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1 month ago

Pizza 🍕+ seafood 🦀 ftw Want to try this? Talk to me. This is a seafood pizza with scallops, lobster and crab. Finished with red tuna sashimi. It's all kinds of extra. The saltiness of the olives and the fresh crispness of the fresh green onions sprinkled on top just push it beyond. They are the perfect pairing to bring out the flavor. This is an example of what I call #extrafood or #ridiculousfood as you won't often see something like this on a standard menu. In Winnipeg, I like eating local, and I have to say @cafecesoirwpg is one of my favorites as they will sometimes go that extra mile if you ask them and they have time. What would you ask them? . . . . . . #allkindsofextra #seafoodpizza #gourmetpizza #eatlocalwpg #whatwouldyouaskfor #freshseafood #highend #winnipegrestaurant at Café Ce Soir

9 months ago

Consistent inner peace!!!! A loyal loving man!!! A beach home on a tropical island!! Just to name a few 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️!! If i can only pick one then inner peace wins hands down!!!! The inner war i go through on a daily basis is exhausting!!! I know it’s apart of the design but we all wish for different designs... mine just is my mental not my body!!! #YES #asktheuniverse #mightgetit #doingthework #whatwouldyouaskfor ??????????? at San Diego, California

1 year ago

Wouldn't be great if we asked for things that we want freely as if we knew that the answer would be YES! #WhatWouldYouAskFor?

2 years ago

FELIZ Lunes. #lunesdeleyenda . Esta comenzó en el pueblo chileno de #Pomaire. Donde según los locales, allí nació en un cerdo de tres patas. A sus dueños les dio pena sacrificarlo. Lo dejaron crecer y un día descubrió entre matorrales una olla llena de oro. ¡Cómo no lo iban a bautizar #elchanchodelasuerte . Con el tiempo ha ido evolucionando y ahora se ha hecho tradición regalar los #treschanchitos a las personas a las que les deseas bien. ¿Qué le pedirías a cada cerdito si te los regalaran? #happymonday #felizlunes #mondaymotivation #latinoleyends #chile #latinoculture #latinotraditions #latinopower #whatwouldyouaskfor #lifealalatinaculture #latinopower #latinablogger #bloguera #bocaratonblogger at Downtown Boca

2 years ago

What would you ask for??