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It’s crazy to me that just a few years ago, I didn’t believe that I was psychic or had any sort of connection to energy or the spiritual world. I was starting to open up to the idea of connecting to the Universe through meditation, but… I still didn’t think that I was born “special enough” to have any sort of spiritual abilities. Boy was I WRONG!!!! What I’ve come to learn is that EVERYONE has the ability to connect with energy. Everybody has a deep spiritual connection that is ready to be uncovered and discovered. Part of our human experience here on Earth is to remember who we truly are and connect back to our spiritual truth and essence. We were born from God/Source/the Universe/whichever name resonates with you. Which means that we always have the ability to connect to that spiritual truth and power that lies within us. You are not alone in this path of spiritual discovery and awakening. The angels play such a huge role in supporting us and our connection to ourselves and who we truly are. They help us open up to our gifts and psychic abilities. They teach us how to connect with ourselves and our truth. They help us to heal the blocks and limiting beliefs that hold us back from accessing that Divine power within… And so much more!!! In my upcoming workshop, I’ll be guiding you to deepen your connection to the angels AND to your own spiritual self. You are going to learn how to begin to open up to your spiritual gifts and abilities. And you are going to gain a deeper understanding of who you are and how you are meant to shine in the world. If you are ready for a deeper discovery and understanding of your truth, a deeper connection to the angels and a greater awakening to your gifts, then this workshop is for you!!! We start on February 26th and it’s only $47 to join! I cannot be more thrilled or excited for this!!! Get all the details and sign up at the link in bio!! ❤ @cristinaaroche

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Make your vision so clear that your fears become irrelevant.⁣ ⁣ If you don’t have a vision you’re going to be stuck in what you know.  And the only thing you know is what you’ve already seen. ⁣ ⁣ Hold the vision, trust the process.⁣ ⁣ You are worthy!⁣ ⁣ Expect miracles and they will manifest! ⁣ ⁣⁣ #findyourtribe #lovethemhard #ketolife #ketolifeisbetter #ketotraveler #ketotransformation #inspiredaction #betterlife #easyketo #soulsearcher #livingpresent #youareenough #liveyourbestlife #ketomealplanner #thisisus #lifehack #chaseyourdreams #rachaelleigh #choosejoy #ketobeginner #ketojourney #loveyourself #ketomealplanner #ketoinspiration #bethechange #boernetx #rachaelleigh #badassbossbabe #betternow #itworks at Boerne, Texas

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Those who are parents, or loving aunts, uncles or friends - How would you feel if the young child who you love and are invested in on a deep emotional level runs up to you crying and says they feel invaluable? Would you tell them what to do to make themselves more valuable? NO! Would you feel like you failed them? PROBABLY, YES. The last thing you would want is for them to ever feel like they are invaluable, not enough, or have to prove their worth on any level. It would break your heart. You want your child or this child to just feel loved no matter what. There are times they can act like a turd, sure. But does that ever make you love them less? HELL NO. This is why merit-based acts don't work. You have to stop telling yourself if you just make so much money, just weigh a certain amount, just get a certain promotion, just do so much, just fill in the blank, then you'll be enough. This is why you can't earn God's grace, but just have to accept it. This is why it kills His heart when you don't live in that love and that grace. Wherever you are right now, you are enough. Don't act on the fear or the insecurities, act on being enough and being loved. #youareenough #youareloved #liveinlovenotfear

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#Repost @drjennhardy with @get_repost ・・・ They may want to. It doesn’t mean you have to. There is something intoxicating about the emotional intensity these conversations tend to bring with them. But it is all a bit of a lie. . Rarely do the decisions made during these drunk discussions lead to any lasting change. You end up feeling more hurt when the change promised to you doesn’t happen. . Instead, ask them to hit the pause button. Serious conversations deserve sobriety and the light of day. . [you are allowed to refuse to have a serious discussion with someone who is intoxicated.] . #drjennhardy #therapist #lifeadvice #selfhelp #empoweringwomen #psychology #psychologist #relationshipquotes #relationshipadvice #relationshipquote #communication #youareloved #youareenough #youarenotalone #youareworthit #recovery #recoveryispossible #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthsupport #mentalhealth #emotionalintelligence #depressionhelp #anxietyhelp

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Who do you spend the most time with? 🤷‍♀️What relationship should you care the MOST about? YOU! Yes, YOU! And because you spend the most time with yourself, be careful how nice you are and how you talk to yourself - Have you ever paid attention to your thoughts? I mean really start to notice if you're more negative or positive? It is your thoughts and inner dialogue that is so VITAL to how you feel. 💕 #selflovefirst

