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CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATE! Joe Perricone was all set to pick up his diploma in 1943, but he was drafted and had to miss the ceremony. Now the 95-year-old Hillsborough High School alumni will get to walk the stage Saturday with the Class of 2019! #worldwar2 #graduation #veterans #heroes

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Looking at this beautiful view, you’d never imagine its fascinating history. After the Allied liberation, La Spezia became the point of departure for survivors from Nazi concentration camps. One notable ship - the SS Exodus - was blockaded by the British. . News of this quickly spread through the international community: the greatest Navy in the world was sealing off La Spezia’s ports with tanks, leaving thousands of Holocaust survivors stranded on a small, crowded ship. Trapped on board with nowhere to go, the survivors went on a hunger strike. . On the fifth day, a member of the British Labour party tried to call this off. The survivors refused and stood their ground. They told the Brits that every morning, 10 refugees would commit suicide, and every dawn, 10 more refugees would do the same until the survivors were allowed to set sail. Finally, the Labour government gave in. . After 45 days in La Spezia, they were finally allowed to set sail. As a result, La Spezia was nicknamed ‘Shàar Zion’ in Hebrew, which translates to “Gateway to Zion”. . In 2018, the Italian government re-developed the old military docks where this incredible piece of history happened. Nowadays, La Spezia is one of the main Italian military/commercial harbors, and houses a major naval base. at La Spezia, Italy

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Some more shots of the Princeton CVL-23 after being hit by Japanese Judy bomber October 1944. After the explosion forced the the Birmingham CL-62 to pull away from the burning carrier, the Reno CL-96 attempted 5 times to come aside. Eventually the carrier took an extreme list that crushed a 40 mm gun onboard the Reno once she had gotten close. The Irwin DD-794, who was responsible for picking up the majority of the 1361 crewmen that belonged to the Princeton, was also to scuttle her by torpedo. But damage to the Irwin caused a circular torpedo track nearly hitting her own aft. The Reno made a successful hit with her torpedos and the carrier finally went down. ______________________________________________________________ #ww2 #ww2history #worldwar2 #worldwar #usnavy #usn #usaf #usa #usarmy #worldwar2history #ship #usmilitary #usaf #aviation #aircraftcarrier #submarine #history

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Malaparte uses his journalism skills and his talent for prose to create something truly magnificent. His journey across the continent is physically exhausting and dangerous, but it's the reader's journey that becomes something more arduous; as we turn each page, we are pulled farther into Europe, further into the war, and deeper into the unimaginable horrors of that conflict... each chapter changes us and becomes something that transcends emotional involvement and philosophical awe. • “Naked Germans are wonderfully defenseless. They are bereft of secrecy. They are no longer frightening. The secret of their strength is not in their skin or in their bones, or in their blood; it is in their uniforms. Their real skin is their uniform. If the peoples of Europe were aware of the flabby, defenseless and dead nudity concealed by the Feldgrau of the German uniform, the German army could not frighten even the weakest and most defenseless people. A mere boy would dare to face an entire German battalion. To see them naked is to grasp the secret meaning of their national life, of their national history.” (Kaputt: Curzio Malaparte) • • • #kaputt #curziomalaparte @nyrbooks @mclunch #book #bookstagram #review #quotes #worldwar2 #read #reading

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American presence in Morocco 🇲🇦 🇺🇸 US Military Bases: Nouasseur AB Since 1951 - SOON - @usembassymorocco Nouasseur Air Base near Casablanca in Morocco, was a United States Air Force base. It was designed for B-36 and B-47 bombers, and also housed repair units for a period. Today, Nouasseur AB is known as Mohammed V International Airport. It hosts helicopters of the Royal Moroccan Navy. USAF air base siting in the former French Morocco developed out of the Allied presence there at the close of World War II. In the early 1950s, SAC developed an "Operation Reflex" strategy between its southern bases and Morocco, with B-36 and B-47 wings rotating to North Africa for extended temporary duty as a staging area for bombers pointed at the Soviet Union. #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhitephoto #shotoniphone #ushistory #history #casablanca #california #newyork #usa #usarmy #usaf #worldwar2 #operationreflex #ram #royalairmaroc at Nouasseur Air Base

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Snowing in May or getting ready for Memorial Day BBQ? We are working on all kinds of projects but most recently we have been continuing to construct the scenics at the American Heritage Museum. Phil and Kyle constructed a black sand beach for the Pacific War and a winter scene for the Korean War. Tim and Scotty have been working hard in Westminster, Ma working to replace old pavers around a existing pool deck. They are using a new Brussels Block and Mattoni paver from Unilock! #younglandscapes #americanheritagemuseum #worldwar2 #westminsterma #stowma #paver #bbq #memeorialday @unilock @powellstoneandgravel @exp_studios #brusselsblock #mattoni #pooldeck #tanks #history at Westminster, Massachusetts

