Workhorse Photos & Videos

4 hours ago

Must see! 2019 Silverado 1500 RST All Star with GM accessories. The guys did a great job upfitting this truck: 2" lift, rims and tires, tailgate decals, light bar, mud flaps, and more! Click here for the details:⠀ ⠀ #SilveradoTowing #ChevySilverado #ChevroletSilverado #DeienChevrolet #TruckSales #WeLoveOurCustomers #DeienChevroletABetterWayToBuy #WorkHorse #silverado #chevy #chevrolet #silveradonation #trucks #truck #offroad #Durabed #TruckLove #BuyATruck #DriveHappy #NewCarSmell #ChevyLove #Wheels #CarDeal #DrivingYouIntoTheFuture #YourHometownDealer #ChevyLove #LifetimePowertrainWarranty

7 hours ago

This week my energy is gonna be different: more intentional & more focused. I’m posting less content & zeroing in on my weaknesses & achieving the desired stimulus from each workout. The work behind the scenes is often disregards always. People these days only glorify you based on followers & likes, not true hard work & passion. But as long as God is watching & sees my grind, that’s all that matters. When the time is right, my greatness will be revealed. We got some work to do. Bring on Monday. Let’s get it 🐃 #applypreshurefitness #workhorse #passion #purpose #godswarrior #functionaltraining #crossfit #powerlifting #bodybuilding #tndo #savage #beastmode #nike #womenshealth #personaltrainer #healthylifestyle #nutrition #nofraudworkouts #metcon #fitspo #physique #abs #muscles

7 hours ago

Now 3 years later of this post which equals 7 total years of me owning one of these vehicles I still wouldn't choose any other. 8 years after being discontinued and still the primary fleet vehicle here in Louisville and many across the globe still serving the community. It's an absolute legend and still a very proud owner for many more years to come! #September15th2011 #Legendary #CVPI #PantherPlatform #P71 #NeverForgotten #WorkHorse

11 hours ago

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved horses. Can you relate? ❓ There is just something about them that sets my soul on fire. I have a special place in my heart for the stout ones too. 🔥 Almost 15 years ago, my husband and I got our first big boy. This is him and his name is Shark. He is the reason we set out to make our dream of becoming half-draft breeders a reality. ❤️ Shark is a no nonsense kind of guy. He is in essence a “work horse”. There isn’t much he can’t do...and there isn’t much you can’t do on him. He doesn’t mess around and he gives 100% all the time. He came to us quite young. He never bucked around or has never been cold backed. We don’t have time for that. We want horses that want to get along and once broke stay broke. We’ve had several people hand us a blank check for him...and we’ve handed it back every single time. Horses like him just aren’t for sale. 🐴 However, we know there is a need for more like him. That is why we wanted to breed and raise horses just like Shark for ourselves and for others like us. Folks who want a great ranch horse that they don’t need to tip-toe around. One anyone can ride and feel safe on. One that can handle anything thrown his way. 💯 We decided to go the half Percheron and half Quarter Horse way to begin with. We have 4 studs. We are beyond excited to offer our first colt crop for sale at the end of October as weanlings. If you are interested and want to see what we’ve got so far follow us at @lazysixnineranch 🙌🏼 We have 12 stud colts and fillies to choose from this year. Next year we plan to have more than double that to offer. This is only the beginning for us in this regard. We hope you come along for the ride! 🤠

13 hours ago

There’s nothing more special than your girls...looking forward to a wine night very soon, and by soon, I mean counting down the days 😬🤰🏼🍷🙏🏻 at Wilmes Hop Farms

15 hours ago

Nissan Navara in for a maintenance wash, wax and Interior clean. ✅ #np300 #workhorse

16 hours ago

The Porche Club of America event was great, all the guests at the event where extremely welcoming. The event was well planned and the volunteer staff was amazing. Though it may be a small gesture, they had someone driving around in this truck handing out water. It just goes to show you how much #PCA really cares about the people rather than just the cars. I can't wait for the next one and I hope to see you at the next one. #porsche #porcheclubofamerica #suzuki #water #workhorse #hoonigan at Porsche Club of America

18 hours ago

More of an unusual commission subject for me but still throughly enjoyable to draw! This was commissioned as a birthday present which has now been gifted, I was told that the recipient absolutely loved it which is always so great to hear. I am starting to work on some of my Christmas commissions now. Spaces are very very limited this year so if you are thinking about gifting a portrait this Christmas please get in touch sooner rather than later!! 🎄🎁☃️🎅 #katesprattart #portraitartist #davidbrown #davidbrown885 #davidbrowntractor #davidbrowntractors #tractor #tractors #tractorsofig #instatractor #tractorofinstagram #present #giftidea #birthdaypresent #yellowtractor #workhorse @davidbrownpics