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Seek out mentors and friends who believe in you and are willing to invest in you. The minute you begin to sorround yourself with positivity and support, you too will radiate with positivity and support for others. You don't have to travel the road to success alone and you will arrive faster if you are sorrounded by those that are building you up instead of breaking you down. . . #inspiremeinallthings #oprah #oprahwinfrey #inspiration #positivevibes #positivity #positivequotes #sorroundyourselfwithpositivepeople #liftothersup #buildcommunity #mentorship #mentors #supportivefriends #spreadlove #roadtosuccess #youdonthavetodoitalone

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I think patience comes in different shapes.. For example when it comes to my children i am equiped with a lot of patience. Because to guide small human beings into adults you need to have an incredible amount of patience every day... So when i started my business i was surprised to find out how NOT patience i was🙃. How quickly i got annoyed (and sometimes still) if things don’t go fast. It amazes me how much i am learning on personal level and how ugly and messy my feelings sometimes are. So to not become crazy and unhappy i needed to learn how to let go and not try to swim up stream. That’s why i love this quote. You can find something to smile about every day. Yesss... And even if things go slow it probably has to go slow. So for now i try to trust all and believe every day i put in the energy and effort to help people with their health it are seeds that will grow into a giant forest🙏🏼 And what a lesson in patience this is🤣 #naturalfeedback #buildinganempire #worktogrow #serve #patience #lifelessons #keeponlearning #nutrition #firstbeat #virtuagym #onlineplatform #zinzino #youdonthavetodoitalone #team #yourhealth #mymission

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I am NOT telling you to go it alone. I’m telling you to intentionally do the opposite: Reach out (even when you’re scared); ask for help (pick up the ‘100 pound phone’ & CALL somebody); love bravely; travel widely; take a new job; ask him out; tell her how you really feel; don’t wait to live. • Do NOT expect others to save you from your own life. • YOU are your solution & you CAN create the life you want to live in. • If you’re struggling to begin, Ask. For. Help.🌻♥️ #365daysofselfcompassion #youareyoursolution #youarethebossofyou #wecandohardthings #wecandohardthingstogether #pamwchaney #middlewaycounselingandretreats #askforhelp #youdonthavetodoitalone #compassionfocusedcounselor #compassionfocusedtherapy #startnow #lovemom #createyourlife #recoveryourlife #recoveringperfectionist #recoveringcodependent #healingtrauma #healinganxiety #healingshame #healingquotes #showupforyourself #girlwashyourface #badassmoms #youcandothis #healingdepression #tellsomeone #itsyourlife #youareenough #worthynow

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What did you say? I can’t do this?🤷🏻‍♀️⠀ .⠀ My friend you can only do what your mind has set out to do!! You can do anything if you Mindset and heart are all in!!🤯🥰 I have heard all the excuses(heck, I used all the excuses)! ⠀ .⠀ ⏰ I’m to busy! I don’t have time!⠀ .⠀ 🧟‍♀️I don’t like to get up early!⠀ .⠀ 🏃‍♀️It’s to hard!⠀ .⠀ 🥗 I don’t like to eat veggies or meal plan!⠀ .⠀ It’s ok if you don’t like all the healthy stuff!! Who does? But, what’s important is that you want to get healthy!!💪 You can do hard things! When my coach would post her workouts on social media, I would laugh and criticize..😢 I would say “I can never do what she is doing!”🥴⠀ .⠀ A year later, and I’m doing it! I’m loving how I feel! Yes I was sore when I started! Yes it took some time to see results! Yes I didn’t like all the healthy food! Yes I had early mornings! Let me tell you it was hard, but Sooooo WORTH EVERY MINUTE!!⠀ .⠀ Friend you can do this! I’m here to help! #youdonthavetodoitalone ! I’ll coach you! I’ll give you support! I’ll help you with meal planning! It’s a process worth taking! ⠀ .⠀ If you want to join me leave a message below!🤦🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🥰🤩👇 at Kansas

