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2 days ago

💛💓💚 BREAKFAST SALAD! 💚💓💛 Rocket, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, Parma ham, poached eggs, avocado, salt, pepper and black truffle olive oil.

5 days ago

It's not pretty, but tasty! Lunch is chicken salad with compliant mayo, grapes, apple chunks, celery & pecans on mixed greens. #Whole30Day6

8 days ago

Breakfast: sausage casserole Lunch: Spicy Italian Wedding soup Dinner: chicken chorizo sausage, kale, sweet potato, parsnips, and apple Looks like it was a sausage fest today. 😆 Lots of energy today. Took Artemis for a 2.5 mile hike. #whole30 #whole30meals #whole30round2 #whole30day6

8 days ago

Looloo is sock and wanted Panera for lunch. Initially Infreaked out because I wasnt sure if I could eat anything but thanks to several fb groups and forums I was able to find what works! So my lunch is a modified Panera Greek salad to make it Whole 30 friendly. Greek salad Minus the feta, and added egg. also using oil instead of dressing. #whole30day6 #whole30

8 days ago

I’ve been having smoothies all week, but you know I love my Saturday morning breakfast. I cooked my eggs perfectly and the avocado was perfectly ripe. #itsthelittlethings

8 days ago

Mmm pyttipanna!😍 Verkligen en underskattad maträtt. Jag påbörjade matlagningen men blev skickad till sängen för att vila (dumma förkylning och onda öron som suger musten ur en). En stund senare kom älsklingen in med denna fina tallriken och det var så gott. 🤤 Imorse blev jag väldigt glad och överraskad för mina byxor satt lösare än vanligt. 😲😀💃🏼 Inte extremt stor skillnad men ändå märkbart för mig. Enligt whole30 dag för dag guiden brukar byxorna kännas tightare runt dag 11 så jag trodde inte att något positivt skulle ske före vecka 2. I övrigt har jag mer energi i kroppen, trots förkylning som suger all energi. Låter konstigt och är svårt att förklara men så är det.😊 Min största förhoppning på dieten är att min hy (extremt torr hårbotten och backne 😩😬) ska bli bättre, har inte sett någon skillnad än så länge men det är ju bara dag 6 av 30. Så hoppet finns definitivt fortfarande kvar. 😊 Kommer definitivt äta mindre pasta, bröd och sånt när dessa 30 dagar är över, kanske till och med inte äta det allt. Vi får se vad jag säger på dag 30. ______________________________ #whole30 #whole30sweden #whole30day6 #mat #food #lunch #pyttipanna #egg #ägg #yummyfood

11 days ago

#whole30day6 B- grapefruit, nut and seed granola, almond milk L- roasted chicken, butternut squash, kale and tomato soup (inspired by a recipe from #thewhole30 guide book on page 344) D- leftover stuffed peppers. . I hope you enjoy the baby gurgles in the background! This soup was very simple to throw together because I used ingredients that I had on hand. I used left over dark roast chicken I had frozen, roasted butternut squash that had been cooked when @lisajomalcomson4057 made the stuffed peppers and turkey bone broth from the freezer. . . #whatanaturopatheats #thriveholisticlondon #nd #naturopathicdoctor #naturopath #wellness #soup #staywarm #519 #ldnont #londonontario at London, Ontario

16 days ago

FRIDAY 🌟 OFFICIAL #Whole30 Start Date 🔥with @kirstiehurt @babelinda2 @joehurt22 @topbodyfitness friends! Power Journey 45 Yoga 5:15am #HappyHour @goyogaexpress Strength Train 7am @topbodyfitness Brunch 10:45: 1 egg & prosciutto Lunch 12:30: Homemade tomato soup & spinach salad with tomatoes, cucumbers green peppers & balsamic for dressing & Almond butter & celery Snack: 4:30 Plantains Dinner 5:45 : Mexican Meat balls (@eMealsPaleoRecipe) with grilled potatoes and onions . . . . #tiasgoals 🎡 #topbodyfitness #trustGod 💃🏼 #fastedlifestyle#onelifelivehappy 🚴🏼‍♀️ #trying 🏋🏼‍♀️ #Changeyourattitudechangeyourlife 🤗 #whole30 #Motivated #accountability #whole30day6

21 days ago

#whole30day6 I had a collagen chai before heading to the gym and then these scrambled eggs with some rando greens my #CSA gave me. Ate this at like 11 so ate zoodles with red sauce again for late lunch/dinner at 4. I’m heading out of town for a week long training so the next week of meals will all be out. Breakfast and lunch are catered and I’m on my own for some dinners. Will have limited options so some things might not be 100% compliant but I’m going to do what I can. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated. #whole30 #eggs #healthyeating #whole30whiletraveling @chloe_wurst at Lansing, Michigan

