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Stuck the crux hold on this bitch. Didn’t send, but I give no shits. I’m like a less than mediocre boulderer, so my expectations are always pretty low... which is how I like to live my life. 📸: @gnarlygirlfitness at Cornish Pasty Co.

6 hours ago

Oh lady. We'll make a Mountain Woman out of you yet. In-camera double exposure of Rachel, @rookie__rae, on her first day out rock climbing. at Las Vegas, Nevada

12 hours ago

Looking at the weekend liikkkkeeee 😍. The rocks might be dry, which means we might get to climb, which means we might all be as happy as @brookelillianofficial. Happy freakin Friday you magical unicorns.

22 hours ago

My new besty ☝🏼 You all saw the video of me trying to do pull-ups, (and somewhat succeeding 😄 ) My goal it to make one perfect pull up, start with complete hang and without swinging. If you have great tips from your own experience I'd be happy to hear (as some of you already did, thanks 😉) Out to the mission 💪🏼 - - - - #workoutgoals #pullups #pullupbar #challenge #fun #ambition #sportgirl #pullupchallenge #pullupprogression #pullup #pulluporshutup #workingout #gettinginshape #climbing_lovers #rockclimbinggirls #rockclimbingwomen #womenrockclimbing #climbing_is_my_life #climbing_is_my_passion

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I enjoyed listening to @kexp today and Alan Watts too. Nature is hella hecka wiggly Alan, you're right. _______________________ This is Japanese Ceremonial Tea It's good on a cold day See, our problem is we can't really know how to stop, we've got something started and we see it going in the wrong direction And I think the difference is [To borrow an old Chinese saying] That when the wrong man uses the right means, the right means work in the wrong way. Now there is something wrong with the way we think, and while that is there, everything we do will be a mess Now what is it that's wrong? Now as far as I can see, the basic mistake is that we've invented this wonderful system of language and calculation and that it is at once too simple to deal with the complexities in the world And also we are liable to confuse that system of simples with the world itself just as say, we confuse money with wealth A lot of people are in business to make money instead of wealth, when they make the money, they don't know what to do No wonder we feel cut off from everything, alienated – frightened of life and death. So what has to happen is we have to come back to a view of our own life, which is the way we really are – an organism functioning in terms of the whole environment, with the whole environment. Instead of this funny little separate personality. But how are we going to do that? You can't transform yourself, you can't make yourself sane, you can't make yourself loving, you can't make yourself unselfish. And yet it is absolutely necessary that we be that way. If we are going to hand over the direction of nature to nature, it's absolutely necessary. I'm not going to say what we should do, but simply, that before we think of doing it – in this critical situation, we realize the completely illusionary nature of our beings we think we are. And with that again, to the beings we really are. Which includes, all this. Outside world, no longer left outside Alan Watts at Really Fucking Cool Things

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@waiyi.hawaii ・・・ Shoot for the moon! 🌙 Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars! 💫 -Norman Vincent Peale | It’s always nerve wrecking to put yourself out there. But the more you do it, the easier it gets! And if you don’t try, you’ll never reach your full potential... Here’s a shot of me reaching out! 📸: @boldering_bounefish . . . . . . #boulderinglife #girlsboulder #girlswhoclimb #climbgirls #boulderinghawaii #climbpono melaninbasecamp #diversifytheoutdoors #optoutside #rei1440project #joechocolate #wheresjoe #sundayafternoonhats #getoutside #beyouroutsideself #luckywelivehawaii #womenathletes #climbing #bouldering #womenrockclimbing #freesolo #boulderingeveryday #wishitwasasanapads #asanaclimbing #womenathletes #notsendingtemps #archarcharch #girlsboulder @girlsboulder

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Shoot for the moon! 🌙 Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars! 💫 -Norman Vincent Peale | It’s always nerve wrecking to put yourself out there. But the more you do it, the easier it gets! And if you don’t try, you’ll never reach your full potential... Here’s a shot of me reaching out! 📸: @boldering_bounefish . . . . . . #boulderinglife #girlsboulder #girlswhoclimb #climbgirls #boulderinghawaii #climbpono melaninbasecamp #diversifytheoutdoors #optoutside #rei1440project #joechocolate #wheresjoe #sundayafternoonhats #getoutside #beyouroutsideself #luckywelivehawaii #womenathletes #climbing #bouldering #womenrockclimbing #freesolo #boulderingeveryday #wishitwasasanapads #asanaclimbing #womenathletes #notsendingtemps #archarcharch at Downtown, Honolulu

