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For realistic tattoo in particular, the skin becomes a true canvas! The tattoo gun with its ink and needles takes the place of pencils and watercolours, tempera and oils, creating images that seem to live and breathe... Discover more on our website ~ link in bio 👆🏻 • #tattoo #tattoolife #tattoolifemagazine #realistictattoo

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The Japanese body suits that come to life thanks to @marcoserio ’s research and great attention to technique are classic and elegant. Their roots lie in Japanese culture; developed as head-to-feet visual stories, they resemble movie close-ups in which color and movement are in perfect harmony. Leaving New York, Mark moved to Amsterdam after “falling in love with its incredible canals”. In 2014, he opened @thebluebloodstudios with his girlfriend; the shop’s name pays homage to “Memoirs of a Tattooist”, a book dedicated to George Burchett. We sat down to chat with him about the shop and his team, which you can learn more about it in the latest issue of Tattoo Life magazine • • #tattoo #tattoolife #tattoolifemagazine #japanesetattoo #amsterdam #thebluebloodstudios

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She may have a “forked” tongue, but when it comes to doing an interview, the only dangerous weapon the captivating @riae_ uses is the truth. From the “nomadic” education she received as a young girl to her boundless love for tattoo art, this Sardinian-Irish Suicide Girl laid it all out on the table when answering our questions, proving what a fun, intelligent, and sensual person she truly is… Discover more in the latest issue of Tattoo Life magazine! 📷 @christiansaintphoto • • #tattoo #tattoolife #tattoolifemagazine #tattoomodel #riae #christiansaint

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He’s only been tattooing for a few years, but he stood out right away because of the lettering that defines his work. He calls it Hollow Victorian lettering. He started out in the Melbourne graffiti scene, had an illuminating experience in Thailand, and then went to Sydney, where he’s currently working. Everything about @samtaylortattoos ’s story is here in the interview on Tattoo Life magazine! . . #tattoo #tattoolife #tattoolifemagazine #lettering #samtaylortattoo

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The Dutch independent brewer Swinkels Family Brewer with their famous @86france beer brand has come up with a new limited edition! • @86france has got a makeover with four new graphics numbered from 13 to 16 inspired by the world of tattoo. In particular, number 13, boasts a prestigious collaboration with @tin_tin_le_tatoueur ! • Can number 13, designed by @tin_tin_le_tatoueur , shows a dragon coiled around the logo @86france : a perfect example of the expressive power of the work of the great French tattoo artist. • A quality beer meets the great art of tattoo and offers true conoisseurs a singular experience and a collector’s item at the same time. • Discover more on #rattoolife #tattoolifemagazine #intenseparnature #intensebynature #8.6beer #SwinkelsFamilyBrewers #tintintatouages #beer #dragon

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@shanghaikate is often referred to as “America’s Tattoo Godmother”, a title she has deservedly earned with over 40 years of dedication to her craft. Kate is fierce, funny and a force to be reckoned with. Her journey has been filled with vibrant characters, tattoo legends and a few hair-raising experiences along the way – and she is determined to share her story for a future tattoo generation... Discover more on our website • • #tattoo #tattoolife #tattoolifemagazine #tattooartist #tattoohistory

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