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@tammievictoriamawhinney  To run with a THR is a challenge.To run a marathon or 1/2 in the USA 🇺🇸is my dream❤️My adventure begins here.😄Accidental Cake Artist @cakebyvictoriam

2 hours ago

A Summer storm with a tornado emergency . The Hail stones really are like stones, everything’s big in America ❤️

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2 days ago

Summer may have arrived in Colorado ❤️

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8 days ago

The joys of the fortune cookie! Ozarks in a couple of weeks.Hope it doesn’t mean I get wiped out on the paddle board 🤣

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12 days ago

Could be the beginnings of a Colorado cake company 😀Thank you dessert cakes. A chance to try out the ovens,weird ingredients and effects of altitude on my recipes, which I can’t quite remember as I stupidly left them at home. So I will blame the altitude 🤣( Time to show the Americans what real cake tastes like 🤣)

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14 days ago

After a stinking hot day, the Rockies are glowing tonight ❤️

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15 days ago

Another day ends under the hot Colorado sun , but this one ends with cowboy boots. No easy task buying boots off a cowboy with a kiwi accent. 🤣

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16 days ago

Never complain about New Zealand roads again.The roads around here are like goat tracks! Actually goat tracks are better 😊

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23 days ago

Colorado I love your sky ❤️

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23 days ago

We may be on opposite sides of the world but we both would give everything for one more moment with you.4 years today. You are so greatly missed Mum.😥❤️❤️❤️

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28 days ago

Big night for the kiwis with the Americans holding them up 🤣 God help the Ozarks❤️

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28 days ago

Running in mid afternoon 24°heat and a raging hot Nor Westerly is never a good idea . Perhaps explains why I was the only dehydrated idiot on the trail today 🤣 A storm is brewing with snow tomorrow 🥳Bull snakes are a plenty 😳

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29 days ago

A very frozen Twin Lakes on the way home from Leadville Colorado. 10,000.00 feet above sea level . The highest city in North America with the back drop of the magnificent Rockies. Ski fields open and at least 3 foot of snow still on the ground.

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1 month ago

I’m sure I’ll be banned from this too🤣🤣🤣

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1 month ago

So glad we got the pic. Turns out it’s my only time scrambling around a mountain side. No more Hills, No more mountains,☹️My surgeon knows me too well!😞Flat ground only!😳Going to do that hard in Colorado🥴❤️(should of taken champagne and donuts)

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1 month ago

Barr Lake❤️This mornings run . Not sure who was more surprised when I ran over the rise. Such beautiful animals and thankfully clever enough to live in a nature reserve. 😊

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1 month ago

Reunion, Colorado ❤️No better place to collapse on a bench after a run around Barr Lake 😊

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1 month ago

Boulder City ❤️

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1 month ago

Nearing the summit of flagstaff mountain. Would be incredible to watch the sunrise and sunset from here. Colorado is a truly beautiful State 😍❤️and it’s so hot 🥵

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