22 days ago

Today was a really good day. I did feel tired in the afternoon but that’s been every day. I can’t believe tomorrow makes one week! I’m already so proud of myself! #whole30 #whole30day6

22 days ago

Forgot to post tonight’s dinner earlier. I made shepherds pie with the leftover mashed potatoes from yesterday. It really hit the spot! I’ll definitely be making this again😍 #whole30 #whole30day6

22 days ago

I’ve been miserable all day. All I’ve wanted to do is grab a coke or ginger ale to try to tame my nausea and curb the headache...but I didn’t. Instead I threw together a quick, compliant instant pot soup because #mamasgotgoals 👌🏻🍲 #whole30 #whole30day6

22 days ago

Lunch today was amaaaazing. Maybe even better than yesterday. I managed to find a whole30 compliant marinara at my local stop and shop. This meal might become a staple for me because it’s so delicious and easy! Oh, the zoodles were nice too. #whole30 #whole30day6

22 days ago

Day six breakfast. Eggs and potato, bacon, avocado hash. Later today I’m my husband and I are having company and they guys are already talking about wether take out should be pizza or Chinese. Send help not pizza!! Lol aaaaah! #whole30 #whole30day6

23 days ago

At least it’s Friday, right?! 😩😡 Not sure if it’s the sugar dragon or if people are extra stupid this week but I’m over it. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ #whole30 #whole30day6 #imightneedbailmoney

28 days ago

Big win today! Had a show, but stuck with a soda water and lime. Also turned down the pizza in favor of the larabars stuffed in my purse. Healthy charcuterie and an orange when I got home. 💪 #whole30day6 #showgirlontheroad #nonscalevictories

28 days ago

Yesterday was #whole30 day 6! Mixing it up with broccoli in my breakfast bowl, beef picadillo with cauliflower rice for lunch, and part of the big batch of sautéed chicken thighs with herbs de Provence I made for the upcoming busy week! And yes, I ate that whole sweet potato. No, it’s not got brown sugar on it, that’s my extra toasted homemade ghee! #whole30day6 #foodie #autoimmunewarrior #hashimotosthyroiditis

29 days ago

•• The 2 things that help prepare me the most for a healthy week: 1. Meal prepping on Sundays 2. Using a crockpot for at least 1 of my meals each week! • Lunches this week were crockpot sloppy joes by my favorite cooks & recipe creators @therealfoodrds 😍 • I loved the addition of the sweet potato because it added some more substance to the meal!! • My Whole30 group is on their DAY 6 and they are all still going strong 💪🏼 I’m so happy to have the opportunity to help them through this journey because it’s so much fun watching everyone grow! ❤️❤️ • • • #foodisfuel #mealprepsunday #healthylunchideas #healthysloppyjoes #whole30approved #whole30day6 #whole30mealprep #healthyslowcooker #realfoodheals #wholefoodsimply #nutritiontips #healthisnumberone #tiuteam #teamtiu #tiumealprep #tiugirls

1 month ago

•January 14th 2019• Today was a busy day, I ate all 3 of my meals out of Tupperware and on the go / at work 😋 Got my nails done with my mom, went to Costco, (thx mom for buying me groceries 😘) worked a busy night and ended by going to Fred Meyer for the rest of the stuff I need for #whole30week2 ! Overall a very successful Monday☺️ Now time to sleep and get ready for a killer workout and meal prep tomorrow 💕 • • • #groceryhaul #whole30day6 #costcofinds #fitnessmotivation #mealprep #veggies #somuchgoodstuff #paleo #whole30journey #fitspo at Seattle, Washington

1 month ago

D6M2: I honestly am so tired I cannot be bothered to try harder. I'll have a big ass chicken salad for dinner in a few hours and then KNOCK OUT FOR THE NIGHT! But honestly, I think I'm grateful for this early morning shift because its forcing me to revamp my sleep schedule, which has suffered for the past week. Also, I'll be so excited when tomorrow ends cause that will be a week of #whole30 and then I get a break from working 6 days in a row lol. #whole30day6 #whole30cooking #whole30newbie #whole30round1 #healthynotskinny #happyandhealthy #cleaneating #cleanrecipes

1 month ago

D6M1: okay so my day didn't start out as planned, but even then, we don't crack under that pressure! I didn't get to eat my pear because I FORGOT TO PACK IT!!!! I'm so hungry so I'm trying to wolf allllllllll of this down on my lunch rn. Same thing from last night- little potatoes, bacon, sausage, and duck eggs! All compliant and all delicious. Can we give it up for day 6!?!?! #whole30day6 #whole30cooking #whole30newbie #whole30round1 #healthynotskinny #happyandhealthy #cleaneating #cleanrecipes

