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I’ve been reading stories from certain media outlets regarding airport shutdowns because of “drone sightings.” But, the question remains...are they actually drones? Why is there an “Area 51,” which still operates to this very day? Why are certain counties in Australia off limits to the public? Why is Antarctica remote yet countries have been fighting for research rights there since the Nazi’s visited right before the beginning of WW2? Did you know that there are 8 churches located in Antarctica, specifically Catholic, non denominational and Orthodox? My point is, we have little to zero information regarding what type of “research” is being conducted in Antarctica yet, there are man made tunnels underneath all of those ice glaciers. The majority of scientists are atheists or agnostics, and the only people that live in Antartica are why are there Churches being built? For country representation? Are you seeing the big picture? Perfect escape options, if you ask me. And when civilization on earth will become threatened, we sure know where the elites are going...they also want their house of worships near by! IF you think for a second that there aren’t any extraterrestrial “beings” out there, you’re crazy! Lately, we’ve been getting poked by whatever you wish to call them...aliens etc. they’re mocking us, testing our means of transportation and God knows what else. Soon as Antartica “Doom Rooms” are available for sale, I’m grabbing my Moncler wear, ski mask, heat packs and I’m OUT! Don’t listen to me though, DO your own research! #vscocam

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Getting a sharp picture in the pouring rain has proved to be difficult

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In Scottsdale, AZ this week for a press trip. Here are some random photos I’ve taken. Honestly I didn’t know anything about this place before I arrived. The food is crazy good though, the landscape is rad, and 60-70 degree weather in January is hard to beat. #alejandrophotography #scottsdaleaz #visitarizona at Scottsdale, Arizona

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Tortuga Bay beach, in the south of Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos, could be either the best beach you’ve ever seen or the most boring beach you’ve ever been. White sand as white as baking flour and turquoise clear water, it has calm, still waters. I remind you, this is a sea side beach. No waves. A pool with the machine turned on has more wake than Tortuga. As you walk by the clear water shore, dozens of small colorful fish swim by your feet as you leave footprints that will disappear seconds later. It’s a meeting place for blue-footed boobies, marine turtles and friendly sharks who only eat plants and are used to humans to be around them. If you walk 200 feet deep into the ocean, the shallow water will still be at chest level. For just 10 bucks you can rent a kayak and paddle around for an hour, but if you take longer they won’t care. I lost the pictures of this place on my water damaged iPhone but this is a picture I took on the way there with my camera. So check this out: you can get to Tortuga bay in two ways and two ways only. A 25-minute boat ride from the beach-town pier that can take you there and back for $20, or you can walk there for free. They told me it’s a 45 minute walk on a cobblestone path from the town to Tortuga Bay. I decided to walk. When you get to the entrance, you climb about 100 steps on a steep stair on a mountain and you reach a checkpoint. The guard will ask you to print your name and other contact info on a “guestbook”. They keep records of people getting in because many in the past have gone missing to never be found. If you deviate from the cobblestone road to follow a turtle or whatever, you have a huge risk of falling on cracks, many of them are so deep that its bottom could not be determined. As long as you keep yourself within the safe limits, you’ll be fine; but you need to resist the temptation of getting off the road. After one hour and thirty minutes into my 45 minute walk to the beach I was in awe by the beauty of it. It was all worth it. #whpwanderlust at Playa Tortuga Bay

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Is it Blood Moon fever or Red Flush?🔴🌕❣️ ——- (okay belated buuuut swipe for the blood moon on my 📱 ) I’m a fan of these berries, maybe because they remind me of juicy cranberries in jingle juice, or because they’re like remnants from that blood moon or that they look like that are made into a lip tint.; photo by @_dopez at Philadelphia Wings

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Catch flights not feels at Iceland

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I feel like this photo has a “waiting for something” feel to it. Or maybe I’m just typing this caption while in line at Whole Foods waiting on a sandwich. I dunno 🤷‍♂️. Anyway, here’s a photo of @eliiiijo . . . . . #of2humans  #pr0ject_soul  #analogphotography  #visualvoicemag #ifyouleave #PortraitPage  #taintedmag #dreamermagazine #tangledinfilm #shootfilmmag #filmwave #cheadsmagazine  #analogforever  #oftheafternoon  #deepfeelingsmp #nakidinspo #sickymag #theanalogclub #leicalosers #imaginarymagnitude #classicsmagazine #photocinematica #analoguepeople #35mm #fujipro400h at Whole Foods Market

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Window Shopper / Wynwood, 2019. at Wynwood

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Don’t think I ain’t been workin... #WWB🌎

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indiana summer💫

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It’s Hump Day, come join us for a treat yourself lunch. We’d love to have you! at Osteria Italian Kitchen

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Guten Abend zusammen 🤗🙋‍♂️...wir sind nur ein Teil vom grossem Ganzen ... und sollten auch dementsprechend handeln. Wenn einer anfängt und viele Folgen kann man noch mehr bewegen 😊🤗 nicht verzweifeln, ich bin immer noch derselbe 😂 in diesem Sinne einen schönen Abend 🤗🙋‍♂️ * * * * * * * #humanedge #ftwotw #ftwotww #quietthechaos #agameoftones #global_hotshotz #hot_shotz #folkmagazine #exclusive_shots #peoplescreatives #photographyislife #wanderfolk #folkgood #featuremeofh #visualvoicemag #illusion #tree #trees #baum #bäume #forest #forests #way #illgrammers #natureporn #primeshots #landscapephotography #fotografie #landschaftsfotografie #inspiration

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"With tears and destruction Of a flesh I smell the evening Feeling cutting through me As the red light on The horizon..." ~Happy Days

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Sound on 🔊🔊 .❤️🙏 . ." Tu kabhi na ye jaan paegi ,Bus k uss safar mei saath mai bhi baitha tha Pehli dafa jab tujhko dekha tha na , Thi maathey pe zulfo ki rekha Jo bann baithi thi shyd teri nazro ka pehra Jhatke bus khaa rhi thi , hill mera dil rha tha Teri bagal waali seat khali dekhi , Toh lga bholey somvaar k vrato se khush hogya, Dill haaf rha tha ye tou tumhe dekhte hi pta chll gya tha , lekin bagl se kb wo haafti huyi aunty aa baithi ye shyd na dekh paaya Tu kabhi na ye jaan paegi ,Bus k uss safar mei saath mai bhi baitha tha ; Bagal na shi ,peeche ki seat pe baith gya mai Hawa ki lehro mei tera ehsaas tha , Kehna padega, u really had a good choice of perfume. Pta h ek baar phir mauka tha aaya Jab kitabo mei ulzi tu , Tha tere kaano pe earphone ka saaya Aur conductor ko tha ticket kaatna yaad aaya. Socha apney ticket pe bhi tere bustop ka naam likhwa doo, Lekin shyd shiva ko kuch aur somwaar they mujhse rakhwaana Wallet mai tha ghar bhul aaya , Saath hi mere utar jaaney ka waqt tha aaya Aur Tu kabhi na ye jaan paegi ,Bus k uss safar mei saath mai bhi baitha tha ". . . @prilaga #voiceover #thegiftedvoices #voices #mbcthevoicekids #voiceovers #thevoicekids #thelovelyvoice #elitevoices #voice #omgvoices #litvoices #betheirvoice #goodvoice #crazygoodvoices #innervoice #prilagaike #voiceactor #thelivevoice #thegoodvoice #raiseyourvoice #topvoices #amazingvoice #visualvoicemag #voiceofhair #thevoice #giftedvoices #voiceacting #likeforlike #athensvoice #myvoice