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The things you’re not willing to do Are the things holding you back From the life You dream of living ✨✨✨✨✨ I remember not wanting to admit defeat, not wanting to ask for help. Thinking I could do it myself had let me down and I was afraid to fail again with help. . I sucked it up and reached out to my now coach (something that I was so scared to do because I honestly had no idea who she was at that time.... SPOILER she is now one of my besties 👯‍♀️) . I let go of trying to do things “my way” and going at it alone” and it literally opened up a whole new world of possibilities! . It wasn’t long after starting my own health and wellness journey I decided I needed to pay forward what had been givin to me because it me so dang happy! I was so nervous I was shaking like a leaf the entire time I was signing up to become a coach. . BUT I PUSHED THAT FEAR ASIDE . Now I am proud to say I am living my best life thanks to those 2 decisions! I left my ego at the door and went for it! I can’t imagine what my life would like now if I had been too stubborn to try something new! . I am a coach and I’m proud of it! And I’m so excited to share it with other because it has done so much for me and imported so many different areas of my life that I want no NEED to pay that forward because if there is only 1 thing I regret it’s not deciding to do it sooner!! . We are running a free “what is coaching” group starting tomorrow. Its just an informational - no obligation - check this out to see if this opportunity might be right for you group! . Let me know if that sounds like something you’d want to check out and I’ll add you in there!!! 😘😘😘

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A feeling of isolation is common for people in executive and leadership positions.... It can also be common for husband's... And wives... The roles are more closely related than you would think... Budgets and financial pressures, knowing that each decision you make positively or negatively effects people you care about.. not wanting to process with safe and trusted individuals because you are often the "strong" person for them and you don't wish to be a burden. . . . . YOU, leaders... Those of you who naturally take on the weight of the world with a heart of gold... YOU are why we do this.... YOU are why we coach... You need a SAFE place... A place to get perspective and sometimes a sense of permission to say, "I need help"... We help you process... Remember who you are and get action steps in place to help you achieve what you were created to do!! The more leaders (corporate or heads of households) we work with the more we see a consistent trend of superheros getting burnt out... Isolation is dangerous and NOT worth it!!! Press into healthy community, see a counselor or a coach... Talk to your spouse... SOMEONE!! You are wanted and needed on this Earth so PLEASE take care of yourself!! . . . . #3cordcoaching #3cordcoach #mentalhealth #leadership #knowyourself #youdonthavetodoitalone #lifecoaching #relationshipcoaching #relationshipgoals

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It’s #transformationtuesday The girl on the left was a brand new Mom, feeling down about her body and ready to finally make a change! The girl on the right is loving life, feeling strong and healthy and ready to tackle anything that comes her way! It’s not all about numbers- yes about 60 pounds separates these two pictures- but it’s about more than that. The mental transformation has been more than I ever could have imagined! I always self sabotaged and gave up in the past. I got to a certain point and went back to old habits- mostly because I told myself in my head I probably would. This is the first time I’m not saying that and I know I’ll reach my ultimate goal! A big part of that is the support- I’ll be forever grateful for @mommas_krusin reaching out and inviting me to be part of an awesome team on this journey! Do you want this for you! I can help! #momofone #healthynotskinny #healthandfitnessjourney #friendsmakeitbetter #youdonthavetodoitalone #joinme

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Working on a new mindset is one of the hardest but most important things when it comes to achieving health & fitness goals. Luckily there are now heaps of PT’s that are recognising this & incorporating it into their programs. Support networks work! I love my fit fam #support #mindset #getyourmindinshape #youdonthavetodoitalone

