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17 hours ago

Top of the mornin’ to ya! ☕️☀️🤘🏼❌

8 days ago

They like me! They really like me! 😁 guys head on over and check out and support our friends over at @overland_unlimited for some very cool builds and some great story's behind them. O and don't forget to give Ol Blue a like while you're there! 😎🤘🏼❌

9 days ago

Follow me and you'll immediately be rewarded with the entertainment of my terrible life decisions! You're welcome! 🤪🤘🏼❌ at Citrus Wildlife Management Area

10 days ago

Scout has been sick. He’s better now, but we missed our weekend outing with the fellas. Let’s plan another one, boys 🤘🏼

16 days ago

Eyes up and focused in your workspace. Downtime is to reflect and perfect. • Just watched Free Solo last night. Anyone else watch it? I was stressed throughout the entire film. I can’t imagine life hanging by fingertips. 😳 - amazing skill and focus by @alexhonnold and great photography by @jimmychin and crew. I highly recommend the film

17 days ago

Mod list- Armor: Shrock Sliders Heftyfabworks Tube Bumper Hardcore fab rear bumper with custom DIY tire carrier build OEM skids Interior: Samsung Galaxy s2 tablet Uniden pro520xl CB Baofeng BF-F8HP HAM OEM Xterra all weather mats LED map/dome lights Custom made false floor with tool storage Dometic CFX40 fridge/freezer Exterior: Smittybilt X20comp 10k # winch Level 8 mk6 bronze 17x8 285/70/17 Nitto Trail Grappler MTs CVT awning with custom @cb__designs roof rack mounts 4' Firestik Tuneable Antenna Bedlined front and rear bumpers, Side Moldings, and rear hatch handle Custom painted Gloss black front grille Smittybilt Overlander roof top tent Lights: Beamtech LED headlights OEM roof off-road lights (roof boobs) Nilight 4" LED pods (rear bumper) Nilight 4" LED pods flood (front bumper, outer) Auxbeam 4" LED pods spots (front bumper, inner) Performance: Airflow snorkel K&N air filter OEM rear locker 90 mAh dual battery setup Suspension: Front- SPC Uca's Radflo 2.0 extended travel coilovers PRG 1" spacer SPC cam bolts Rear- OME Dakar leaf packs with HD AAL PRG axle shims PRG adjustable shackles Radflo 2.0 emulsion rear shocks Front and rear sway bar delete

17 days ago

#lego #xventurer lego figures from the X-Venturers management team!

19 days ago

Biscuits and gravy

20 days ago

Airing up on a cold, wet and windy Florida day. All good things must come to an end 🤘🏼

21 days ago

Knuckle-draggers 🦍👊🏼

22 days ago

Sorry for the delay! Life gets in the way sometimes. Anyway, we’re happy to announce the winner of the camping gear giveaway... @quirion_a (Alexander Quirion) is the winner! Congratulations! Thank you for participating! We will contact you shortly for your mailing info. And we’d like to thank everyone who played along. Honestly I wasn’t sure if anyone would want the gear. Glad we decided to give it away. Glad it was such a good turnout. Maybe we’ll do another one soon. Meanwhile, and always, #FindYourX 🤘🏼 at X-Quarters

24 days ago

Sincerest apologies 🙏🏻

24 days ago

What else do you do on a crappy cold rainy Sunday! Hit the trails and get gnarly! 🤪🤘🏼 The homie @audetadventures and I having some fun on trail 19 yesterday! Rainy days on the trails make it so much more fun. Here's to the next one! 🍻 at Citrus Wildlife Management Area

26 days ago

So this is how I spent my night! Went out to check everything front the suspension swap the other day just to make sure everything was tight and something just didn't seem right! 🤔 O yeah the shackles are on backwards! What an idiot!! 😲🔫 Got it all straightened out thanks @x.venturer for coming through in a pinch. NOW we are ready to hit the trails! 🤘🏼❌

29 days ago

#transformationtuesday ol girl has been through quite a change in a short time. Love this truck and where she takes me! Speaking of that who's down to hit the trails this weekend!? 😆🤘🏼❌

29 days ago

xTerra (Transformation) Tuesday 🤘🏼❌ - yeah, it’s a bit wordy. Whatever. Who’s up for a trail ride on Sunday? ✋🏼

1 month ago

Out with the old! In with the new! 🤘🏼❌ Got the rear back up 2 more inches and reacts to the weight muuuuch better! Can't wait to get her in the woods and test it out. Who's coming wheeling Sunday!? at Gulfport, Florida

