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13 days ago

I think one of the things I love the most about photographing from my paraglider is the effort involved in getting the shots. You have to not only invest in time and money to become a pilot but you need to love flying enough that the beauty, exhilaration, risk and fear make it all worth it. To me it’s the perfect combination of risk and reward and when my effort results in views like this it makes the images that much sweeter. @gitzoinspires #ZbyHP #notadrone #turkey at Ölüdeniz, Turkey

13 days ago

Overflow. The past months have been full of creative awareness from my side. Overthinking is the result. What should I do? Should I narrow down a direction to focus fully on, or keep learning new techniques and being less specific direction wise. Being part of this wonderful industry is cool, being successful and able to work with high-end clients and brands is even cooler and more rewarding. However, somehow you always get approached by clients to do something you’ve already done, but with their sauce over it. So how to balance things out? Focus primairly on self development or on the financial aspect of the game. Blablablablablablabladibla. #Rikoostenbroek #Abstract #adobe #photoshop #vector #illustrator #thedesigntip #designboom #designspiration #hilversum #abstractart #instaart #donwippie #ZbyHP at Hilversum

16 days ago

Like this Moken sea gypsy woman in Myanmar, more than three billion people worldwide rely on healthy marine and coastal ecosystems for their livelihoods. #SDG14 is a part of a family of Sustainable Development Goals designed with an ambitious and profound vision: to build a better world for people and our planet by 2030. There is a lot of work to be done, but the power of the ocean is in its ability to transform, and its strength is in #theTide. When we share what we learn about our oceans and sustainable development, as members of #theTide, we all become ambassadors for life underwater. Join me by using #SDG14 and #TurningTheTide tags in your comments and your posts and join The Tide to become part of a passionate community invested in the health and sustainability of our oceans by following the link in my profile. Words by @cristinamittermeier @sealegacy @gitzoinspires #zbyhp #fishing #conservation #burma at Myanmar

19 days ago

Loving the capabilities we have lately as artists & designers to explore light and color in new ways. HP asked me to experiment and create a piece for them that put their Z4 workstation and Dreamcolor displays to the test. Refractions on refractions! #ThePowerOfZ #ZbyHP" at New York, New York

23 days ago

I’ve been traveling to Alaska every year for the last 20 years. It holds a very special place in my heart. It’s one of the most beautiful and untouched places in the world and its landscape always inspires me. So when I was asked to photograph something under the theme “the power to reinvent beauty” the glaciers of Alaska came to mind. With the ability to move ice into strange patterns and colors that take on the ethereal quality of abstract art, glaciers are in a constant state of reinventing beauty. As a photographer being able to document the abstract in the everyday, the beauty in the unexpected is powerful. #ThePowerOfZ #ZbyHP #alaska at Alaska