1 month ago

A little #whole30day6 dinner!!! Made this Greek chicken spaghetti squash bake (recipe from @thecleaneatingcouple ), used the leftover chicken from the lemon Crock-Pot chicken that I made a few days ago for this recipe tonight!!!! I pulsed up the kalamata olives, sun-dried red tomatoes, and artichokes in the food processor and added a tablespoon on my homemade (and whole 30 compliant) mayo to make this bake creamier and to give it more of a sauce and it was delicious!!!! #thecleaneatingguide #thecleaneatingcouple #whole30daybyday #whole30recipes #whole30compliant #glutenfree #dairyfree #eatrealfood #cleaneating #realfood #cleaneats

1 month ago

#whole30 Day 6 dinner. Roast chicken, roast potatoes and carrots. There was gravy on offer but I passed to keep this #whole30compliant. First full week nearly complete and honestly I haven’t found this as difficult as I was expecting to. Had a few sweet cravings today but have used fruit to help with these. #whole30food #whole30challenge #wholefoods #whole30approved #whole30recipes #whole30dinner #day5dinner #whole30day6 #healthyeating #healthyfood #healthydinner #healthymum #detox #dinnerbydad #sugarfree #dairyfree #noaddedsugars

1 month ago

Brunch for #whole30day6!! Made these turkey apple mushroom breakfast sausage patties last night, heated up leftover green beans, garlic thyme roasted sweet potatoes, and the last of the chili lime salmon and broccoli and voila brunch was done!!!! Perfect way to start this grocery shopping, errand running, house cleaning, and organizing #sundayfunday!!! #thecleaneatingguide #thecleaneatingcouple #whole30daybyday #whole30 #whole30compliant #whole30day6 #glutenfree #dairyfree #cleaneating #eatrealfood #cleaneats #realfood

1 month ago

Eggs over easy, charred broccolini, locally sourced Prosciutto Italian sausages baked with red onions. In the middle of prepping for the week. Gonna try to have a lot of things done by 4 today when we have to go to my husbands holiday party. He works in a hotel so they do their staff party after the season ends. (Packing snacks in my bag just in case and getting to wear a fancy dress) #whole30 #whole30mpls #weightlossjournal #thisiswhole30 #januarywhole30 #whole30day6

1 month ago

Well friends, according to my doctor on demand virtual doctors visit and relaying all my symptoms to the doctor she was convinced I’m dealing with influenza b. After 24 hours of homeopathic flu meds, an inhaler, tylenol, and ibuprofen and still having a sore throat and ear ache I am pretty sure, knowing my body and the frequency I have had it, I’m dealing with strep. Hoping to get to a walk in tomorrow. So, my last two days have been a little off. An extra big surprise was a half dozen @harryanddavid pears 🍐 (my all time favorite) from my parents. We had to get a @costco trip done yesterday before the snow really started up! And man! Did it! I think between yesterday and today we have about 12 inches ❄️ ⛄️. A few bits of pear, some chicken soup and a few bites of a salad was about all I could get down for #whole30day5 . For my #whole30day6 Hubby made me a spinach and fruit smoothie with almond milk for breakfast/lunch and I had a little more veggie and chicken soup. By the time dinner came tonight @andrewmasonb really out did himself when all I really wanted was a big plate of comfort food and by far my favorite whole30 dish I make: meatloaf and mashed potatoes. GUYS IT IS THE FIRST THING THAT HAS TASTED GOOD TO ME ALL WEEK!!! It is @thedefineddish recipe for the meatloaf and @perchancetocook recipe for mashed potatoes. Go look them up!!!! So so so so good!!! I made the meatloaf at least three times the first attempted #whole30. Prayers appreciated for a fast recovery of whatever I may have. This #mama is pretty tired of it and ready to be done. #mamacantgetsick #readyforrelief #whole30 #costco #harryanddavidpears #comfortfood

1 month ago

Happy Saturday Morning! My daughter tip-toed up to me this morning in bed and whispered, "Mami tengo mucha hambre," (mommy, I'm so hungry). So before 9am, we were all up, breakfast eaten, and lots of playing done. For breakfast, my husband and I had scrambled eggs with half of a baked potato with ghee and sautéed spinach with lime and salt. We are ready for #whole30day6 and a wonderful Saturday. . . . #everydaylatina #januarywhole30 #whole30breakfast #saturdaymorningvibes #healthystarttotheday #whole30mexicanmama #whole30latina #denverblogger