1 day ago

When people ask me how I’m doing: “oh you know, just hanging in there 😉” at Aspen, Colorado

1 day ago

We’re so humbled and stoked to have such a rad group of ambassadors helping us spread the ClimbStuff mission. @alicehafer has been with us almost since the beginning of this wild ride. Keep cruxin’, Alice. 📸: @dumb_millennial

2 days ago

@clarasoh with some body-geometry trickery in the lower gorge of Smith Rock. Technical smears, balance control, small gear, and strenuous jamming get you through Erogenous Zone (10c). —————————————— It’s been a bicoastal pas de deux with Clara, from the Gunks to Smith, stoked we finally had the chance to work together. —————————————— #climbing #rockclimbing #smithrock #tradclimbing at Smith Rock State Park

2 days ago

Happy birthday @kt_roams. I am so grateful to have you in my life as a co-worker, climbing partner, and friend. You are the best and I love you. at Bend, Oregon

2 days ago

🔝COACH Your Body !! ♀️Je fais partis de la Team Wood Soldiers en tant qu'Ambassadrice de remise en forme. 🤜🏻Notre objectif étant donc de vous transformer en Soldiers ! . Il y aura des moments de doutes, de faiblesse, de désir d'abandonner mais je suis là pour vous aider à attendre vos objectifs !! Avoir un résultat digne de vous !!!. 📍Par accompagnement en ligne @, avec une aide via complément alimentaire pour réussir en 3-4 MOIS BOOST, un régime alimentaire adapter à tas morphologie et un entraînement sportif conçu pour toi !! France et étranger. . 💎Bravo à toi @_._._chacha_._._ !!! Partis d'une grosse opération du genou -> elle a prit sa "forme" en main !! En remusclant et rééducation du genou. Elle se dirige vers le Titre de Soldiers Accomplit !!! . . . . #fit #fitness #alimentation #regime #musculation #workout #bouldering #escalada #womenwhoexplore #calisthenics #gripstrength #pullups #climbinggirl #travelgirl #bodyweighttraining #bootyworkout #climb_girls #girlsboulder #climbing_worldwide #climbingismylife #rockclimbing #escalade #klettern #girlswhoclimb #womenwhoclimb #womenrockclimbing #girlswhoworkout #nature #doyouboulder #climbing_is_my_passion

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Breath and be present 🙏🏼

2 days ago

Quanto mais eu me abro pra escalada mais eu vejo o quanto quero e posso aprender e também lapidar o que já sei. . Tem sempre um mundo novo pra ser visitado. Isso é desafiador e muitas vezes frustrante, mas é bem massa. . #tradclimbing é uma coisa que me propus a mergulhar mais e vamo aí pq é só o começo. . @sweetlunaris @carobiner thanks for being patient and showing me all about crack climbing techniques, placing gears and stuff! What's next? 🤩😬 #girlpower #girlswhoclimb . . . 1. feliz da vida com minhas luvas pra entalar as mãozinhas nas fendas 2. tô preparada pra ficar sem respirar nesse offwidth aí sóquenão 3. cadê a peça que tava aqui? Haha . . @telescopefilmes_ @frictionlabs #chalkupless #climbmore #frictionlabs @verticalescaladagyn @buffalo_wax . . . . #training #climb #livingthedream #liveclimbrepeat #mulheresqueescalam #outdoorwomen #girlswhoclimb #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbingculture #gooutside #expandyourplayground #timetoclimb #womenrockclimbing #outdoorphotography #climb_girls #girlpower #climblikeagirl #getoutside #boulderinglife #definedbypassion #climbermagazine #girlsboulder @girlsboulder @climb_girls #climbingnation @climbing_worldwide

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Another Dominion Riverrock @riverrockrva Boulder Bash in the books! @gajdaphotography captured one of my many campus moves...I think I had 6 in a row at this section 😂 My leg definitely got in the way and hurt too much for heel hooks and eventually led me to drop off Q2 🤷‍♀️ Still happy I went and enjoyed the qualifier boulders, and I drove home that night and devoured sushi and Cold Stone for dinner 😄 at Richmond, Virginia