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WAKE = To STIR or EXCITE.. latent possibilities. . I love seeing the lightbulb go ON in a person’s mind. The moment they realize they are capable and need no saving is the most potentially powerful point of an individual’s life. . The moment they realize just how powerful they are and how powerful they have been, witnessing that moment is the most exciting thing. . They take life’s training wheels off and they glide. . The worst client and friend relationships were when I played savior, a role I am neither qualified for nor do I draw any energy from; that is the most draining, most limiting role. All energy is out of me and into someone else. Whereas when their lightbulb goes ON, the energy is multiplied. . Wake up as many people as you can. . #createthefuture #imnotyoursavior #saveyourself #youareenough at Sarasota, Florida

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*REMBERING WHO I REALLY AM* The last few weeks have been so important in my career as I’ve been really looking at who I am and who I want to be. In 2016 I was an Art student studying my degree. I’d moved 4/5 hours away from home and was experiencing adult life for the first time. This time period shaped me into who I am today and I became interested in veganisim and feminism. This was something I was so passionate about! In 2017 I was in love the idea of body positivity and wanted to do a Photoshoot showing this. I’d never modelled before and I was so excited! The shoot went well and I decided to apply for some agencies! A few weeks later I received a 3 year modelling contract in London! I was so excited! This was even more amazing considering I’d just been accepted into a prestigious art school outside London! Life was great! I packed my bags and moved from the highlands to a city outside London. I loved it down there! I’d been studying painting for a few months when my gran passed away. After this I left London to be with my family. Since then I’ve lived in Edinburgh and Glasgow. I started my own businesses in Art, Freelance Modelling, social media influencing and Rojo Reiki. As much as I love my businesses and my online work I feel like something is missing. I’ve been feeling less and less connected to my art work. I’ve been giving it a lot of thought and I’ve realised that I feel more connected to illustration and Animation than what I do fine art. I love being a Fine artist and I will continue to create these types of works, however before going back to art school I am going to explore different areas of art. I wasn’t planning on going back to art school this year anyway due to not knowing what degree I want to study. I ended up in the 3rd year of my degree before I realised that this course wasn’t quite right. I’ve been given an interview for HND illustration course and I’ve been told I’ll get an offer for the portfolio course at Glasgow school of art. Fortunately I’m in a position where I can self fund my course fees which is why is why I’m okay with taking my time getting my degree. I feel like I’m remembering who I truly am and it’s truly amazing. 🌈❤️✨ at Glasgow, United Kingdom

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There is light around the corner my friends 🌻✨⁣ ⁣ 𝙄𝙉 𝙏𝙃𝙀 𝙈𝙀𝘼𝙉𝙏𝙄𝙈𝙀:⁣ ⁣ ✧ be gentle with yourself⁣ ✧ speak kindly to yourself⁣ ✧ make a list of things that make you happy and pick one to do⁣ ✧ take care of your basic needs - sleep, eat, shower⁣ ✧ reach out to a friend, therapist or coach (I’m always here for you)⁣ ✧ fill in the blank with something else that helps get you out of a dark place _________________________________ 👇🏼⁣ ⁣ Love always, Jak 👽🧠 #authenticallyadhd⁣ ⁣ Ps - post inspired by the beautiful @daniachebib ⁣ Over & out ✌🏼 at San Diego, California

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This beauty. We became friends through our kiddos... and her influence on me will will be lifelong. Her ability to lift your soul and the amazing advice she gives personally and professionally is one of a kind. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Check out her podcast @candaceraewheeler ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Makeup by Rachel for MADE Hair by Annette for MADE Image by Alice & Flore Studios . . . . . #iammade #makeupartist #mobilemakeupartist #mobilestylist #winnipegmakeupartist #havemakeupwilltravel #makeupartistwinnipeg #wpgmua #canadianblogger #canadianmakeupartist #travelingmakeupartist #beautymakeup #beautifulbride #naturalmakeup #colouringfaces #beautifulfaces #makeup #influenster #influensterca #selflove #selfcarelove #selfcare #selfworth #youareworthit #youarefabulous #youareloved #youareenough #profile at Winnipeg, Manitoba

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“Imagination is everything. It’s the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Albert Einstein. . . Funny enough this was brought up in a session today! . . Imagination is absolutely amazing and if you can imagine it, you can create it. This was powerful for me to learn. To know that if I can see it, it can become real. And now I am able to look back and see where this has happened. . . Dream big and allow your imagination to go free! Comment below telling me what you are imagining and dreaming up (creating!) today.