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✔️✔️DO YOU KNOW THIS IMPORTANT BREASTFEEDING HACK? ✔️✔️ Before this baby comes earthside, find your support team early in the game! We encourage, suggest, and would force by donut 🍩 if we could-- that all of our moms to get to a breastfeeding support group while they are still pregnant! 🚗 You then know where to park, how to get into the building and find the room before doing that while sleep deprived, carrying a baby, a diaper bag and possibly a stroller! #stressrelief You then meet an IBCLC 👩‍👩‍👧 (Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and have somebody you can call, that you are familiar with if any hiccups show up once baby is with you. You'll also get to meet other moms with wiggly babies, 👶👶 who are on the other side of the event you are anticipating. You'll hear what they're struggling with, how far they've come, and all of their hacks as new moms for "all the things." Breastfeeding is a set of learned skills and you need to be around it to see all the nuances of how it works. If you're local, join us on Monday mornings at 10 a.m. (unless it's a holiday) and meet Anita or Zanette! We want you to be successful in your goals, calm in your approach and no that you can manage any challenges that show up. Huge hugs mama!! #youcandoit #breastfeedingsupport #breastfeedingsupportgroup #getinhere #youdonthavetodoitalone . . . . . . #ittakesavillage #ilovewhatidoula #childbirtheducator #doula #childbirtheducation #baby #doulas #education #babies #birth #sandiegodoula #birthwithoutfear #sandiegopostpartumdoula #childbirth #pregnant #pregnancy #preggo #newmom #hypnobirthing #birtheducation #sandiego #sandiegohypnobirthing #birthclass #birtheducationcenter

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🎉Registration is open for my February transformation fit camp! 🎉 It is a 6 week program, 6 days a week, for ONLY 20 minutes a day. I will be here ALL along the way to guide you, encourage, and hold you accountable to reaching your personal goals☺️ Included in my fit camp: 🙋🏻‍♀️ Me as your coach 💻 20 minutes workouts you can stream from ANYWHERE (as well as bonus workouts) 🥗 Nutrition guide and recipe book 📔 Transformation journal for daily tracking 📅 Wall workout calendar/weekly transformation tracker 🌱 30 days of superfood shakes OR pre and post workout supplements 👯‍♀️ accountability and support through my virtual fit group, a personal accountability buddy, and virtual workout buddies #youdonthavetodoitalone I have gotten the results I have gotten from following these programs. I don’t share this to brag, but I share it because IT WORKS and if by sharing I can change someone else’s life the way it has changed mine it’s totally worth the eye rolls I get! 🤩 #movealonghaters I am looking for 5 women who are ready to commit to their health and wellness with me! If you are in drop a 🙋🏻‍♀️ below and I will get you the details! Happy Saturday babes! 💕

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This is ONE year. One year of: Putting my health first. Living a more balanced lifestyle. Working on my self care. Growing my mind. Gaining massive confidence. Having a morning routine. Making friendships. This was hard work, determination, and massive belief that I could do it even when the days got hard. Every day isn’t perfect, I just lean into my team and provide grace when needed and keep moving forward! Don’t underestimate what ONE year can do for you! . . . #believeyoucanandyouwill #hardwork #determination #massivebelief #oneyear #youdonthavetodoitalone #believeyoucandoit #mentalbattle #sticktoyourmission #finallyseeingresults #putonmybiggirlpants #accountability at Kaukauna, Wisconsin

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#TGIF 🙌🏾 #mygodisawesome 🚨👉🏾 PLEASE READ: #PlushByBK is focused on providing a #GreatProduct and #ExcellentCustomerService to all of our 💙 we understand that there are different skill levels of in our #haircommunity and take pride in being #knowledgeable about the do’s and don’t of #hairextensions #VirginHair #lacewigs #rawhair #bonnetchronicles #clipins #IndianHair #HumanHair #hairprosthesis and #naturalhair 💙 Any client who is facing #Hairchallenges due to #hairloss from #alopecia or #medicallyrelatedhairloss like #chemo will have #support at #PlushByBK 💙 #ShopSmall #YouDontHaveToDoItAlone #friyay #followfriday #tgif

