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Bottled up ‘ - Chapter one - ‘Exactly two months ago’ “Great game everyone, y’all all did amazing. Especially you (y/n) you have really improved since the beginning of the year.” Your basketball coach says and then pats you on the back as you and the other girls go to the locker room to get changed. As you all change back into your other clothes you walk out with your best friend Liv. “So when are you leaving again?” Liv asks you as y’all are walking out. “Today was my last day here, I’m not officially leaving until another month or so. I have a lot of packing to do.” You say and sigh. “I cant believe they are actually kicking you out.. for good this time. It was just a fight” she says and rolls her eyes. “She had to go to the hospital because of me and ended up with a concussion, as much as I hate to leave I deserve getting kicked out. Besides everyone here despised me now” I say while shaking my head. “I know but it’s still ridiculous. Anyways, I’ll see you later, I have to get home.” Liv says and gives you a hug. “Bye” you say and hug her back. As she goes to her car you start walking home as usual. You put in ur earbuds and put ur phone in ur back pocket listening to music. After a few minutes you get an instagram notification, you take your phone from your pocket. “xlilhuddy.. Who is that” you say out-loud to yourself. You check the dm he sent you which says “hey cutie ;)” you roll your eyes assuming it’s another fuck boy from your school but then you check out his profile. “Chase Hudson? Damn he’s cute as hell lemme just..” you say out-loud again and go back to the DMs. You message him back with a simple “hello”. As y’all continue texting you catch yourself smiling and shake your head at yourself. “What am I doing” you say out-loud and slap your forehead then walk inside your house.. (EOC) Spam the comments for the next chapter ;)

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#huddygang @xlilhuddy #chasehudson #xlilhuddy #lilhuddy #muchlove this goes for anyone too. always put yourself first and help yourself before others. it may be hard sometimes, but trust me you will get through it. if anyone ever wants to talk just dm me!! i’m always down to talk. about anything!! anytime!! 💜💜 [chase liked]

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Bottled up ‘ - Plot - Y/n Wilson is a sixteen year old girl who recently moved to L.A. from London. Her parents needed a fresh start and so did Wilson. After what happened at her old school she really had no choice but to move considering she wasn’t aloud back.. Wilson has been through a lot, she’s lost her sister and her dad chose drugs over her but she keeps all those things to herself and bottles up her feelings instead of letting people know how she really feels. A few months back this guy dm’d Wilson saying “hey cutie” you respond back and y’all become super close. Once you and your family moved you finally had the opportunity to meet him. After meeting his fans go crazy and start shipping him and Wilson together, they fall in love with Wilson and as you get more famous you start changing, letting the popularity get to you. But how will everyone feel when a inappropriate picture of Wilson starts spreading around the Internet and how will you handle it?

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this is my profile picture, ain't it radical!! it took me a trillion years to figure out how to make it! #xlilhuddy #chasehudson

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I like his NASA shirt. It looks vintage-ish🖤 @xlilhuddy

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[𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘯𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘪𝘴 𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙜] . . ac; jetaimelilia . . uhh i guessss you could say im new to the fandommmm but hi?? chase is really cute and like deserves the world. we shall love him foreverrrrr💘💗💓💝💖💕💞

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Okay but did anyone see how good his FUCKING LIVE WAS. Iconic, period