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Daripada ‘Abdullah bin ‘Amru RA, daripada Rasulullah SAW bersabda, “Tidaklah seseorang itu digelar al-Wasil (penyambung silaturrahim) apabila dia bersifat al-Mukafi’i (orang yang menyambung silaturrahim jika saudaranya menyambungnya dan akan memutuskan apabila mereka memutuskannya), akan tetapi al-Wasil itu ialah seseorang yang apabila terputus silaturrahim, beliau segera menyambungkannya.” — HR al-Bukhari) . . Alhamdulillah #jemaahyiros 7 Feb telah selamat pulang ke tanah air. Semoga silaturrahim yang terjalin berkekalan hendaknya. InsyaAllah. . . . Terima kasih keraa telah memilih Yiros! Jumpa lagi yaa 😇 ______ #yiros #yirostravel #ingatumrahingatyiros #pakejumrah #jomumrah #haramain

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The winner of our Valentines Day giveaway is announced on the @souvlakibros_glenelg Facebook page today 🎉 LIKE our page so you don’t miss out! at Souvlaki Bros

1 day ago

Aaaaand we are open for our first ever Sunday! Whether you’re recovering from last night or just keen to end your weekend on a delicious high, we’re here for you! 🌯🌯🌯 at The Brotherhood Yiros + Grill

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Selected pics and vids from the NMCF in Canberra yesterday. Crossing a second Greek beer off the 'countries yet to sample beer from' list (Fix, had Mythos a while back). The dog in Civic Fountain certainly had the right idea. Selfie with Andy and Dad. Didn't know we'd had ties with Afghanistan for 50 years this year, and some delights (rolled dried apricots or 'eshtaq') from their tent. Korean BBQ neon sign that had Andy enthralled. The traditional NMCF Chinese dragon dance. And there's nothing like the smell of carbonised dead sheep to remind you of life back in Thessaloniki... 16 Feb 2019. #nofilter #nmcf #greece🇬🇷 #nmcf2019 #canberra #korbq #korea🇰🇷 #chinesedragon #longwu #yiros #afghanistan🇦🇫 at National Multicultural Festival

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These lamb yiros wraps were possible with @_streeteats delicious Greek lamb yiros meat. How lucky am I to affiliate with this great South Australian brand and be #gifted these great products. . . . . You are able to make a quick and healthy home made yiros for the family or posh it up and add ingredients like avo, coriander, corn, aioli.....the list ends with your imagination. . . . . Made here in SA by Specialty Foods which in turn are now available in Foodland, Drake and IGA supermarkets. @figtreedigital #streeteats

2 days ago

Finally dropped the hammer and spent a couple of days in Melbourne, now I know why people leave Adelaide to come here. It’s certainly got opportunities on every corner and a different season of weather on every street 😂 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

2 days ago

Tag us in your photo with your food from Meat the Greek to have the chance to win a free souva, chips and drink! So grab that food, get those cameras out and start snapping!📸🌯 at Meat the Greek Souvlaki Bar

3 days ago

You asked and we answered! Starting this weekend, The Brotherhood will be OPEN SUNDAYS 🎉🎉🎉 Prepare your hangovers and squeeze in that last little treat before your Monday morning gym sesh - we’ll be serving up deliciousness every Sunday from 12pm - 9pm! 🥳🌯🙌🏼 at The Brotherhood Yiros + Grill

4 days ago

Feeling a little romantic this Valentine’s Day? ❤️ End your Greek feast with our newest menu item! Kokakia (or yo-yos in English) are like a big Greek profiterole - basically a custard filled, chocolate topped cake sandwich. Thanks to our friends at @alfabakehouse for supplying us with our newest dessert - they’re the best in the cake biz 🙌🏼 coming to get one tonight? Our doors are open and the desserts are waiting 🍫 at The Brotherhood Yiros + Grill

4 days ago

Happy Valentines Day❤️ Tag someone you would love to share a souvlaki with at Meat the Greek today! ❤️🇬🇷🌯😘 at Meat the Greek Souvlaki Bar