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Sometimes we feel foolish about asking for help because we know we could have and should have done something about it waaaaay sooner, but for whatever reason, we didn’t. . Maybe we didn’t want to feel the pain, do the work or face the consequences and judgement? Maybe we were simply so tired and overwhelmed we couldn’t be bothered with all the fuss? Whatever, the reason, we didn’t ask for the help or clarification we needed. We ignored the problem (perhaps for years!) and brushed off others’ advice and recommendations. . And slowly the situation got worse. . We pretended that this is what we really wanted and we hid our pain and struggle from others. We put on a brave face - a mask that hides our truth. . But perhaps it’s time to ask for that help - today. Right now. . Yes, you will probably encounter “I told you so”s and any number of “shoulda, coulda, woulda”s from both yourself and others. But isn’t it better to look a little foolish than live with all of that toxic fear, hurt and pain? . You do not have to do it alone - there are those out there who can and will help you. Seek out help and step into your better and braver future. 👣✨ . Original tree photo by Ross Schram von Haupt @rosssvhphoto. . Quote by me. 😊 . . . . . . . #askforhelp #daretodream #youdonthavetodoitalone #growthmindset #growthquotes #authenticity #stophiding #beyourself #beyou #seekhelp #fear #dontbetooproud #depression #chronicillness #struggles #youcandoit at Cavendish, Victoria, Australia

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Do you watch workouts.. mine or someone else’s... and think you can’t do it? Maybe you’re just beginning, maybe you’re not sure you have the time, maybe you don’t think you can afford it, maybe it looks too hard. Maybe you’ve been considering getting started, but you’ve just been putting it off? If you’re concerned it’s too hard, check out this video I made. You can see some examples of how to modify some of the moves we’ve been doing in my new program. You can take jumps out, or just decrease you range of motion and/or speed. And did I mention, this workout is 20 minutes a day? That’s it! Not only that, but I am here to help you get started and figure out all the details. I have an online group where we support each other daily Not sure what that means? Ask me! I’d love to tell you more. You receive 30 superfood shakes with this plan... not sure if that’s for you? Let’s talk about it. You also get meal plans to make it easier to get great nutrition while you’re doing this program. If you’d like to know more, please let me know. And you get access to over 700 different online workouts with amazing trainers who push you physically, but also inspire you mentally and emotionally. I can tell you they have changed my life in ways I didn’t think were possible with a virtual trainer! They are real people and they share their lives, struggles, and ways of motivating and coping with us! Are you concerned about cost? I can tell you I pay WAY less for this than I pay for my gym membership. And what price would you put on something that could make you healthier, happier, and change your life for the better? If that sounds good to you, but you’re not sure what it’s all about, message me and let’s talk. Let me answer your questions and then you can decide if it’s right for you. You can join me now, in 3 weeks when I start it all again, or anytime, but message me now, so we can get you started toward those goals you have.

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I sat here thinking, “I should’ve just done it this morning - it would’ve been easier.” Then I started thinking about when I really got started thinking about my health more. And yeah, it would’ve been better had I started this self care sooner! I thought about how it is my right and my duty to care for this body I’m living in. You may also be thinking, “I should’ve started yesterday,” or “I should’ve just started January 1st,” or “I’ve already gone this long, why start now?” And I’ll tell ya from experience, there comes a time in our lives when we just need some help! It may come in the form of self-help -- like helping yourself through education and learning more about it. Or it may come from someone else, someone who is willing to help. But we have to be willing to admit, and to ask for help. My trainer reminded me today that you may not always know where your motivation is going to come from... but sometimes you got to ask for help to find it, and then make the time and commitment to just start. . . . #thetimeisnow #imheretohelp #weallstrugglesometimes #everybodyneedssomebody #youdonthavetodoitalone #supportandaccountability #healthymindandbody #strongertogether #execassistant #executiveassistant #businesstravel #itgoeswithme #routinecreateshabits

