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This ain’t a cry for help — more like a lesson learned that I wanted to share. God has been showing me things lately. Im praying that I can master the art of channeling energy constructively really looks like. That’s my word. peace to the planet 🌍

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thinking of a master plan 🥇 next 5 years already laid out in my head. time to get y’all to see what I already see 🌍 @stepupseries releases March 20th, 2019! You still have time to catch up. Head over to YouTube Premium now 🎬

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stopping by and showing love 🙏🏽 📸@j_kaviar

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25 years. Thank you God 🙏🏽🎉🎁🎂🎈

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My brother @williscooks brought me on to his show #ChillWillRadio a couple weeks back. We spoke about how to deal with depression through expression, and other topics around me and my mental health. An hour into the interview, he put me on the spot, and I rapped live on his show. Haven’t rapped publicly in 4 years. Click the link in my bio. Scroll 59 minutes in, and check out the entire rap. I’d love to hear what you all think, but more importantly, I want to everybody to express themselves. It really does help in the hard times. And if you’ve taken the time to watch the entire interview, thank you so much. I’m happy the honesty has helped so many of you!

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4 months ago

#MerryWishmas premieres tonight on @tvonetv ! Thank you God for allowing me the opportunity to work with so many beautiful spirits this year. I grew up watching @davidandtamela EVERYDAY. And now I’m in a Christmas movie with them and so many other people I look up to. Thank you @cassigers and @terrijvaughn for trusting me with comedy. I never get to play the good guy 😂 Shoutout to the entire cast! I know my Big Brother looking down and proud. This was the only time of the year we always spent together. This is the first without him but I know he’s smiling from ear to ear 🙏🏽 Tune in tonight! 7pm EST!

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4 months ago

Recently had the honor of visiting @thegoodnewsradio to kick it with my brother @williscooks for an in-depth conversation about mental health, connecting with your spirit, the death of my brother, getting back into music, and even kicked a freestyle. You can catch this entire conversation in my bio. I’ll be posting more clips this week! Let me know what you all think! Much love “Chill Will Radio” at Compton, California

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5 months ago

Last year I booked the @stepupseries pilot. My name was “Bully 1”. Today I wrapped Season 2 as regular character. My name is “Marquise Howard”. God is good, ain’t he? Season 2 of Step Up: High Water coming soon 🙏🏽 at Blackhall Studios

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Giving honor to God, first and foremost. Thank you @pviff for this incredible honor. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to accept this award in person. I am current shooting a film in Washington DC. So thank you to @winkwoodall for accepting the award on my behalf. I’ve never really received an award with my name on it. So this is my FIRST and hopefully one of many on this journey. And to my very special friends and family that sent in videos, I was completely unaware and very honored to share this moment with you all. So thank you @terrijvaughn @doublerlee , @lorensharice , @gpierre722 , and @winkwoodall for these videos. Lastly, thanks again to Ron for doing exactly what I would’ve done; dedicating this award to my brother, Tevyn. This award wouldn’t even be possible without the blueprint Tevyn laid out for me. I miss you bro! This one is for you! Again, thank you @pviff for my very first award... the RISING STAR AWARD 🖤 P.S: my mom told me, if I don’t thank her in every award, we can’t be cool. So thanks mom for “being butchered open to bring my big ass head into the world 🖤❤️🖤❤️”

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appreciation post for the only person in this industry that trust me with comedy. love you @terrijvaughn 🖤🌺 thanks for everything 📸 👉🏽 @a_shotthat

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