5 days ago

All lined up in a row! We make our pita bread from scratch each and every day and roll each one out individually so they are perfectly prepared just for you! These bad boys then get cooked on the grill and wrapped around some of the West’s best coal-cooked yiros. Doors are open now, see you for a midweek feast! 🍞 🍞 🍞 at The Brotherhood Yiros + Grill

5 days ago

*COMPETITION GIVEAWAY* The Adelaide Fringe Festival is almost upon us and we are sharing our excitement by giving away a DOUBLE PASS to Circus Abyssinia: Ethiopian Dreams this Sunday 17th @ 6:30pm! Simply mention this post when you visit us in store + place an order over $20 to enter the draw! . . . . . . . . . . . . #adelaidefringe #competition #giveaway #cbfbrompton #cbftakeaway #burgers #homemade #takeaway #healthy #fish #chicken #food #cbf #adelaidefood #brompton #adelaide #flamegrilled #cheeseburger #greekstyle #yiros #chips #likeourpage #taggingyourmatemayincreaseyourchanceofwinning 😉🙄 at CBF Chickens Burgers Fish Takeaway

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🚨🚨 WIN A NIGHT AT THE GRAND!!! 🚨🚨 - To celebrate Valentines Day we're giving one lucky couple a FREE night at the Stamford Grand Adelaide!!! - All you have to do is buy our Valentine's Day Special to go into the draw to win! (available from tonight!) - 2 x Traditional Yiros, A large chips and two cans of drink! - TAG your Valentine and make sure you spend the day with the Yiros you love! 😘 - Winner will be announced on Friday, Feb 15 on the Souvlaki Bros Facebook page. at Souvlaki Bros

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Wouldn't you love to win cash or a holiday adventure by just simply purchasing a product!? Well, you can with Street Eats! . Purchase any of the Meat Strips or Heat and Serve range from your local Foodland, IGA, or Drakes across South Australia, head to our website and fill in your details. It's that simple!

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It’s Tuesday so that means the grills are on and the meat is cooking! Our souvos are certain to warm you up in this cold and wet Melbourne weather! Get in today and spoil yourself with a Greek feed. at Meat the Greek Souvlaki Bar

7 days ago

Everything about Yiro Yiro is Fresh.✨ from the name, which means🌀‘Round n’ Round,’🌀a tip to our Rotisserie Style of Cooking; to our Simple, Innovative💡Menu; to our Modern🧿Interior; to the feeling you get when you visit.💎 #YiroYiroPhilly #AFreshSpinOnFastGreek #YiroYiroUCity #yiroyiro #yiroyirogreek #yiroyirogreekstreetfood #greek #greece #greekfood #eatgreek #authentic #yiros #philadelphia #philly #manayunk #roxborough #cityoffoodidelphia #universitycity #phillygram #foodie #travelphotography #phillyfood #whyilovephilly #mediterraneanfood #phillyfoodie #huffpostgram #mediterranean #phillyeats #delivery #catering 🚙🇬🇷 at Yiro Yiro

8 days ago

Happening betul #jemaahyiros 7 Feb di Kota Madinah sekarang😬 . . Alhamdulillah, banyak yang mereka pelajari dari ilmu sirah mutawwif kami Ustaz Arif. . . Nak dapat ilmu ni sebenarnya tak susah. Kita kena lah selalu berdamping dengan mereka yang cintakan ilmu dan mengamalkan ilmu tersebut. . . Berdamping pula jangan dengan 1 guru sahaja tapi dengan ramai guru barulah ilmu tu banyak kita dapat dan dari pelbagai perspektif. . . Hormati guru pon sangatlah penting tidak kira umur, bangsa ataupun pangkat. Kita pon disarankan untuk mendoakan para guru-guru kita kan, dari tadika, sekolah rendah, menengah sampai lah keperingkat universiti. . . Hormati dan doakan guru-guru kita, insyaAllah ilmu yang kita terima tu akan diredha dan diberkati oleh Allah SWT. . . Ingat, timbalah ilmu sehingga ke liang lahad, dan ilmu yang bermanfaat lah yang akan teman and bantu kita di dunia dan diakhirat nanti ✨ _________ #yiros #jemaahyiros #ingatumrahingatyiros #haramain #jomumrah #yiroskongsi