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I’m not motivated every day. There are days I fight a secret battle that I don’t let a lot of people in on.. I battle with my weight and depression because of low self esteem on most days. I workout because it makes me feel better...I chose to not eat certain foods because they make me feel gross...if you’ve watched my page this last 2 weeks you would have seen I started a new program. I’ve worked out 13/14 days in 2 weeks (I didn’t workout today). I’ve watched my eating, it’s hasn’t been 100% but better than usual. I am up 5.5 pounds. Now, I was down 6.6 pounds from January 1st to the start of my program. Yes I’m still down 1.1 pounds from where I started this year. However, I want to cry, I want to scream, and I want to hide. Instead I’m putting it out here...why? I know I am not the only person out there going through this very thing at this very moment and even though I’ve talked about it I still feel very alone. So. I don’t put this out there for pitty or anything else. I’m saying this for you. The person that is out there that feels the exact same way I do right now. You are not alone in this fight. Does it suck? Yes, most days it does...but we can get there if we help each other out. If you are feeling this way, please reach out. You are not alone.

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Do not fear a thing• Do you have a heaviness in your heart? Is life ( work, ministry, home affairs and health) becoming too hard bear? : Stop for minute; be still and know that He is God!! : Remember where your strength comes from and keep your eyes on Jesus. He will uphold you with His righteous right hand!! : : : #cometome #imallyouneed #youdonthavetodoitalone #iwillstrengthenyou #help #iwillhelpyou #iwillseeyouthroughit #lessworry #trustme #trustinthelord #godhasaplan #hispromise #iwillupholdyou #donotfear #iamwithyou #donotbedismayed #iamyourgod #amen #hugsofgrace #donotgiveup

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No, this is not another "diet". Take away the "t" in diet and you have die. Why would you want that?!? LEARN A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE! PERIOD.

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Week 2, Day 9: Stronger is done! ✔️😅💪🏼😉 #transform20 #findyourinnerstrength #abgoals I love exercising with my husband, as he is my best friend and my workout buddy 😁 Whenever one of us struggle, the other one helps with some words of encouragement to get through it; if one of our forms is incorrect the other one helps in correcting it to avoid injury; and if we mess up on an exercise we laugh and joke about it 🤣 #exerciseisfun #workoutbuddies Did you know that people are less likely to give up on an exercise regimen if they have a workout buddy or someone to hold them accountable? There are a few benefits of having a workout partner or joining a group. It helps to stay consistent, you get invaluable support from that person/group when it comes to achieving goals, and it gives you the accountability needed to make it happen 🙌 #stayconsistent #accountabilitypartner #pushplayeveryday After all, we know eating well and exercising is good for us, but oftentimes, that’s just not enough reason to stay motivated. So if you struggle with exercising alone, please feel free to reach out! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I have a virtual group of women who exercise at home with similar goals and I would love you to join us!! 💁🏻‍♀️ Send me a DM for all the deets 😃 #weknowwhatsgoodforus #noteasybutworthit #startyourjourneytoday #youdonthavetodoitalone #healthandfitnesscoach #letmehelpyousucceed #goalhelper #wednesdaymotivation #beachbody

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Who says healthy has to be boring or impossible for busy families!? #notme Food is a big part of our lives. We eat at basically every event we go to. 🥗 After starting up my first workout program I realized how doable a healthy meal plan could be for me and my busy family. I have been able to teach my kids about the importance of what we put in our bodies. This has been an ongoing journey for us and we are not perfect at it. But that isn't the goal here. The goal is to learn from the things that don't work and keep the things that do work. Over the years my kids have gotten to where they would rather eat a salad or veggies then a lot of other foods. #momwin 🥗 I have some huge goals this year and for me to be able to accomplish those goals I need to be better about tracking my meals and being more mindful of when and what I eat. 🥗 Do you have a goal this year to make better food choices as a family? Have you tried and failed so many times to do this? I know I have! So let me share with you a little secret. Plan out your meals and track them. I have a daily tracker so I can keep track of how much water, sleep and what foods I ate in a day. If I laughed for the day 😂 #restandplayareimportanttoo 🥗 One of the best ways to be prepared and plan to be healthier as a family is by planning out and tracking your food choices. Include your kids and spouse and get them excited for the change. 🥗 Do you have a goal this year to be healthier as a family but don't know where to start or need some extra support and accountability? I am apart of an awesome community where we support and help one another on this ongoing journey. Ask me how you can be apart of this awesomeness and I'll send you the details. #healthyhome #happyhome #babysteps #youdonthavetodoitalone #fitcommunity #aworkinprogress #itsaboutprogressnotperfection #absaremadeinthekitchen #healthydoesnthavetobeboring #busyfamilies #healthyonthego #healthstartsinthehome #healthymomhappymom #passthepeasplease #ifcauliflowercanbecomepizza