2 days ago

I love that my yoga practice helps balance and support my other activities like running, skiing and climbing. 🏃‍♀️⛷🧗‍♀️ It can be slow and nourishing or strong and challenging depending on what your body is craving. That’s the beautiful thing about yoga. It meets you where you are. ✨🧘‍♀️ ___ Join me for yin yoga tonight at 6:15 @onemindyoga 💙

3 days ago

Come Alone, Summit Together - a new story on our website featuring @blakenann ⠀ ⠀ “Originally she had talked a friend into joining her, but when that friend bailed, Blaken decided to attend the Yoga and Rock Climbing retreat alone.⠀ ⠀ ‘I spent the whole drive from California trying to talk myself into turning around’, Blaken confessed. Instead of going directly to meet all the other ladies at the local Bunk and Brew hostel, where the event was just beginning, Blaken tried to beat her nerves out hiking to the summit of Pilot Butte. She worried that she wouldn't be good enough: that everyone else would have more experience and be stronger than her.⠀ ⠀ ‘What if no one else was a beginner like me?’ she wondered. As she stood at the top of Pilot Butte overlooking a horizon decorated by a cascade of volcanoes, she asked the mountains to still her heart.”⠀ ⠀ Read more about Blaken’s experience on our website. Link in bio! at Bend, Oregon

3 days ago

Trust yourself, you got this 👊🏼 . . Just a picture I like, doing something I love, many moons ago

3 days ago

#Repost @rakeletata • • • • • ✅ ✅ Muy fan de esos días en que el único deber es el deber de divertirse terriblemente 🙌🏼 😁🤸🏼 ✅ ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️🔋🔋🔋💓🐒⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️ ✅ @recuperationsport 💧💧💧💧💧💧 #alturgell #loves_pyrenees #inpirineos #climbing_lovers #catalunyaexperience #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #womenrockclimbing #c_l_i_m_b #outdoors #outdoorwomen #climb #climbing #escalada #climbinggirl #timetoclimb #climbingmountains #rockclimbing #climbing_lovers #climbingforguapas #earthgirllifestyle #travesiapirenaica #sportofclimbing #alturgellclimbing #petzl

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The neverending boulder (v4) and a short but sweet v5. Felt so good to be back after a 10 day break! ❤️ Music: Third Eyes by Text Me Records/Bobby Renz • • • • • #girlswhoclimb #bouldering #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #rockclimbing #climblikeagirl #climbing_is_my_passion #womenrockclimbing #climbing #climber #climb #boulder #climbinglife #climbon #rockclimb #doyouclimb #liveclimbrepeat #doyouboulder #timetoclimb #indoorclimbing #climbingisbliss #climbers #climbinggym #lasportiva #boulderingvideos

3 days ago

What’s up? I’ve been a little quiet on the IG machine lately, and I think that’s healthy. I was gonna make a long post about making new friends and shit, but sometimes you’ve spent all of your emotional and intellectual energy on being angry at the patriarchy and our dumpster fire of a political system sooooo, here’s a failed dyno attempt by @gnarlygirlfitness, which is kinda how I feel about women’s reproductive rights in America right now. Chin up ladies (correction: and men. I see you and I know you care), solidarity, stay positive and all that jazz, but also, I’m fucking pissed and it’s okay if you are too. ✊🏻 at Kraft Boulders

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👀Altération de la vision. A regarder à l'endroit et à l'envers. . Quand le sport se marie au psychédélique. La Forêt fait de l'art. . 👀Test de rorschach🦇 🦅 QUE VOIS TU ? 🕷,... . 🔛Moi je vois de haut en bas, une araignée, un hibou puis un moustique. . . #bouldering #photographer #womenwhoexplore #calisthenics #gripstrength #mountaingirl #pullups #climbinggirl #travelgirl #art #drawing #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climb_girls #girlsboulder #climbing_worldwide #climbingismylife #fontainebleau #outdoors #rockclimber #rockclimbing #escalade #psychedelic #girlswhoclimb #womenwhoclimb #womenrockclimbing #girlswhoworkout #nature #doyouboulder #bouldering_pictures_of_instagram #climbing_is_my_passion at Les Gorges D'apremont