9 days ago

Chips, calamari and yiros. As beach food as you can get. I didn’t make this, but it looks as good as it tastes so I am posting it anyway ☺️ #yiros #beachday #yum these two plates (calamari and spit-roasted lamb) are, and have long been in my top ten most necessary foods of all time. Chips I count as a sauce holder, but still #yum #goodday 😁👍🏻☺️ #queenslandanyday

9 days ago

I love lamb. Slow cooked with lemon rind garlic oil salt oregano thyme, and soon to be lightly fried off and thrown in a pita.. The smell... Holy shit. #lamb #slowcooked #yiros

9 days ago

There are now three delicious ways to enjoy a feast from The Brotherhood: 1) Visit us in store for some takeaway 2) Pop into @laylowseddon to sit down to a Greek feast and some expertly made drinks 3) Stay on the couch and order using Deliveroo so we come to you! Nights in, quick pop ins and date nights out are now a one stop shop at The Brotherhood - open until 10PM tonight! Can’t wait to feed you like a village yiayia would 😎🎉🌯 at The Brotherhood Yiros + Grill

9 days ago

It’s definitely a comfort food kind of day today and the best comfort food is gyros! We are open till 9pm tonight satisfying those cravings. at Meat the Greek Souvlaki Bar

10 days ago

Comment on the funniest food combo you've ever made. Shredded pizza on tacos, or yiros donuts! Tag a friend you'd like to try a funny food combo with.

10 days ago

Burgers are all the craze at the moment so why not try our bifteki (Greek burgers). Instead of a bun they’re wrapped in delicious pita bread. It’s Friday night so why not spoil yourself for dinner, we are here until 9pm! 🇬🇷❤️🍔 at Meat the Greek Souvlaki Bar

10 days ago

Our foodie culture permeates a unique market feel with cooking stations reflecting our community vibe. Today at Frewville Foodland, Chef Dan is serving the ultimate Greek street food - Mr Nick’s Lamb Yiros! Available right now until sold out! Let your tastebuds take you on a journey to the streets of Greece 😋🇬🇷 Kali orexi! #foodie #chef #community #greece #streetfood #yiros #adelaideeats #eatlocalsa #supportlocal #frewvillefoodland #adelaidesfinestsupermarkets at Foodland Frewville

11 days ago

Feta Fries on the beach 😎🙏🍟 at Souvlaki Bros

11 days ago

YES! Yiros lovers! We now come to you! Find us on @deliveroo_au from 5pm tonight for authentic Greek yiros delivered to your door! Perfect for those we-want-souvs-but-are-binge-watching-Netflix nights! Tag a yiros buddy you’ll be getting souvs delivered with! 😊 at The Brotherhood Yiros + Grill

11 days ago

Our VIP loaded patates - hot crunchy chips topped with slow cooked chicken or lamb, a dollop of homemade tzatziki and a crumbling of authentic Greek Dodoni feta. This is a blend of our two loaded patates styles and is exclusive to dining in at @laylowseddon. Head in for a drink and a bowlful tonight - serving from 5pm 🍟 at The Brotherhood Yiros + Grill

12 days ago

Need to grab milk and bread? Remember to pick up a pack of Street Eats when visiting Adelaide's Finest Supermarkets Pasadena and Frewville! Plus the chance be $4000 richer or go on a travel adventure worth $4900. @adelaidesfinestsupermarkets

12 days ago

Satisfy your sweet tooth with some Nutella pita bread! Our homemade dough slathered in Nutella and dusted with icing sugar. It’s the best way to finish your Greek feast! Here until 9pm tonight 🍞🍫 at The Brotherhood Yiros + Grill

13 days ago

Starting the week right with PITA FRIES at Souvlaki Bros 😏 at Souvlaki Bros