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I'm Just a Girl Looking For Her Soul Tribe .. . I am looking for other women who are ready to be the change they wish to see .. . Who have hopes and dreams and goals and are not afraid to go after them.. . You dont need to have all the answers, I know I don't; but together we can find them all .. . Do you ever feel like you know there is more.. . Are you looking for other like minded women .. . Are you looking for accountability and community and soul sisters.. . I am too!! . . Let's talk. . #soulsisters #soultribe #accountability #community #youdonthavetodoitalone #lookingformytribe #lookingformysoulsisters

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On to week ✌🏻😃⁣ ⁣ I’m loving this program so damn much that I decided to do a GIVEAWAY/PROMO this week for anyone that joins me on committing to their goals in 2019 ⭐️🎉⁣ ⁣ So what’s included!?⁣ ✖️years access to workouts for every fitness level⁣ ✖️nutrition plans & recipes⁣ ✖️my VIP fitness group⁣ ✖️me as your coach 💁🏼‍♀️⁣ ✖️a month of my superfoods shake⁣ OR⁣ my mom juice preworkout & postworkout⁣ ⁣ Depending on the bundle you choose you can also have more 😃 like this amazing step and tracker that goes with it and even access to Shaun T’s exclusive test group with me! 😱 ⁣ So if your ready to stop watching from sidelines 👀 and want to try something new that will get you those results you’ve been aiming for (lose weight, gain energy, feel good from the INSIDE out) .. let’s do this together! 💪🏻♥️⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #week2 #youdonthavetodoitalone #results #letsgo at Clawson, Michigan

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Amazing first night back for my classes last night 👊 forgot how much I have missed teaching classes - definately got the buzz back 🤓 Great to see so many faces for the first night - old and new!!!! ❤ the feedback from the members 😍😍 🖤Join us next week for #circuits and #pilates 🖤MONDAY 6pm - 8pm.. 🖤£3 per class or both for £5 #befitbeyou #befitbeyouCONNECT #fitness #fitnessclass #fitnessinstructor #doitatyourpace #everylittlecounts #youdonthavetodoitalone #newyearnewyou at The Parnaby Tavern

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Trying new things I find often scary. I can hear loud voices in my head. “No thats not for me” or “I am sure I cannot do that”. But the Joy and Happiness when I do try!! The courage to start something you have always said you hated is real bravery. I started working out only 4 years ago and before that I had hardly put one foot in front of another. On top of that I have Rheumatoid arthritis, spend a long time in a wheelchair and was told I would never be strong enough to do sports with heavy weights. In the beginning my family did not like me spending so much time in the gym. And after a few months my friends started asking me sarcasticly “are you STILL working out so much??” Making changes takes perseverence. Because when you change and start new things the people around you have to change as well. People tend to resist change, even when its for the better. So next time when you feel like doing something new and you are scared think of me: If I can do it so can you! #change #aeroyoga #aeropilates #fitness #love #health #feelingfit #fight #dream #youdonthavetodoitalone #Rheumatoid arthritis #humira #dontbelievewhatyouthink @ibiza_photography at Ibiza, Spain

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Each of has our scars, our broken bits. Some approaches to healing suggest that in order to be well we must lose our trauma, in a sense like pruning it away or cutting it out. I believe that for many people, trauma becomes a defining aspect of who we are. My approach to healing trauma is to help clients process it so that it stops being traumatic, but can remain part of their narrative if they so choose. Contact me for more information or to schedule a distance session. DM or see web link in the bio. #changeyourstory #narrativetherapy #nevertoolatetostart #guidance #emotionalwellness #emotionalwellbeing #expressiveartstherapy #expressiveartstherapist #healingabuse #recovery #youdonthavetodoitalone

