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5 days ago

Feel like trash, just want to be back at the fridge #Wumbo

6 days ago

GUYS! Officially only 100 DAYS til I marry this one! It may seem like a long time but in the world of weddings that’s ‘holy frack! I still need to order this and book this and send this out’ lingo! Can’t wait for this very special day to arrive! And of course we had to whip out some corny Star Wars themed matching couple tees 🙃 ps the last pic cracks me up😂 #walkingtowallace #flippingtheM #wumbo #maytheforcebewithus #weddingseason #love #matchingshirts #fashion #fashionblogger #matchingoutfits #couplegoals #starwars #revolvearoundtheworld #beauty #theknot

6 days ago

#blogposttuesday? That's not a thing. Regardless, there's a new post featuring my visit to @proclipusa live on the blog! Head on over to the website to check it out and stay tuned for the full review of the WRX on their YouTube channel coming soon! at Madison, Wisconsin

5 months ago

Trying to break the new Instagram like and follow record!! The current likes record is held by an egg, and we must REVOLT. The most followed Instagram is @instagram themselves, but we might have a chance!! SO YEET THE LIKE AND FOLLOW BUTTONS!! #LiketheWUMBO #RecordBreakers #WUMBO at Record Breakers