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11 months ago

[Japanese or Chinese?]: . Fried Rice . I live in Riyadh now and the only fried rice which we often get at Chinese restaurants. It’s always remained this question and thought what the difference was between Japanese and Chinese fried rice. I could say the difference is seasons. Because of Fried rice is originally from China and Japanese one has just modified their own versions of it. . If I can point it of detail of defference of taste of elements is Soy sauce. The major differences between Japanese and Chinese soy sauce can be found in their ingredients and fermentation methods. It is indispensable to Japanese Soy Sauce’s rich aroma, which stimulates the appetite. Instead Chinese soy sauce undergoes very little fermentation. . . #yokarirestaurant #centriamall #japanesecuisine #japanesefriedrice #friedriceisjapaneseorchinese #charhan #riyadhguide #riyadhfoodies #ksa . #يوكاري #سنتريا # #مطعمياباني # at Yokari

3 years ago

Tonight we celebrate @Yokari_Restaurant 2nd year anniversary! Yokari is one of my favorite restaurants and it is the best Japanese restaurant in #Riyadh. With its chef-driven menu, I can't wait to see what special new creations are instored for tonight, especially @PastryChef89 desserts. You can catch it on my Snapchat today & see better photos later on @itshalo account at Yokari Centria Mall