1 month ago

Bom dia 😊 #whole30day6 Mais um dia a começar cedo. Nem ao fim de semana descanso 🙄🤷‍♀️ Preparei uma mini omelete com presunto de Parma, maçã caramelizada com canela, lascas de côco e cajus 🤤 A maçã caramelizada é simplesmente deliciosa. Mas tenho de parar da fazer 🙈 Prometo que já não faço mais esta semana 😉😊 Tenham um excelente fim de semana 💝 - #paleo #paleofood #paleomom #paleofamily #comidadeverdade #realfood #eatclean #healthyeating #cleaneating #gezondeeten #whole30 #whole30dia6 #whole30day6 #dia6de30 #fitmom #eusouwh #paleorun #foconosobjetivos #paleogezondenfit #moihealthy

1 month ago

Whole30 day 6 🙌🏼 • This morning I made sweet potato toast 3 ways. Last night I sliced once sweet potato and covered each slice in olive oil. Then, I roasted them at 425 degrees for about 25-30 minutes. This morning all I had to do was pop them in toaster to crisp up. This is a great thing to meal prep for the week! • Have a happy and healthy Friday 🤗 • • • #whole30 #januarywhole30 #whole30breakfast #sweetpotato #sweetpotatotoast #cleaneating #eatclean #avocado #avocadotoast #foodie #foodblogger #breakfast #paleo #whole30day6 #thefeedfeed

1 month ago

Completed day 5!! Bring on #whole30day6 🤣🤣 I actually felt too tired yesterday to be angry at the world 😆

1 month ago

Beef stir fry on cauliflower rice. #whole30day6

1 month ago

#whole30day6 has my heart with this MOUTHWATERING meal prep 😍 I’ve had it for the past 2 days and have looked forward to lunch everyday (legit counting down the minutes) and it’s all because of this Chinese Sesame Chicken 🍗 recipe from @whole30 slow cooker & @instantpotofficial cookbook. @thedefineddish was the creator of this recipe and she HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK, no joke, no exaggeration. It is one of the best meals I’ve ever made. If you’re doing #whole30 and haven’t made it yet PLEASE do it. You’ll get some relief with the taste because it tastes like a guilty chinese sesame chicken from a white takeout box 🥡. Also I squirt my @coconutsecretofficial coconut aminos on top of my broccoli and to me it tastes like teriyaki broc, so good!! 😘thank me later. #cleaneating at Dallas, Texas

1 month ago

@jessinthektchn is doing whole30 this month and using out taco sauce to add terrific flavor. Looks delicious, Jess! 🌱🌱🌱 #Repost @jessinthektchn (@get_repost) ・・・ #januarywhole30 day 6: #organic russet baked potato stuffed with ghee-scrambled eggs, @lindsayolives, organic sprouts, organic grape tomatoes, all topped with cilantro and @goodfoodforgood taco sauce (it’s spicy, and delicious!🤤) i also wanted something green on the side, so i put my #leftover roasted broccolini to use. 🎉 #whole30 #paleo #whole30day6 #glutenfree #grainfree #dairyfree #breakfast #goodfoodforgood #healthybreakfast at Toronto, Ontario

1 month ago

Inspired by @realsimplegood I made pizza 🍕 stuffed sweet potatoes tonight. My picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice! I stuffed mine with spicy Italian sausage from @polidorisausage , Rao’s marinara, pepperoni and olives and topped it with ranch because I like ranch on my pizza 😄 Perfect fix for any ‘za cravings on the #januarywhole30

1 month ago

Whole30-6.den/Day6 ................................... Vajíčková královna 🤷‍♀️fakt mi ty vajíčka chyběla 😂🙈původně sem si chtěla dát chilli co vařil Martin ❤️, ale budu se na něj těšit zítra :) #eggs #food #healthy #yummy #foodie #foodblogger #healthyeating #lowcarb #jimezdrave #jidlonaprvnimmiste #foodpower #vkuchyni #whole30day6 #whole30cz #whole30sleni #eatrealfood #befit #michanavajicka #vecere #dinner #dinnertime #foodinspiration #cukrfree #bezlepku #opravdovejidlo at Hradec Králové Region

1 month ago

I try not to eat lunch at my desk too often but today I had no choice - back to back meetings! Staying on track with @safecatchfoods tuna mixed with apples, celery, pecans and bacon 🥓 and making sure I get my veggies with @zupanoma. I was a little worried this flavor would be too beety (is that a word?) but the mint and basil really mellowed it out. The free bottle promotion has ended, but you can still save when you buy #zupanoma if you use my code ktswhole30 😘

1 month ago

I know, I know...my plate is missing something green but the arugula had gone bad 😫 I will have a #zupanoma after my workout to make sure I get my veggies in 🥦🥕🍅In more exciting news, did you know that @vegolutionaryfoods makes frozen sweet potato toast? I have yet to find it but I am on the lookout now! I am all for anything that makes #whole30fastandeasy 👍🏼