1 month ago

Cleaning out the shop! With our recent upgrade to the new sleep system, we are no longer in need of our older gear. We’d love to give this kit to a new home, so we’re having a little giveaway! It’s easy: follow our page, like this post, and tag a friend. For an additional entry, share this post. We’ll cover all shipping costs. The winner will be randomly picked next Sunday. Good luck! ⛺️⛺️⛺️⛺️⛺️⛺️⛺️⛺️⛺️⛺️⛺️⛺️ Giveaway items include: 3x ALPS Mountaineering Microfiber Camp Pillows 2x KAMUI 2” self inflating sleeping pads 2x Therm-A-Rest Z-lite SOL Sleeping pads at X-Quarters

1 month ago

The boys have expressed that they are no longer comfortable sleeping on the small self inflating pads. I guess it’s time for an upgrade. I’ve been using the @expedusa Synmat 12 LXW for years and have been extremely happy. I like its comfort and its ability to pack down small. Looking at Exped’s newer lineup, I went with the Synmat 3-D7. They arrived today and I’m happy to see that they are even smaller than the older 12. While shopping for the mats, i decided to upgrade our pillows, as well. They, too, pack down much smaller than our old microfiber camp pillows. And besides spending a small fortune, it’s an all around win for comfort and size. ⛺️💤🤘🏼 at X-Quarters

1 month ago

#tbt to summer of 2017 with awesome people 🤘🏼

1 month ago

1 down, 1 to go! New bushings, new HD AAL, and the 1st pack came out great. New adjustable shackles waiting to go on as well! 2nd pack will be ready for reassembly today. Who's ready for a mod day! 🤘🏼😎❌

1 month ago

☕️ - because crack is bad for you. • We’re not fancy. Basic Folgers is our go-to-go-juice. Can anyone recommend a good coffee? Nothing too dark, please, and definitely not that burnt Starbucks 💩 - Thanks in advance 🤘🏼 at Bean Factory

1 month ago

Will trail ride for firewood! 🔥🤘🏼- full 3 minute video is up on IGTV

1 month ago

#tbt to 2016 Colorado/New Mexico highlights - a quick stop at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico, then onto Durango for a train ride to Silverton. A bus ride back to Durango and then out to Ophir Pass. Camp at Alta Lakes. Then to Imogene Pass. We finished up the San Juan Mtns with Last Dollar Road. On the return trip home, we hit Great Sand Dunes NP to play in the dunes. We had to skip a couple of things because of equipment failure, but it was still a great trip. Such beautiful country. Would love to get back. at San Juan Mountains

1 month ago

They're here! 👽 ❌TERRA TUESDAY❌ Close encounters edition!

1 month ago

We finally joined the smart crew and purchased floor liners. Our last mudding excursion was the tipping point. The Weathertech have been in for a few days. Knew they would be solid. The rear Lund Catch-It liner was just installed. Was a little leery at first, but the fit is legit.🤘🏼 at X-Quarters

2 months ago

** P4Xv1 & NPC Stickers Drop - Live! ** Pro-4X (P4Xv1) Patch The P4Xv1 patch is 100% embroidered, velcro hook & loop backed, merrow bordered, 1"T x 3.5"W. NPC Stickers 3.5" x 3.5", rounded edges, thick, durable vinyl to protect from scratches, water & sunlight. https://NPCPatchDesigns.neocities.org/ "Building Morale One Patch At A Time!" - NPC #NPCPatchDesigns #NissanPatchClub #NPC #Nissan #Datsun #Inifiniti #Nismo #TheNewX #DeepSouthTitans #NissanTitan #NissanXterra #NissanFrontier #NissanPatrol #NissanNavara #NissanArmada #TitansForTots #XVenturer #NissanNationPodcast #NissanPathfinder #NNP #NissanHardbody #WentWindrock #GPAXShockerRun #SouthEastXterra #CallingAllTitans #TexasNissanTruckMeet #LifestyleOffroad

2 months ago

With all the extra weight of the new bumper, tent, fridge and battery the factory leaf packs are just not cutting it any more. Time to get the OME packs rehabbed and installed. Made some good progress on the first pack today..... And then as soon as I'm don't painting.... IT RAINS! of course! 🤦🏼‍♂️