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• AFFIRMATIONS • Affirmations truly are a wonderful tool that you can use to change your thoughts, emotions, behavioursand ultimately change your biology. • • Below I’ve outlined 5 key elements for a personal affiliation: • 1. Personal 2. Positive 3. Present 4. Emotional 5. Visual • • Example: I (personal) am (present) able to ground myself with my breath (positive) when I feel anxious at work (emotional). • As you repeat it, visualize it. Visualize yourself doing the thing and being that individual. • • Affirmations are one tool I use when my mind is overwhelmed by ruminating thoughts. • • It’s also a powerful tool you can use to change a behaviour around certain circumstances. • • Write your personal affirmation(s) with your values in mind. • • Who are you/who would you like to be at your best. That’s you! • Please let me know in the comments your personal affirmation, if this helped and/or if you have a personal affirmation(s) that help you ground and thrive. • Love Katie 🧝🏼‍♀️👸🏻🧞‍♀️ • 📷 @theinwardpath . . . . . . . . #pmdd #pmddsupport #pmddwellness #makepmddvisible #mindful #mindfulness #present #anxiety #depression #ruminating #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #womenshealth #periodproblems #iloveme #awareness #witchcraft #cbt #cognitivebehavioraltherapy #therapy #youareenough #iamenough #selfawareness #bipolar #borderline #bpd #anxietysupport #affirmation #selfhelp #selflove at Victoria, British Columbia

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Take yourself out if you have to... ♢ "You cannot make a person happy. You can make a person smile, you can make a person laugh, you can make a person feel good but whether or not a person is happy... it is deeply, completely and utterly out of your control. A person's happiness is their responsibility and your happiness is your responsibility." - @willsmith • • • • • • • #motivation #selflove #fridaymotivation #youareenough #bosslady #selfmotivation #selfcare #happiness #smile #strive #love #justbe #mentor #mentee #tutor #birthdaygirl #business #businesswoman

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Found this gem on Pinterest. For anybody that needs to hear this today! #youareenough

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Many of us complicate our lives when striving to be "perfect". We tend to put pressure on ourselves because of meeting unrealistic expectations, especially trying to meet "expectations" of people who may never be happy with what you do for them. . Don't let perfection disturb the #PEACE that's within you. You are only human. You can't do everything. You can't make everyone happy. The relationship with yourself is more important than your reputation of those who don't appreciate you. . Keep your peace. Love yourself. Strive for #IMPROVEMENT within yourself and stop striving to be perfect for the world. You are enough! You are more than enough and you will be blessed with those who really appreciate you because you appreciate yourself! . #RISEFROMTHEASHES #JUICE #RFA19 #FREEDOMFRIDAY #LOVEYOU #HOLDYOURPEACE #STRIVETOIMPROVE #NOTPERFECTION #ONLYHUMAN #BELIEVEINYOURSELF #LOVEEVERYDAY #MEMYSELFANDI #TRUTH #RISE #IAMBECAUSEHEIS #HAPPINESS #STARTWITHYOU #WHOAREYOU #ELEVATE #VICTORY #JUSTLISTEN #APPRECIATE #GRATITUDE #YOURHEART #KEEPSBEATING #KEEPFAITH #YOUAREENOUGH #MARCHON

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Hey everybody!! Happy Friday!!! Time for me to show my face I suppose! —————————————————— Now I know that it’s almost March (yay spring!!) but I have finally picked my WORD for 2019. You know- a word of focus- what my heart needs to learn this year. I have wanted to find this focus for a while- but what can I say??- I struggle with indecision and becoming easily distracted (Enneagram 9 here🙋🏻‍♀️) ————————————————— The word is ENOUGH —————————————————— I’ve been on a mission to find peace in the midst of a cluttered life lately. I’m examining my relationship to “stuff” and “busyness” and I’m learning that this feeling of not having enough- of not being enough- or even doing enough has cluttered up my life and gotten in the way of relationships, and all the things that truly matter in my life. —————————————————— So here’s to attempting to take to heart that I am enough. I have enough. I do enough. ———————————————— Have you ever chosen a focus word? I’m curious and would love to hear some that others may have chosen! • • • #indigorosedesignco #stringart #fridayintroductions #happyfriday #meetthemaker #makersgonnamake #creativedaily #creatorslane #makersvillage #communityovercompetition #etsysellersofinstagram #bossbabes #enough #iamenough #momlife #youareenough #theeverydaygirl #thatsdarling #handmade #thehandmadeparade #handmadeisbetter #creativelifehappylife #create #christiancreative #seekthesimplicity #liveauthentic