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USS Birmingham CL-62 pulls up alongside USS Princeton CVL-23 after a Japanese Judy bomber dropped a single bomb on the light carrier. This was during the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October 1944. After most the fire was put out, the Princeton exploded again with the Birmingham still alongside. This killed 233 and further wounded 426 of the Birmingham’s crew. On the Princeton, 1361 crewmen were saved but 108 were lost. ______________________________________________________________ #ww2 #ww2history #worldwar2 #worldwar #usnavy #usn #usaf #usa #usarmy #worldwar2history #ship #usmilitary #usaf #aviation #aircraftcarrier #submarine #history

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Warbird Close Up: The Boeing B-29 Superfortress 1. The Commemorative Air Force’s B-29, “Fifi” AAF Serial 44-62070 at Grand Junction Regional Airport on 22 June 2014. 2. Fifi’s cockpit 3. Fifi’s bomb bay 4. Nose art 5. Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum’s B-29, “Peachy” AAF Serial 44-62022 on 9 September 2018. 6. Pima Air & Space Museum’s B-29 “Sentimental Journey” AAF Serial 44-70016 on 26 March 2019. 7. Journey’s lower forward turret 8. Front view of Sentimental Journey #pimaairandspacemuseum #puebloweisbrodaircraftmuseum #commemorativeairforce #fifi #peachy #usmhwarbirdcloseup #airforce #usaf #b29superfortress #bomber #boeing #usaaf #armyairforce #ww2 #worldwar2 #militaryaviation #usa #america #american #historygeek #historynerd #historybuff #UnitedStatesMilitary #History

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Moreno Valley, CA

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After being cut off from allied supplies and being surrounded by the enemy, the first battalion(commanded by Charles Whittlesey) and the second battalion, commanded by Captain George McMurty, were trapped with no food, water and ammunation. McMurty was a experienced soldier who already fought in the Spanish-American war. After taking Hill 198 the first day on the 2nd of October 1918, they lost it again the next day. With the German fire coming from all direction, the men were shot, wounded and killed in big numbers. On the 4th of October a American recon plane flew by and thought the position of the Battalions were German and so ordered allied artillery to target at them. One of the soldiers in the Battalion was Private Omar Richards who was the pigeon handler. All pigeons trying to inform the Americans about the situation were all mowed down by German fire, there were only 2 pigeons left, one of them was called Cher Ami, French for “Dear Friend”. Whittlesey wrote a message, "We are along the road parallel to 276.4. Our own artillery is dropping a barrage directly on us. For heaven's sake stop it" and attached it to Cher Ami’s leg. Captain Richards released Cher Ami. It flew around and landed on a tree opposite of Richards and Whittlesey. The two men yelled and screamed at it. Finally the bird flew away. 25 minutes later the pigeon landed at headquarters and the allied bombing stopped. On the way to the headquarters Cher Ami was shot through the chest, blinded on 1 eye and almost lost a leg what was hanging under him what had to be amputated later. After that the Americans began dropping supplies in the position. The Lost Battalion Part 2. #ww1 #wwi #ww1centenary #ww1history #worldwar1 #worldwarone #worldwaronecentenary #worldwaronehistory #firstworldwar #firstworldwarcentenary #thefirstworldwar #thegreatwar #greatwar #thewartoendallwars #wartoendallwars #ww2 #ww2history #ww2german #wwii #wwiihistory #worldwar2 #worldwar2history #worldwar2photos #secondworldwar #thesecondworldwar at Binarville, Champagne-Ardenne, France

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Make it a goal to have all of your living ancestors over the age of 40 write down and share at least one story with you. This way, you can pass down the stories to the generations after and give them one of the best keepsakes ever! ⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ #cemetery #history #graveyard #ww2 #wwii #culture #graveyard_dead #worldwar2 #graveyard_life #gravestone #grave_affair #war #museum #headstone #grave #historical #historia #cemeteries genealogy #DNA #familytree #ancestry #123andme #ancestors #GeneticGenealogy #GenealogicalSociety #Family #FamilyAncestrees

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Catch-22 (2019) . Amazing show on @hulu

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Pictures of the Eagle pub in Cambridge. Originally built in 1667, it is significant as Francis Crick and James Watson announced their discovery of DNA in 1953, and at the bar in the rear is the graffiti of World War II airmen that used to frequent the location. #unitedkingdom #uk #england #cambridge #cambridgeshire #theeagle #watsonandcrick #dna #worldwar2 #raf #graffiti #traveltheworld #travelblogger #traveling #travelholic #travelphotography #traveler #travelgram #travel at The Eagle Pub

