Wildlifeintervention Photos & Videos

9 months ago

Every rhino 🦏 counts and we monitor our rhinos very carefully at Ol Jogi. Recently, we noticed that one of our black rhinos, Muya, was limping. We decided to observe him closely for a few days to see if the limp would go away. But it didn't. In close collaboration with the Kenya Wildlife Service Veterinary Department, we made the decision to intervene. The animal was sedated and treated. His wound was definitely caused by a fight with another rhino. The good news is that Muya is already showing signs of improvement and the limp is almost gone. With @kenyawildlifeservice • • • #OlJogi #BlackRhino #WildlifeIntervention #SavingRhinos #ConservingBiodiversity #OlJogiRhinos