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Just a reminder before you go into the weekend 👉👉👉YOU have to be your own biggest fan. YOU have to believe in your own vision and goals. YOU have to put in the hard work. YOU have to shut out the haters. And YOU have to be the single most driving force in your life. Your life is up to YOU and what YOU want to make of it. So throw out all of those OTHERS that want to steal your happiness and own your life.👊 #dailymotivation #personaldevelopment #personaldevelopmentcoach #dreambig#liveyourlife #personaldevelopmentjunkie #lifecoachforwomen #loveyourlife #liveyourbeatlife #fridaymood #fridayquotespiration #fridayquotes #womenempowerment #competewithyourself #competewithyourselfnotothers #buildthelifeyouwant #youareenough #youareabadass at Salt Lake City, Utah

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This is the letter board in our guest bedroom. When folks stay with us in our cottage, we genuinely want them to know that we are happy they are here! There are so many of us are walking around feeling unwanted and uninvited...and when someone takes the time to celebrate our presence... it doesn’t just mean a’s HEALING! As you approach the weekend, why not carve out a sliver of time to let someone know they are wanted in this world... through a cup coffee ... or a pancake breakfast...or walk around the neighborhood. Letting someone know that it makes you happy when they show up in your life can be a life line to a weary soul.

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A thought for your day ✨ Kind of powerful, isn’t it? Have a beautiful weekend 💕

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Are you enough? Is this a question you ask yourself? The conclusion is YES!! A hundred times YES. The reason why I felt like I had to do a repost today is to also remind myself that I AM ENOUGH! Being a working mom and giving it my all, and then coming home to give all of me to my little human and family. I feel like with all in life everything is a transition to a different state of mind! Before you became a mom you worked at your job and came home to relax. Now you come home to being a mom, this I believe is a full time job. You never stop being a mom! So my mindset has to change and to do the best I CAN DO and believe that’s enough. I know the transition from being a stay at home mom to a working mom is though but it’s also incredibly rewarding. You are so much more then just a MOM, you are ................... what’s your one word to describe yourself? So today is the day I needed a reminder, help another mom, and tell them they are enough! Maybe you just made their day❤️ #momlife . Repost @tina.v.b #i_am_enough_movement #youareenough #love #postpartumlife #postpartumjourney

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“Love is a state of Being" Your love is not outside; it is deep within you. It is not dependent on someone else. You will know those that do not cheer for you, but respect them enough to rise above and beyond their opinions. Keep aiming to become a vessel of love! Shine on blessed mamas💕 - "El amor es un estado de ser" Tu amor no está fuera; está muy dentro de ti. No depende de otra persona. Conocerás a aquellos que no te quieren, pero respetalos lo suficiente para elevarte más allá de sus opiniones. Sigue brillando mamas bendecidas. #vesselsoflove #lovemonth #yourebeautiful #YouareEnough #blessedmama💕 #blessedmoms #weareinthistogether #inspiration #motivation #rise #empoweringwomen #respect #truth #love #cute #instagood #picoftheday #followme #instaquotes #instamom #motherhoodblog

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Question time! I wish I could be responsible and say I'd put it toward my student loan debt, but let's be real: I could definitely use a spa day! I'd book a mud bath and relaxing massage ASAP. 😋 What about you?⠀ ⠀ #whatwouldyoudo #questions #moneymindset #2019goals #selfcaretip #youareworthy #alignment #positivelifestyle #gratitudeattitude #workonyourself #makechanges #changeyourworld #lifecoachingforwomen #trustinyourself #youareenough #lovethyself #selfcarehacks #selfcarematters #visionboard #abundancemindset #highvibes #manifestingdreams

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Low-Carb Blueberry Pancakes: Mix together 4 eggs, a scoop of blueberry superfood powder (If you want to add polyphenols) and 1/2 cup of almond flour. Pour onto a hot skillet, and cook both sides for approximately 2 minutes💪🏼 Top with blueberries or any topping you enjoy🤗