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My gorgeous vintage photo kit is now available in my etsy store. This kit documents George's life between 1944-1961. Check out my etsy page for the full details. . . . . #vintagehandmade #vintageephemera #vintage #vintagejournal #journalprompts #journalling #digitalkits #vintagephotos #junkjournal #junkjournals #junkjournallove #junkjournaling #journallove #scrapbooking #scrapbook #memorykeeping #keepsake #worldwar2 #journalcommunity #journalprompts #journalinspiration #journallayout #vintagecamera

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A WW2 German gun emplacement on top of the cliffs near Grosnez on Jersey’s north west coast. The Channel Islands were the only part of Great Britain to be occupied by the Germans during the war, and weren’t liberated until some weeks after VE Day. DJI Mavic Pro 2 #worldwar2 #ww2 #ww2history #historyofww2 #germangunemplacement #guntower #jersey #jerseyci #jerseychannelislands #channelislands #jerseyislandlife #theislandbreak #grosnez #topdownview #fromwhereidrone @dronersworld #dronegram_dji #dronephotography @shotondji #dronestagram #dji #djimavicpro2 #mavicpro2 #dronepics #dronepilot #droneglobe #iglidehigh #dronewizard #droneproacademy #shotzfromthesky #twenty4sevendrones #dronecountries at Grosnez Castle

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Installed some Japanese uniforms and flight gear displays with our Kamikaze aircraft. Just waiting on the main exhibit text and graphic which should be done next week. #curatorlife #pimaairandspacemuseum . . . . . #curator #museum #museumwork #pimaairandspace #curatorsdesk #tucson #arizona #flightgear #flightclothes #aviation #avgeek #AviationGeek #aerospace #military #militaria #museumlife #whenyouworkatamuseum #museumnerd #museumprofessional #worldwarii #secondworldwar #worldwar2 #imperialjapan #japanese

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Our customizable collection is now available. All you need to do is look at our customizable products and personalize your design. You design, we make! Choose your color and size, add your shirt or tote bag to the chart, and design your item with your own words. . So simple, so cool. ❤️😍😎

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SOVIET BETRAYAL OF THE HOME ARMY: FINAL PART . ‘Wacław Beynar, a former Home Army partisan, was arrested in 1948 and found himself in an airless cell in the Rakowiecka prison in Warsaw. So humid was the cell that prisoners, among them many veterans of the Warsaw Uprising, removed their shirts and waved them in the air to create the illusion of a breeze. There was no toilet in the cell, and prisoners were taken out to use one only twice a day, a system that quickly became a form of torture for those who got diarrohea from the prison food. During interrogations, Beynar was beaten “primitively”, hit in the face, kicked in the iside, and given a death sentence, which he heard “with neutrality: I just couldn’t believe it, that I’m a criminal”. . ‘Eventually Beynar was reprieved, given a long prison sentence, and sent to Wronki, a much larger prison near Poznań that held some 4,000 mostly political “criminals”. Upon arrival, “we all cried like children”, he remembered, though the prisoner who suffered most was one who had been in the camp at Dachau. To him it felt simply like déjà vu. Another fellow prisoner was Stanisław Szostak, arrested along with General Wilk outside Vilnius in 1944, then rearrested in Szczecin in 1947 and immediately thrown into a cell with Nazi collaborators. Wronki, he recalled, was “full of lice, lacked air, was hot in the summer and cold in the winter”. Both he and Beynar would be freed only in 1956. Lublin Castle, a forbidding medieval structure that had been used as an emergency prison and execution site for Home Army soldiers in 1944 and 1945, also remained open until 1954. Its gloom, dirt and silence were thought to increase prisoners’ terror.’ . ~ Anna Applebaum

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➡️ Norte de Francia: Un grupo de oficiales alemanes observan el canal de la Mancha. A partir de 1943 los ejércitos de la Alemania Nazi pasaron a la defensiva. Para todos los contendientes quedó muy claro que habría una invasión en las playas de francesas entre Normandía y el Pas-de-Calais. El problema para los alemanes era saber dónde y cuándo. El problema de los Aliados: impedir que los alemanes lo supieran. 🔻🔺🔻🔺🔻🔺🔻🔺🔻🔺🔻🔺 🇬🇧 North of France: A group of German officers observe the English Channel. From 1943 the armies of Nazi Germany were in retreat, in a defensive way. For all the contenders it was very clear that there would be an invasion on the French beaches between Normandy and the Pas-de-Calais. The problem for the Germans was knowing where and when. The problem of the Allies: preventing the Germans from knowing. #normandy #dday #1940s #deutsche #ww2 #secondworldwar #wwii #shore #weapon #weapons #gunsofinstagram #uniform #militarylife #tactical #infantry #officers #tacticalgear #uniforms #veterans #binoculars #occupied #germans #worldwar2 #watching #normandy #wehrmacht #coastguard #1940sfashion #memorykeeping #france at Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

