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Hello, darling! We are going to make such magic together, you big fat lions mane mushroom. I am going Alice you up & cook you in a little butter like a crab cake. Add a little green onion, arugula salad with blood orange slices & voila! Mushroom heaven! You are so tasty & make me feel so good with your lions mane superpowers. Honestly, I could eat one every day. #allthemushroomhashtags #mushroomlove #genuis #inspiredbynature #intentionalliving #intentionaleating #lionsmanemushroom #wonder #forestlover #healingwithfood at Mendocino, California

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with you, life is always an adventure! If you could take your kids anywhere where would you go??? I would love to take my kiddos to South Africa or Iceland both are AMAZING!!!! #adventure #adventurewithkids #outdoor #explorewitykids #lifeunplugged #childhoodunplugged #kidsoutdoors #jasper #winter #nosuchthingasbadweatherjustbadclothes #mountains #sisters #family #yegmoms #edmontonfamilies #holdinghands #priceless #travelwithkids #jj_its_kids #inspiredbycolor #talesofthemoment #candidchildhood #candid #memories #wonder

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Interlude: Nebuchadnezzar and his Domestic Achievements After he had defeated all his enemies and secured his empire Nebuchadnezzar aimed to improve the city of Babylon and the surrounding country. He conducted numerous building projects within the empire and expanded the capital Babylonia. At the end of his reign of forty-three years, he expanded the capital to both sides of the Euphrates River covering a space of four hundred square miles. The ruins today of Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon is spread over two thousand acres forming the largest archeological site in the middle east. He expanded the royal palace, built and repaired temples, built a bridge over the Euphrates, created one of the first original wonders of the world which is the Ishtar Gate and the Processional Way (replaced by the lighthouse of Alexandria), and one of the seven wonders of the world, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

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Learning happens all the time. Tonight we had to go get our yearly echeck for our cars. At first I felt bad having to drag the kiddos along to what I thought was a boring “have to.” These three turned it into an exciting learning opportunity! They asked questions, they watched procedures, they stood in wonder of the entire operation and were disappointed when it was over “too fast.” Through the eyes of a child, it’s all WONDER-FULL.

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Как же я обожаю такие волшебные места!🎇Не было бы ещё этих двух китаянок,и я бы вообще расплылась от этого чудесного момента 😂но не бывает все идеально,и в этом заключается главный смысл этого мира😉 #китай #поражает #красота #beautiful #magic #room #shine #miracle #amazing #sparcling #incredible #crystals #light #wonder #adore #perfect #world #secret

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She was never crazy. she just didn't let her heart settle in a cage. she was born wild.and sometimes we need poeple like her to make world a better place to live. for its the horrors in her heart which cause the flames in ours. and she was always willing to burn for everything she has ever loved. and she is the magic who inspires alot of souls around us to explore the unseen, to love solo trips,and above all to be a better human being...the storyteller, the wandering women, the inspiration for millions 😜 this is our @_the_cloud_walker 🤗💙 a soulful frame by @4li.jpg ❤ at Planet Earth

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To start off, let's look at the most simple plot...an extremely funny looking kid trying to fit in to a new school and seen from his perspective while also seen from other perspectives, three in which focus on the kids sister who is a freshman in highschool. Now lets look at the parts from the book (in order) we have August, via, summer, jack, August (again), miranda, and august (once more and the final part.) Now, if you've seen the movie, we know that summer and justin dont have their parts, considering that they're the only colored main characters in the movie, this is racism. Now If we go further into the movie, we see that we just switch from Miranda's part to August's without being told, right? This might not be a big deal, but if you read Julian's part, we see that his French granny met up with a funny looking kid like August, but the nazi's took him. NAZIS. When we look at the halocaust and the nazis period of germany, we see that they tried to exterminate the Jews and the disabled didn't have a bright future, leaving out Jews and disabled from Germany. JEWS AND THE DISABLED. Now we damn know that justin and summer were left out of the movie for their parts, meaning THEY'RE THE JEWS. Now with August, the unintentional switch from miranda to August is an insult saying that he's a women, leaving out his final transition card. NAZIS Insulted the Disabled What does this all mean? The movie Wonder IS SECRETLY RUN BY NEO NAZIS. I rest my case and thank you for coming to my TED talk. #wonder #dank

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💙 W I N T E R B L U E S 💙 Hello, hello!! Hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far! 💙 I’ve spent so much time with my project lately that I ended up migrating from my cave of an office out to the kitchen table, just for a change of scenery! Little by little, this first draft is coming together. 😆 And then, I will read ALL the books! I love books with wintry blue covers, apparently—these are some of my favorites, and they happen to go just perfectly with this oh-so-adorable pony. It felt like the perfect photo to share with y’all tonight! 🦄💙 Have you read any of the books pictured here? I loved them all! 📖 . . . . #bookstack #bookstagram #bookgram #booklover #ilovebooks #mylittlepony #strangethedreamer #lainitaylor #howtolove #katiecotugno #thehatinggame #sallythorne #wheredyougobernadette #mariasemple #wonder #rjpalacio #bookspines #bluebooks #bookombre #blueandwhite #yalit #youngadultbooks #romcom #booksbooksbooks #booksonbooks #💙 #🦄