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Got to add powerhouse @lenawaithe to the list of bosses last year and that feels kiiiiinda awesome. Just saying. 🤯💚😁 • • • The coolest part of this pic for me is that Lena is the one who asked to take it. 💕 Thank you for being awesome girl. Thank you for continuing to be a trailblazing, strong woman in this industry. Thank you for feeling like I had something to offer. Thank you for being you! 💪🏻👮🏻‍♀️ • • • @boomerangonbet - @bet #boomerangonbet #betnetworks #actor #cop #knowyourtype #welloneofthem #youarebeautiful #youarestrong #youareenough #grateful #dowhatyoulove

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As decisões que você tem tomado estão lhe deixando mais próximo ou mais distante do lugar onde você quer chegar? Nunca é tarde para começar a investir em você e nos seus sonhos. Você só tem o hoje, o amanhã não existe! Se o seu sonho é aprender inglês, ou para conquistar um dos seus sonhos você precisa dessa língua; comece a agir, comente aqui que eu quero te ajudar. Conhece alguém que tem esse sonho? Marque o nome aqui! #youareenough

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I’m off on a solo wild camp tomorrow night to trial my new tent for the Pacific Crest Trail. I’m so excited! I’ve made my sandwiches and am nearly packed. What i’m so looking forward to is finding a quiet place by a Loch, camping up and being cocooned in a quiet peaceful darkness... life can feel busy and over connected a times and I know a day and night in the hills will bring me back to me. On Sunday I’ll meet my colleagues from the mountaineering club but Saturday night will be pure solitude. I feel so lucky. Xx. I’ve still places on our women’s wild camping treks in May and June. They are a great way to start finding more outdoor freedom. #freedom #youareenough #youareenough#solocamp #wildcamp #natureheals #outdoortherapy #grateful #lifecoach #wellbeingtreks #womenstreks #womensretreats

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I read a meme and it said ‘find yourself so you can find me- your soul mate’ My eyes read it as, go within so you can find me- your soul mate.’ I was in shock to see it did not say that when I looked back at the image 😯 I took that as a divine sign from my angels that there is no one who can fill me, know me, love me, move me, like my awareness of self and oneness with all. #blessed #divinelyguided at Carlsbad, California

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⁣ It’s so easy to lose yourself. ⁣ To forget, the spark inside is yours alone. ⁣ And that unique spirit,⁣ is what makes you intriguing. ⁣ ⁣ If you’re not feeling special,⁣ or particularly magical lately,⁣ then what belief are you carrying ⁣right now about yourself?⁣ ⁣ Your beliefs and doubts about yourself⁣ are what either block ⁣ the light that is you 💡⁣ or⁣ let it shine 🌟⁣ ⁣ If you are blocking your divine magnificence,⁣ then no amount of outside enhancements ⁣will bring it back. ⁣ ⁣ It’s in the fire in your eyes, ⁣ The passion in your voice, ⁣ The understanding in your heart, ⁣ The determination in your soul. ⁣ ⁣ Be a formidable force ⁣ of light and love and goodness. ⁣ Wear your heart on your sleeve. ⁣ Reach out to people. ⁣ Be kind. ⁣ ⁣ There,⁣ You are so damn gorgeous⁣ 💋💋⁣ and I love you so much. ⁣ 🌹⁣ ⁣ Everything you want to be is already inside. ⁣ So shine baby. ⁣ 🛸🌟🛸🌟🛸⁣ ⁣ #confidencematters #selftalk #selflove #feelingmyself #youareenough #makeyourownbeautystandards #beautifulinsideandout #cherishyourself #heartchakra #selfawareness #selfawarenessjourney #spiritualawakening #awakenedsoul #manifestations #lawofone #starseedacademy #starseedsunite #lightworkersunite at Shine Your Light

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A Portal to Your Potential ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Download the Ownit App to get free access to a portal to your potential: ⁣⁣ - offering you easy access to the online magazine⁣⁣ - my top three referrals for education⁣⁣ - a chance on a spotlight position in the magazine and in the app⁣⁣ - and more to come⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Click the link in bio to read Ownit Magazine and download the Ownit app inside. Or visit⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #portaltopotential ⁣⁣ #ownyourpowertoday #youownitmagazine #ownitcircle #youareenough #makeadifference #ownyou #selfgrowth #startwithwhy #thriving

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You are the universe experiencing it self through consciousness. • • Meditation is your tool to still your thoughts and come back to a pure state of being. Meditation has changed my life and let me come home to the version of me that’s been there all along. • • You are worthy of everything you desire and it is all coming to you in perfect timing. Bring awareness to all you do and add a loving internet ❤️ #magick #meditation #awareness #thewithlovepodcast

