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1 hour ago

#flowerbunch with special #bow ❤️ I drew the bouquet my aunt gave me as a present! I really like the 3D bow, it looks very cute and creative😁 What about you? Do you like it too? [Don‘t repost]

2 hours ago

Up 1 quả ảnh đánh dấu 1 tuần bị hành muốn khóc ra nước mắt. Còn 7 tuần nữa. Sẽ countdown từng tuần. Sẽ up hình lại khi cơn đau khổ này đi qua. 05/04/19. Wish me luck. Cố lên cố lên cố lên. Chỉ mình giúp được mình.

2 hours ago

Gorgeous day and spring is in the air! 💛 at Penela

2 hours ago

Dundrum is one of the finest Norman castles in Northern Ireland, with views to sea and Mourne Mountains. Dundrum Castle was founded in 1177 by John de Courcy, following his invasion of Ulster. This medieval coastal castle, with circular keep and massive walls, stands on the top of a rocky hill commanding fine views south over Dundrum Bay and the Mourne Mountains in Co Down. at Dundrum Castle