1 month ago

I had planned to write something different this morning but I had to share that I had some brilliant news from one of my clients. After one phone call last week their 5 month old spent all night in their own bed and settled straight away after being put down. They had been bed sharing for part of the night and feeding to sleep. So pleased - they have worked hard and are already seeing fantastic results. If you want to see if I can help you I offer a FREE 15 minute call to discuss what's going on and how I can help you to move forward. You can book a FREE call here --> #theonlinematernitynurse #newborn #newbaby #newparents #parentstobe #supportingparents #youdonthavetodoitalone #itsnotweaktoaskforhelp

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All I’ve ever wanted was a purpose-driven business. 👩🏻‍💻 I bet you are thinking that’s near impossible when your business is insurance.🤔 . In helping thousands of people with their health coverage, I’ve gotten crystal 💎 clear... . My purpose is to be here for YOU. In order for you to thrive, you must be able to let go of unnecessary stress. And let’s face it... health insurance shopping can be STRESSFUL.🤦🏻‍♀️ Follow my clients’ lead and take comfort in the security of having a health plan that is actually built around all that is YOU.💁🏻‍♀️ 📸: @womenbymag . #custombuilthealth #healthcoveragethatfits #youdonthavetodoitalone at Ushealth Advisors -Alexandra Kontos

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Wow. Left side is 2013. Right side is today. Left was three months after finishing all treatment for breast cancer. Right side is a whole other person. A happier person. I am still shocked when old pictures pop up on my timeline. . I KNOW it's hard to get started. . I KNOW it's hard to say no to foods you love. . I KNOW what it's like to hate the way you look. . I know what it's like to wake up tired and achy every day. . You just need to be ready. I really did wake up one day and just say to myself aim sick of feeling and looking like this. There's a mind shift that happens. Once it does, it really is easier than you think it will be. . If you are ready to make that change,give me a call or visit my website (in my bio) to sign up for a class. I CAN help you. I've been there! . . . . #ketochangedme #ketotransformation #weightlossjourney #myweightlossjourney #120poundslost #losethatweight #youdonthavetodoitalone #askforhelp #icangelp

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YOU don’t need a lot of space. YOU don’t need a lot of time. YOU don’t need a lot of equipment. YOU need consistency. YOU need support. YOU need discipline. YOU don’t have to be scared. YOU don’t need to be discouraged. YOU don’t have to do it alone. YOU have to make the time. YOU have to take the first step. YOU have to do the work. If YOU make the choice to take care of yourself, YOU will change your life. The key word here is YOU. YOU get to decide, and I will help guide YOU the rest of the way. Comment below with your favorite emoji or PM me to get all the details of this first month of the year!

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Our lives are comprised of narratives, some we tell ourselves and some told to us by other people. Sometimes these stories are so effective, we forget that we're the authors and instead get carried away, like life is something that happens to us. LavenderJuniperSage can help you explore your personal stories and challenge those aspects that aren't serving or helping you. (Contact info in the bio or DM) #meetyourgoals #selfgrowth #selfimprovement #narrativetherapy #youdonthavetodoitalone #therapist #therapy #changeyourstory #changeyourlife #nevertoolatetostart #timeforachange #support #guidance

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Are you finding yourself setting another New Year's Resolution that is one of the following: ❐ Loose Weight ❐ Workout More ❐ Get in Shape ❐ Eat Better ❐ All of the above? We can help! 💥💪🎉 We work with our clients to help them set goals that they ACTUALLY WANT TO ACHIEVE, then creating a plan to meet & MAINTAIN them and HAVE SOME FUN in the process. 💃 Our members don't set resolutions, because we help them create a sustainably healthy lifestyle. That means when Icehousers like Kay Schwarzwalter ring in the New Year, they simply continue living their happiest, healthiest, most badass lives! 🦄 Yearly Resolutions get replaced with regular goal setting & goal crushing! Not sure where to start? That's where we come in! 🔥 We have a variety of programs to help you crush your goals, no matter where you are starting! Schedule your Free No-Sweat Intro Using the Link in our Bio. See you at Icehouse 💃🕺🦄🎉💥

