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#wlcstory I don’t need a weapon. I am one ⚒ ~

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“Tetap berjalan” Foto ini diambil waktu lagi melakukan “petualangan” bareng @whitelessco , menurut gua ada pesan bagus yang bisa disampaikan lewat foto ini Pelan atau cepat pastikan bahwa diri kita tetap menuju pada apa yang kita impikan #wlcstory ⚓️ at Jakarta, Indonesia

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Chapter 6 My first instinct told me to run. I scooped up the cubs, their claws sinking in to my skin hurt, but I fought the impulse it sent up my arm. I emerged out of the darkness and into the light. I slipped a few times on the mossy rocks exiting out of the cave and leap through the waterfall, splashing into the water. I wasn't a confident swimmer and although the water was only waste deep the ripples were strong, if I slipped I would drown, taking the cubs with me. The thought of the cubs drowning was all I needed to have the strength and will power to trudge on through the water and eventually i made it to the muddy banks on the side. Then I turned around just in time to see the creature... My mouth gaped open. It was not a bear. It was much larger. The beast was a whitish grey colour, and covered in rows and rows of scales, and it stood on all fours. It's webbed feet came out into talons at the end, much like a bird, but a great deal longer and sharper. It had a tail which looked strong enough to knock a building down, and the jagged spikes on its back looked as if it could puncture multiple holes in anything. As I gazed up its body to the head, I saw razor sharp teeth, as pointy as a brand new nail, and a sharp, curvy horn protruding through its forehead. It's tawny eyes stared at me like... Like I was it's dinner! Suddenly I realised the situation and danger I was in. Before I had time to make my move to escape, the tongue of the scaly beast shot at me, like a yoyo. I jumped back just in time, and the beast stepped forward, and when it did I took a step back. I realised I was doomed, I had no escape. Still clutching the cubs, my hands trembled in fear, and my eyes scanned desperately, looking for a way out. To my right was a pile of rocks, and to my left the cave. Behind me was the waterfall which held such a strong current I could not possibly swim through again, in fact I couldn't really swim at all, i don't even know how i had done it the first time, it had to be a miracle. ~Emma #wlcstory