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4 months ago

This week has been a doozy. I had given myself a deadline of Friday to have my last wedding sent off, and yet Monday came and went with a sick kid at home, Tuesday started with Elliotte slamming my external hard drive on the kitchen floor and me losing everything on it 😱😭💔 (to be continued, there’s still some expensive hope in Montreal...). So I spent a large portion of the day yesterday trying to recover files, and am now in a plumbing/house renovation emergency situation that I had sort of forgotten to prioritize in my week.. but I’m still swimmin y’all. Oh and it’s apparently already winter here; 4-6 inches of snow yesterday and -10 C today. (Wtf). ❄️ #keepswimmin #winteriscoming #quebecjetaime (toujours) #yesevenifyourwinterlasts6months at Quebec, Quebec