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Explorando Las Vegas 🕵🏼‍♂️🇺🇸 Hoy: White Castle 🍔 “30 sliders, 5 papas grandes y 4 gaseosas grandes”. Ese fue el pedido que hicieron Harold y Kumar en una película bizarra sobre dos fumados y un bajón de deliciosas hamburguesas. Desde que vi esa película hace muchos años me quedaron rebotando en la cabeza esas mini hamburguesas. Un poco de historia: Desde 1921, casi 100 años haciendo hamburguesas, es la primera cadena de fast food de Estados Unidos. Arrancaron vendiéndolas a 5 centavos para que la gente se las lleve por cantidad y el concepto perdura hasta la actualidad. Las hamburguesas que venden son sliders, para quienes no saben de que se trata. Son mini hamburguesas, por eso la gente se las lleva en caja de 10, 30 y hasta 100 unidades 🍔 Se cocinan sobre un colchón de cebolla, de un lado solo y tapada con la mitad del pan. Son cuadradas, con 5 agujeros en el medio lo que hacen que se cocinen rapidísimo y todo el vapor concentra el sabor. No entendiste nada o te interesa verlo más gráfico? Busca videos en YouTube qué hay miles. Es una hamburguesita bajonera, chiquita pero cumplidora. Es para comerse varias, también es una gran merienda al paso, una especie de alfajorcito norteamericano 😂 El pan es esponjoso, muy rico. En dos o tres bocados la terminas 🍞. También probamos la de pollo, muy buena fritura, a precios muy bajos. En este viaje, primera vez en la costa oeste, decidí ir por muchas cadenas clásicas que no había probado nunca. 98 años de historia con película incluida, no había dudas que teníamos que ir a conocerlo. Me gustó por el tamaño, por poder comerla a cualquier hora, simpática en cajita y a muy buen precio. 💵 u$s 1,59 la cheeseburger U$s 1,99 la de pollo 🐓 U$S 7,99 4 cheeseburgers con papas y gaseosa grande 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 . . . #foodography #foodblog #foodiegram #foodstagram #foodblogger #foodlover #foodie #foodieporn #foodporn #foodiepic #instafood #exploradorgastronomico #lasvegas #burger #cheeseburger #classiccheeseburger #burgermania #burgerjoint #burgerlover #burgertime #burgeroftheday #bestburgers #vegasfood #whitecastle at White Castle Las Vegas

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“The Less Than 2 Days Update” “The Lost Bicycle Trilogy Continues” 1) How wonderful would the start of this journey be only if we had a bicycle. Still yet no news on Rowan, and BikeFlights.com has become very quiet. Rowan seems to be getting farther lost everyday. Let’s hope Monday and new business week provides hope. As of today I am now really concerned. 2) The train ride to Virginia from to NY was long and miserable. Getting on a packed full train at 3:00am in Penn Station was one of my least favorite tasks ever. I feel like I have been put through a extremely unpleasant obstacle course. I couldn’t ride 20 feet right now. 3) I am lucky to being hosted in Yorktown by a member of a local church. Normally they have a building attached to the church to host the many cyclists that start their tours here. But they tore that down to build new, and a member turned his upstairs above his garbage into an amazing little cyclist hideout. It’s perfect and I am very grateful. 4)The $1,000 Amazon gifts cards are going very quickly. Over 25% of the spots are now taken. Yes you can win $1,000 of Amazon shopping for ONLY $10. Who couldn’t use that? What would you buy??? Or give them away? 5) The first set of Post Cards will leave Yorktown tomorrow!! You know kids love getting mail, and post cards in the mail makes that even better. Check out raffle page to sign to get over 30 personalized and handwritten post cards sent to WHOEVER you wish. 6) I know, I know, T-shirts. Maybe with this little extra time tomorrow I can get those last few details finished and get them selling. 7)Please check out the NEW raffle page stuff!! 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Please check out raffle page >> https://www.thebigrideforeb.com/cool-stuff-for-sale 🦋🚴‍♂️🦋 #eb #ebawareness #thebigrideforeb #judethecat #ebsucks #needacure #2019-2.0 #epidermolysisbullosa #kickingass #whoooooo #doitagain #dontquit #raredisease #biketouring #rowan #sometimes #anythingcanhappen #hope #anna #believe #moretodo #roadythecat #castlecares #whitecastle #keepgoing at Yorktown, Virginia