2 months ago

When the boys were young, I promised I’d show them the United States, one big roadtrip at a time. We bought our first 4x4 in late 2013 and started planning. • Our first adventure was to Big Bend NP in 2014. It was our first time to the desert. I’d love to return and spend more time exploring. • In 2015 we did the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, that included a 10 mile hike into Havasupai to play in the turquoise waterfalls and then a helicopter ride out. • In 2016 we traveled to Colorado to ride trains, drive mountain passes and explore the Great Sand Dunes NP. • In 2017 we felt a little ambitious and planned 3 trips back to back. First was the Georgia Traverse. Mechanical problems had us abort the trip early so we could make it to our second part of the journey. We partnered up with @overland_history for the History X tour of Virginia’s backcountry. That was a great trip with great people. Once parting ways with the History X group, we headed to New York to visit family. • We returned to complete the Georgia Traverse in 2018 and to visit friends and family in Tennessee. • 2019 is the year we head back out West, this time to explore the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and visit as many National Parks in southern Utah as possible. It will be our longest trip to date. We’re planning on 3 weeks. Hopefully we’ll get to meetup with some of our (never-met-before) friends along the way. If you want to be a part of the 2019 West trip, let us know. We’d love for you to join us. • Vacation officially starts on June 1 and we need to be back home in Florida by June 23. at United States of America

2 months ago

Bog Recovery 🤷🏼‍♂️😂🤘🏼- good times!

2 months ago

Our #2 is becoming quite the drone pilot. He flies every opportunity he gets 👍🏼🚁📹

2 months ago

Price reduction! NGNv1 from $14 to $12 USD DSTv1 from $12 to $10 USD Free shipping within the United States. International orders, please email npcpatchdesigns@gmail.com for a shipping quote. https://NPCPatchDesigns.neocities.org/ "Building Morale One Patch At A Time!" - NPC #NPCPatchDesigns #NissanPatchClub #NPC #Nissan #Datsun #Inifiniti #Nismo #TheNewX #DeepSouthTitans #NissanTitan #NissanXterra #NissanFrontier #NissanPatrol #NissanNavara #NissanArmada #TitansForTots #XVenturer #NissanNationPodcast #NissanPathfinder #NNP #NissanHardbody #WentWindrock #GPAXShockerRun #SouthEastXterra #CallingAllTitans #TexasNissanTruckMeet #LifestyleOffroad

2 months ago

Sometimes even Xterras need a hand 🤣 ❌ T E R R A • T U E S D A Y ❌ 🤘🏻

2 months ago

Love this fricking place! 🤘🏼❌

2 months ago

It's more fun in the dark! 19 was pretty gnarly! 🤘🏼 Both ended up having to winch up the rest of the way! at Citrus Wildlife Management Area

2 months ago

Such an epic weekend! Awesome people even better wheeling and too much beer 🤪🍻 couldn't think of a better way to ring in the new year!

2 months ago

We hope the new year brings you health and happiness. ❌ #FindYourX

2 months ago

Getting rad with these knuckleheads 🤘🏻❌

2 months ago

All dressed up for the Ball 💃🏼💅🏻👠- headed to the woods after work with some rad people 🤘🏻 - who has cool plans this weekend?? at Princess Dance

2 months ago

#merica #squad goals! Ol girl hanging out with her homies! Super stoked to head out first thing for some trail therapy!

2 months ago

Sunrises ☀️ #tbt

2 months ago

Merry Christmas from us here. Wishing you and your family the best.

2 months ago

Rolling From One Year To The Next... . This last week of the year, between the holidays, heralding the return of longer days and more light to this part of Earth, is always a time of reflection for me. . I slow down, spend some time alone amidst the holiday hustle & bustle, and take stock of my place in the world. . I look back at the past year and ask if I’ve lived my best life, made wise choices, and been honest & true to myself and others. . I look forward to the year to come, and ask how I can do better those things I didn’t do so well the past year. . There’s a lot to think about. . But the sun is out, warming up everything! . The sky is bright blue and my canoe keeps sneaking into view. Maybe I’ll go paddling and ponder all this. . Or, maybe I’ll set up a hammock and take a long nap in the sun. . What would you do? . . #christmaseve #tradition #reflection #timeforanap #christmasseason #nomadlife #liveauthentic #homeiswhereyouparkit #bestlife #camp #vanlife #naptime #warmandsunny #holidays #vandweller #xventurer #offroadtrailer #exploretocreate #canoelife #camplife #adventurer #explorer #expedition #overland #overlandgear #gearreview #gmcsavana #roadlife #lifeontheroad #thedesertiscalling at Cow Island Lake

2 months ago

Battery done! Fridge is in and 90% done but of course I had to stock up on the essentials 😂🍻 4 days an counting till we can really test her out in the woods!

2 months ago

Hey, look who’s stuck at work... again 👎🏻 at Hell