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We want to wish all of our followers and entire 2-1-1 family a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! . . . New Years can be a trying time even for the strongest of souls. #211bigbend has stigma-free, non-judgmental, empathic and compassionate counselors available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. #wearehere #helpstartshere #dial211 #youdonthavetodoitalone

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Wishing everyone a year full of love, happiness, health and good parenting! Holidays can be stressful for families. Don’t fret if everything didn’t go as planned; parenting is a winding road and there is much to be learned from the successes and the challenges. I’m here to help. Make feeling better about parenting a New Year’s resolution and reach out for a free evaluation call or schedule your first session now.Link to my website in bio. #happynewyear #2019 #danahirtparenting #intentionalparenting #gettinghelp #youdonthavetodoitalone

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Holiday 🎄HEALING & COACHING Special!!! Schedule your 75-minute Coaching & Healing session with Jen for $125!! ♥️🙏🌲♥️ Ten years ago, I had no idea what a Life Coach even was👑 I had never heard of an Empowerment Coach👑 Seemingly by accident, I stumbled upon a business card of a life coach at the yoga studio I frequented. It literally fell off of the cork board & onto my flip flopped foot✨ I carried the card around for a few months. I was both curious ✨& skeptical✨...about this crazy life coaching thing. It cost $60 for an hour session. As a single Mom with a teacher’s paycheck 💰, I had NEVER spent money of such frivolous things for myself—!!✨ I had kids & bills!! 😩 Eventually, I had my first session!!💥 I invested a small chunk of money in ME—for the first time! ✨ It was scary, but it also felt GOOD!!💥 Coaching has helped me SO very much over the past 10 years!! 💫 Coaching has helped me heal deep rooted trauma💫 Coaching has helped me release emotional blocks 💫 Coaching has helped me replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs💫 Coaching has helped me remove patterns that have kept me STUCK! 💫 Coaching has help SPEED✨UP my growth & evolution in creating powerful 💥 shifts✨& transformations✨ in my life!!💫 Coaching has helped me love ♥️myself, be a better Mom, be more courageous & authentic💫 Coaching has helped me attract REAL love 💕 into my life💫 Coaching has helped me find my passion & life purpose🔥 in a career that is both fulfilling & making a positive impact in the world 🌎 💫 If you would like to learn more about Coaching Programs with me, visit my website @ & schedule a complimentary Discovery Call!! 💥 Much love, ~Jen ♥️ #onlinecoach #letsconnect #allowmetoguideyou #youdonthavetodoitalone #weareallone #youhaveyourownanswers #ilovemyclients #coachingisfun #besupported #imyourcheerleader #belove #iseeyou #iseeyourstrenghts #mommy #momlife #teacher #teacherlife #professional #trauma #traumarelease #traumahealing #yoga #yoganidra #coffee #bulletproofcoffee #kombucha #kombuchalove #selflove #selfcare

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Joy to the world! There is good news of great joy! Light IS more powerful than darkness. Love and grace DO exist. Hope comes in the most unexpected ways after days, months, years of waiting. We need only wait (which is hard... let’s be honest), but as we wait let us prepare. How do you need to prepare for the coming few days, the new year? What do you need to remember? #youareloved #youarenotalone #youcandoit #youdonthavetodoitalone #thegreatiam

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Ladies, you can still register for Anxiety is a Gift (16 week LIVE online training class/January Session) for just $25 down during the month of December!!! ....... PLUS get my 4 week video series, Anxiety 101, for FREE!!! . . . Want all the details? Comment below or send a DM! You won’t want to miss this!!! ❤️❤️❤️ . . . #anxiety #anxietyrelief #youdonthavetodoitalone #anxietyhelp #LDS #thechurchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaints #ldswomen #RachaelCurfewPrivateCoaching #RachaelCurfew