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Thanks to my friend @kbaumgartner13 for sharing this gem today. When I'm holding on through seemingly endless needle sticks, doctors appointments, and side effects that make me unable to function as I'd like to, this is what keeps me going. People use words like brave, inspiration, or strong to describe me, but I'm really just enduring everything the best I can in order to stay alive. I look to the future and I want to be a part of it. I want to stay around for my wife and my friends. I want to see what happens next. That is why I keep moving forward with as much positivity as I can muster. 🦄💜🌈 . . #perspective #cancersucks #loveyourself #keepgoing #endurance #positivity #futureme #inspiration #motivation #youareenough #survivor #metastaticcancer #endometrialcancer #warrior #healing

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❤️♣️♦️♠️. In Lewis Carroll’s Alice Adventures in Wonderland Alice feels so very confused in explaining who she is when explaining to the caterpillar.🐛. Who are YOU? the smoking caterpillar asks . Alice pauses and replies „I hardly know Sir, just at present - at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.“ Identity is a complicated matter. Both fused and fluid , psychological and sociological , conscious and unconscious. #creativewomen #successfulwomen #courageous #dowhatyoulove #smallbiz #midlifebliss #outlander #youareenough #confidence #expatwomen #lifecoach #transition

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...AND relax. Sunbed, fed, kids watched, shower, fresh hair, insta GLOWED, Primark pyjamas on & Parma Violet Gin poured. Happy Friday my lovely’s 🖤💃🏽💋🙌🏽🥰

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You don’t need to “do” anything to “Be” Enough💕 . . You are worthy of Being Seen . . You are worthy of Being Loved . . You are worthy of Being Heard . . You are worthy of Being You. . . Stop trying to “do” more. . . Let go of the mindless busyness. . . Start Being Who You Are When You BELIEVE You Are Enough. . . Are You ready to Be More by doing less? . . Are you ready to Be Kind to Yourself by Being Yourself? . . Be The Light. . . Be Present. . . Be You . . The world is waiting. . . Now IS the time: Believe You Are Being Enough Whenever You Shine Your Light. . . If this Message reaches you in your Heart AND Soul, say “Yes, Nanci I’m ready to Be” PLUS your favorite emoji in the comments below. . . Tag a friend or two to Join You on affirming You Being Enough.💛✨ at Pleasant Hill, California

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Please read, this is where I’m at right now❤️-Rissy

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This piece signifies how looking at the experience of depression feels like to me. . Thank you to all those who watched this video of my IGTV & YouTube. Thank you for the support and kind words. It's a heavy topic so thanks for listening! And I hope it gave some hope to you who need it. 💛🌿 . Just because this peice is special to me doesn't mean it can't be special to you too! I'd love to see how you color this! #mkhcoloringpages at Idaho

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I had a difficult time sleeping last night, so of course, I was reflecting on my life. Let me just say, the clarity that comes in your 30's is amazing!! Anyone else agree? It's been well over 2 years since I started my life over. It was the BEST thing I've ever done. Obviously, my choice isn't for everyone - I just did what I had to do under my personal circumstances. The amount of growth - mentally, emotionally, and physically (damn you, pizza and chocolate 😝) has been incredible! As I lay by my soon to be husband, I know I am so very blessed. He and I are so perfectly imperfect together. We have an amazing family that we work hard to raise right. We have goals and dreams for our future. I'm in a place in my life I've only ever dreamed of! I dont need a big, expensive house or a newer, fancier car. I'll eventually get there. I don't need a well paying job that sucks the life out of me, just to fatten up my wallet. As long as my kids are fed, a roof is over our head, bills are paid, and I can occasionally get my hair done (priorities, haha), I'll feel rich! * Once you realize that it's the little things...that it's the non-materialistic things (not that nice stuff isnt great!)...that it's the moments/memories you collect with your favorite people...that it's about loving and living life unapologetically...that it's about cherishing the great times and being proud of yourself for getting through the tough times...that it's about being a good influence on your'll know you have it made! ❤ NEVER, EVER STOP growing, learning laughing and loving, friends. It does a body good. 🤗 #openandhonest #empowerment #takecontrol #unapologetic #lookatmenow #betransparent

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Currently having a difficult time right now and just feeling really sad even though I’ve been good for a while :(

2 days ago

You’re doing your best and that’s all that matters

2 days ago

School was cancelled today because of the snow so I have lots of time to post!

2 days ago

Do what makes you happy repost

4 days ago

Really how im feeling right now. I have a lot going on and am not ready to talk about it but will explain more later today. I love you guys.

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True true