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1 hour ago

Me pretending I do outside winter things. Fake it till you make it? I think I did a 💣 job. -12 and snow ain't got nothing on me! It helps that I have 2 @stormtech1977 jackets on...😂 . . . 📸: #instahusband #upnorth #outdoors #whyamidoingthis #eagleriver #pondhockey #eagleriverwi #wisconsinlife #wisconsinweather #wisconsinwinter #winterinwisconsin #negativedegrees #negative12 #dead #frozentundra #frozenaf #frozentodeath #froze #fannypack #fannypacks #fannypackswag #ineedablanket #wheresthebeach #warmweatherplease

3 hours ago

Cold days call for Hot Cocoa . . Anyone else ready for warmer weather?

4 hours ago

Does the cold weather have you feeling down?? ❄️❄️😟 Well then head over to @theoldisland to check out their awesome Summer Romper Giveaway!! ☀️☀️

5 hours ago

How many of you would be perfectly fine without winter? 🙋‍♀️ _ I can't wait for spring and summer and pool days and flip flops and shorts and sundresses. ❤🌞⛱ _ Here is a little pic from last summer in Brooklyn when the weather was beautiful and I stopped to smell the... whatever that is. 🤷‍♀️🌼🌸⚘ _ Happy Humpday! 🐫 📸: @betticat9

7 hours ago

Looking forward to warmer weather, longer days, and spring cleaning season! at Denver, Colorado

7 hours ago

Slushy weather, cleaning and sick recovery is gonna call for soup and fuzzy socks. When I left my last job all my kids bought me fizzy socks as going away gifts. It’s like they knew me or something. 🤷🏼‍♀️ at Bon Air, Virginia

10 hours ago

We’re dreaming about sunshine streaming in through the trees today.... Here in Utah it’s a blustery freezing sheet of grey. If you need a little pick me up, our greeting card: YOU’RE A BREATH OF FRESH AIR exudes those happy springtime vibes! Find it on our website! . What do you do to get through the last leg of winter? at Utah

12 hours ago

Gotta love crazy Midwest weather.. today we are hit with another ice storm, schools cancelled, and then temperatures rising to the 40s by the end of the day 🙄.. I’m so over it. Let’s just bring on summer already.

22 hours ago

February of last year, I was sunning myself at Anakena Beach on Easter Island. ⛱🗿Today, not so much. It is currently 24 degrees in Boston with a bit more snow in the forecast.

23 hours ago

By the looks of it, you’d never believe I had three jackets on. California, we get it. You can do cold, but it’s time to bring back the beach weather. #warmweatherplease ☀️ at Hermosa Beach Pier

1 day ago

The reason why you start will be different than the reason why you continue. . 5 Week Progress Photo Check In 💪🏻 . Full disclosure my nutrition has been at about 75% but working out for 20 minutes a day for 6 days a week has shown me how to overcome different challenges. . Today Shaun had us compare our trackers to week 1 and the improvement was eye opening. . I started my health journey because I wanted to see a change and on the scale. I say on this journey because I want to see what I am capable of. . Going into week 6 strong. Ready to finish this week and bring back weights. After a 4 month break of lifting its time to bring them back into my routine and get cruise ready 🏋️‍♀️ . What is your reason to start? . . PS I think Wyatt will miss the program more than I will 🎉 . . #vacationmode #vettechlife #veterinarymedicine #sunshineandsand #cruisevacation #warmweatherplease #progressphoto #transformationtuesday #fitches #fitgirlsguide #fitgirlscookbook #fitgirlscommunity #vettechlife #summermode #underarmourwomen #dogmom #cattledog #blueheeler #blueheelersofinstagram at Brick Township, New Jersey

1 day ago

I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.

1 day ago

Some days it’s just so hard to get motivated to workout. I’ve been sooooo lazy today. It’s cold, it’s rainy, I’m tired...what a bunch of lame excuses I’ve made up today. . . So here’s what’s gonna happen. I’m getting up off this couch, putting my workout clothes on, and I’m going to PUSH PLAY. I know that I’ll have more energy and be in a better mood after. Thank goodness I have these home workouts available to me so I don’t have to get out in this crappy weather. . . Stop letting excuses rule you. Get up and move. I promise you’ll be so much happier. . . . . #healthywifehealthylife #getup #iliketomoveitmoveit #pushplay #exercisemotivation #liift4 #happyme #betterme #strongisthenewsexy #justmove #summervibes #sunshinegirl #warmweatherplease

1 day ago

#Repost @sirpalmbeach ・・・ This #TravelTuesday we are flying to Palm Beach, Florida, known for its pristine beaches and chic restaurants. ✈️ 🌴 #SIRcleTheGlobe #takemethere @sothebysrealty . . . http://emarketing.sothebyshomes.com/public/6345650 . 1290 N Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach, FL, $14,450,000 . Spectacular ocean front property with six bedrooms and five and a half baths. Open living spaces ideal for entertaining and a stunning pool with mature landscaping. . . #TravelTuesday #PalmBeach #florida #luxury #warmweatherplease #luxuryliving #sothebysinternationalrealty at Sotheby's International Realty - Palm Beach Brokerage