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Heck yeah White Castle 🍔 Last stop before heading home. Happy weekend! at White Castle

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We are The White Castle. Kings of Achrafieh, the first club in that district. We bleed for Racing Beirut. Our fall to the second division will not stop us from coming back up. We will destroy the league, especially other fake clubs, and make it back up. - For more information or inquires about the group please send us a message. For donations also send us a message. - #racing #racingbeirut #beirut #lebanon #lebanese #achrafieh #whitecastle #achrafiehisblue

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Mandatory #whitecastle stop when passing through New Jersey

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My first ever chicken and waffles experience, brought to you by @whitecastle.

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The Chicago Dog & I love it! We spent the last week in Chicago visiting family and having fun during my kid’s spring break. In addition to eating multiple Chicago Dogs I had to try some local BBQ (of course) so we ate at Honky Tonk BBQ - it was fantastic! And no stop in the Midwest would be complete without a stop at White Castle (though only my boys and I would brave it)! We also hit the Willis Tower, the metal bean, and a bunch of other Chicago sites, visited with family, and had a great time! #ChicagoDog #Chicago #HonkyTonkBBQ #bbq #brisket #whitecastle #willistower #metalbean #family #springbreak

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TONIGHT, 2138 Woodale Blvd, Baton Rouge, La. @thewarehouse Legendary Mon-G + Upt Webb @upt_webb #nbhfamily Doors Open At 8pm Lock In At 2Am 1st,2nd,and 3rd Place Best Pajama Fit. Games, Food etc. Brought To You By @simplybringinitent. 4/20 We Want The Smoke💨💨💨💨

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Wishing you the best, Robb! We will be following your journey! ❤️🚴‍♂️🦋 #repost @thebigrideforeb ・・・ The journey of The Big Ride for EB 2019-2.0 has office started. Can speak from experience that there is a long road ahead. Thank you to Koreena Hurd and Rebekah Nelson for the lift and drop off, just like last year. Please check out the NEW raffle page stuff!! 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Please check out raffle page >> https://www.thebigrideforeb.com/cool-stuff-for-sale 🦋🚴‍♂️🦋 #eb #ebawareness #thebigrideforeb #judethecat #ebsucks #needacure #2019-2.0 #epidermolysisbullosa #kickingass #whoooooo #doitagain #dontquit #raredisease #biketouring #rowan #sometimes #anythingcanhappen #hope #anna #believe #moretodo #roadythecat #castlecares #whitecastle #keepgoing

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When in White Castle, you try a vegan Impossible slider... ...with cheese. 🤦‍♂️ Verdict: Reordered correctly. Amazing w/o cheese. Grilled onions were good, but next time I’m going full basic and adding ketchup. Really wish WC was in KC. #whitecastle #burgers #vegan #vegetarian at Columbia, Missouri

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I don't always eat fancy $ #!+ but if you add wine its makes it just a little more fancier 😂😂😂😂😂😂🙈🙈 #whitecastle #pay4itlater

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Brb going to meet Harold & Kumar at @whitecastle .🍔🍔🍟🍟🤣🤣🙈💁‍♀️ In regards to 4/20 we made a funny & did a FOOD CHAIN COLLAB. 🌮🍦🍔🍨🍟 Slide 1: 🌮 @saerym_mua Slide 2: 🍦 @alleepictorials I was so exhausted in creating this look, failed so many times I decided to create a burger on my face & do crinkle fries for eyeliner. 😂🍔 I struggle with 4/20 every year, as it is a sad day for me, but I hope this brings a smile to your gorgeous faces. Happy Day everyone! ... .. . @jeffreestar #haroldandkumar #whitecastle #food #420 #420babes #munchies420 #fastfood #munchies #burgerholic #burgers #castle #collab #makeupfriends