3 days ago

It was a Ladies Climbing Coalition takeover at Smith Rock this weekend! Our first outdoor trip, for the PNW, was a huge success, all because of the 16 strong ladies who came to crush their fear, crush their goals and crush the standards of climbing being a male focused sport. It was amazing to see these ladies experience this beautiful park for the first time and fall in love, just as I have. Seeing their smiles and excitement after their first ascent was priceless. We were so encouraged to hear passersby comment on how great it was to see so many women climbing because it’s not a common site. Another highlight was being able to share a crag with @she_movesmountains which added an even stronger female presence...and we learned a few new things from their awesome guides while we were there! 📸 credit: @colezuver 🧗🏾‍♀️🧗🏻‍♀️🧗🏽‍♀️🧗🏿‍♀️🧗🏻‍♀️ **If you’d like information on the @ladiesclimbingcoalition future meetups/trips, how to join forces or just want to know more about our non-profit organization, please message me! at Smith Rock State Park

3 days ago

Sunny Skaha ☀️ and happy me on ’Raven and the Bear’, one of those easy routes you want to climb again and again because it’s so fun and pretty! 📸: @miko__photo 🤗 at Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park

4 days ago

@climbinglandscapes styling her last few moves before reaching the chains. Love coming back to Churchbowl the first day in the Valley and doing few laps on this mega classic. at Yosemite National Park

4 days ago

Despite all the rain it has been a solid first season in Vegas. I learned a lot, hopefully got stronger. Definitely had a blast with some awesome people. Headed back east for a few days see you at @earthtrekscrystalcity 📷 🧗‍♀️ @alicehafer #sncc at Las Vegas, Nevada

4 days ago

My mom is someone who has always been a consistent pillar in my life. Without her guidance, I wouldn’t be the goofy, independent woman that I am today. I wouldn’t do crazy things that make her cover her eyes. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I recently had the chance to introduce her to my favorite sport: climbing. And by introduce, I might have told her she didn’t have a choice, except to try climbing. I may have also bribed her with one of @backcountry’s new technical Climb Collection pullovers. She only made it about 15 feet up the wall, but I’m so proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone and trying something new. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Thank you to @backcountry for helping to get my mom outside and on the rocks. If my mom can try something new, you can too! How will you challenge yourself this summer? Get the gear you need or look as cute as my mom; use code PAULINA15 to get 15% off your first order at backcountry.com. Exclusions apply. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #FindYourBackcountry #GOATworthy #backcountry #sponsored at Smith Rock State Park

4 days ago

We loved this post from @pdxoutdoorchiro and @bodypositive.climbing, and wanted to reshare it here. 🍃 "Alrighty....here they are...inspired by @samortizphoto these are photos of me doing awesome things that I love that I didn’t post because I felt too fat, ugly, tired (something other than awesome). They are photos that when they were being taken I remember thinking 'Man! This is going to be such a cool picture” and then when I looked at them I went “this would have been a cool picture if I wasn’t so (insert self deprecating adjective here).' My sense of self worth has changed so much since I started climbing. My definitions of beauty and strength and resilience all mean something different now. I hope this inspires some of you to stop worrying about whether the photo of you doing something you really enjoy is 'insta worthy' and instead look at that photo and think 'Wow, I was really living that day!'" 🍃 #fatventuremag #unlikelyhikers #fatgirlshiking #fatgirlsclimbing #mazamas #loveyourbody #bodypositiveclimbing #pnwoutdoorwomen #womenwhohike #womenwhoclimb #herpnwlife #forcesofnature #bodypositive #plussize #trailsnotscales #wonderfulwildwomen #beautifulexplorers

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Rad things happen when you bring a group of motivated, tough women together. Timidity is replaced by boldness, as each individual must face their fear of heights, of falling, of failing. Climbing is not an easy task, and every person who comes to one of our clinics is challenged physically and mentally - but the best part about it is that we are in it together. We are all pushing our limitations. You will fall, you might not finish a route, but if you are graceful with yourself you will realize that you are doing things that once seemed impossible. It’s not about being the best rock climber or even finishing a route - it’s about exploring limitations and learning. Don’t let fear or intimidation stop you from joining us at one of our clinics. ⠀ ⠀ We have two Intro to Outdoor Clinics and one Anchors and Rappelling Clinic coming up early June at Smith Rock State Park. $125, 8 hours of instruction, all gear provided by @blackdiamond. To sign up, click the link in our bio. 📷:@torylesh at Bend, Oregon

8 months ago

Cold rain ruined my plans to climb for the day, but I decided to get outside and plan some routes anyways. Plus, who doesn’t love misty mountain hikes?