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The fall of Tenochtitlan started exactly 498 years ago today, it followed the Spanish arrival in Mexico with Cortés and the conquistadors. No Aztec had ever seen a white man, and Cortés' arrival was in line with the prediction of the arrival of an Aztec god on their calendar, who was said to be as pale as snow. The Aztec emperor, Montezuma II, went to meet him, but was captured and killed. What followed was a Spanish invasion if #Mexico, slaughtering the natives and establishing Catholicism. The #Aztecs final stand was in their capital if Tenochtitlan (as seen in Cortés' map) now Mexico City. Cuauhtémoc inherited the 'throne' and made a brutal last stand in the capital. The Aztec triple alliance hand many problems and previous arguments had led to many Talaxcallans supporting the Spaniards. Many civilians and POWS were massacred and European diseases eventually spread killing off most of the native tribes. - - - - #ww2 #ww1 #wwii #wwi #worldwarone #worldwartwo #worldwar1 #worldwar2 #milsurp #militaryhistory #military #history #thegreatwar #battlefield5 #battlefield1 #battlefield #war #germany #france #russia #britain #Italy #1914 #1918 #1939 #1945 at Tenochtitlán

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Sorry, long essay today ☺ - G💚 (It continues into the comments) ----------------------------------- A man by the name of Benedict Arnold (a well-known traitor to the cause of the American Revolution) found himself being told to go on a secret mission by the Massachusetts Committee of Safety. His goal was to capture an old British fort from the French and Indian War known as Fort Ticonderoga. He was to get the supplies to help the American soldiers trying to fight the British troops trying to defend Boston. He was also told to speak with Ethan Allen who was already close to Fort Ticonderoga which was located in New York by Lake Champlain (Vermont was right nearby the fort). Allen was also already thinking with the Green Mountain Boys to capture the fort before Arnold arrived. Once Arnold got to Allen on May 9th, 1775 and told him about this operation he would be leading, the Green Mountain Boys spoke up and said that they wanted Allen to lead them and not Arnold. Allen and Arnold both spoke with each other about this and agreed that they would both lead the operation. They would both plan for a daring raid set for the dawn of the next day. When it became dawn on May 10th, 1775, the Green Mountain Boys and Benedict Arnold (some extra militia men across New England also joined them) silently rowed across Lake Champlain. Once they hit land, Ethan Allen told Seth Warner (one of the founders of the Green Mountain Boys) to sail the boats back and watch for British red coats. Once they approached the fort, a sentry (a sentry is basically a soldier that keeps watch for intruders) caught eye of Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold. Ethan Allen said that he was shot (the only shot that went off) at by the sentry and that then the sentry ran away into the fort immediately after. Ethan Allen then had him and his men charge into the fort and surprise most of the British soldiers who were dead asleep. One sentry who was awake charged one of the Green Mountain Boys with his bayonet, but only wounded him. Ethan Allen quickly stopped him from killing this boy and made the sentry tell him the location of the captain of Fort Ticonderoga. at Ticonderoga, New York

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🤠 Yee Haw Calvin Coolidge 🤠 - G 💚

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The History of Vermont and the Revolutionary War: First off, here is a brief intro to the life of Ethan Allen and then we shall continue where we ended at. Ethan Allen was born in 1738 in Connecticut. After serving for a minimum amount of time in the French and Indian War (later post will be made about this war), he decided to buy a grant and live in New Hampshire (a part of NH that would become Vermont) in the middle of the Hudson and Connecticut Rivers with his brother Ira Allen and form the Green Mountain Boys with Ira, Remember Baker, and Seth Warner (for reasons stated in the earlier post). Now let's continue the story of the Green Mountain Boys. So, the governor of New York decided to put warrants on the Green Mountain Boys for how hostile they were to New Yorkers. Ethan Allen mocked this and road right into Albany to get a drink at a local tavern and mock the public townspeople. The sheriffs let him get away. Eventually though, the sheriffs arrested Allen and his Boys, and had him brought before a judge. In order to avoid any punishments he'd get, Ethan Allen declared him and his militia were now fighting for "Life, Liberty, and Property!" This is a quote from the Classical Liberal philosopher John Locke, who would influence the Founding Fathers and the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This quote can also be seen with the above image of Ethan Allen's statue. Saying this made his militia part of the fight for freedom in the American Revolution against the British Empire. He was freed for joining the war and would shortly prepare his militia to enter the war and take over a fort with a certain someone who came to speak with him after he was freed in 1775. This'll all be discussed in the next post... ---------------------------------------------------- Thanks to whoever reads these things. I find history to be quite entertaining to research and write about, so thank you for enjoying my hobby with me by liking it or the image. And yes, the quote above I wrote about from John Locke is something Thomas Jefferson used to write the best phrase in the Declaration of Independence which was, "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." - Gabe 💚 at Albany, New York