqueringyou #dontquitonyou #sograteful

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7 days ago

Had my little partner in crime with me today!! 💕 Yes, I’ll admit....I love it when she does workouts with me, BUT it also slows me down and sometimes I end up modifying because she’s all over me like I’m a jungle gym. 😂🐒 The important thing to me is NOT that I’m doing everything perfectly. It’s that I’m being an example for her. I want her to grow up knowing this is just every day life. That taking care of our bodies is just what we do. It’s not something we do to lose weight, to be a certain size or for people to like us. We do it because we love ourselves!! ❤️ Are you being that person for your kids?? They’re watching your ever move and taking notes mama!! 😃 #conqueringyou #showthemwhathealthyis #betheexample

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7 days ago

Finished up our trip at Sea World 🐠yesterday before heading home today. Clara loved seeing all the aquatic life, however, a very short attention span....which meant no shows for us. ☹️ Had she been a little older, maybe she would have enjoyed that. How old were your kids when you took them for the first time? #conqueringyou #allthefish #seaworldsandiego

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7 days ago

Travel day which means we were up by 3:45am to head to the airport. ✈️ Plus little miss Clara got an allergic reaction to something so hasn’t been sleeping well, which in turn means mom didn’t sleep well. 😴 We finally made it home after grocery shopping and picking up the dog......let me tell you......working out wasn’t high on my list, but Clara said she wanted to do it, so we did it together!! Although......she only lasted about 5 minutes, but by then I was rockin’ and rollin’!!! 😆🏋️‍♀️ Day42/80 👊🏻 #conqueringyou #backtoreality #anotherdaydown

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9 days ago

A warm, beautiful day at the San Diego Zoo Safari yesterday!! So many cool animals 🐏🐐🐅 to see and we even go to take a tram out by the rhinos 🦏 and giraffes🦒!! It wasn’t crowded at all, which made it easy to get through everything.....well almost everything before little miss was ready for a nap!! #toddlerlife #conqueringyou #safarilife

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9 days ago

Early morning workouts were not something I enjoyed for the longest time!! I was accustomed to my 8-10 hours of sleep and life was good. Why the hell would I wanna mess that up by getting up early???? Well....I quickly figured out that throughout the day I could come up with a million excuses and it only took one for me to change my mind. I’ll start tomorrow. Then life got even crazier when you add a kid to the mix (I can’t imagine life with multiple!!). So I knew if I wanted to make me a priority it meant getting my ass outta bed early! Fast forward to today and it’s just habit. Yep....a habit of getting up early to spend some quality time on me. It’s not easy to do everyday, but I never regret it either!! Life is crazy for all of us....maybe just a different kind of crazy. If it’s important to you, you make the time. Period. #conqueringyou #earlyriser #mommystime

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