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Tellement accurate! 😂 (Voir 2e photo...) . Cette séance a été tellement agréable à faire! C'est vraiment rare que j'ai des "chums de filles" devant mon appareil photo, alors vous comprendrez que j'étais folle comme de la 💩🤭! . Disons que les poses sont moins intuitives que lorsque je fais une séance de couple, mais je crois que je m'en suis bien tirée! 😊 . . . #fashionportrait #fashionshot #modeldiscovery #weloveyourgenes #nextmodels #lifestyleportrait #naturallightportrait #visualcoop #portraitkiller #pursuitofportraits #portrait_planet #portrait_mood #portrait_star #photographemontreal #montrealphotographer #photographerivenord #portrait_legit #boudoirmodel #boudoirinspiration #portraits_today #peoplegallery #portraiture #profilevision #of2humans #incredible_shot #excellent_bnw #pregnantandperfect #imaginativeportraits #earthportraits

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Everything is better with you and coffee ☕️

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Recovering from a long amazing day yesterday at @theknotpro #theknotproworkshop yesterday. It was amazing! I learned so much! The day was incredible! If you haven’t been to a conference or a workshop in your preferred field you need to go to at least one! It’s an amazing networking opportunity! If it’s a good one you’ll get pampered and loved on and well taken care of! I got to enjoy great conversation, the ocean view, cocktails and talk buisness and photography all day! However I’m ready for a nap now! Loll 🥂 . . . . . . . #greenweddingshoes #portraitcollective #weddingdress #bride #lookslikefilms #photographyislifee #nikon #thatsdarling #chasinglight #visualcoop #authenticlovemag #ftwotww #naturallight #chasinglight #loveauthentic #weddingphotographer #filmpalette #buildandbloom #southfloridaphotographer #theknot #watchthisinstagood #quietthechaos #simplicity #modelsofig #nashvillephotographer #featuremeseas #palmbeachphotographer #ftmedd #l0tsabraids #expofilm at Jacksonville, Florida

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Eliza and I had been planning her bridals session at the Utah State Capitol for weeks. The day finally came and the forecast was showing lots of cloud cover and rain. I started getting nervous about the time of day we had planned, thinking it might get too dark, and worried that the rain would force us to do all the portraits indoors. A light sprinkle never hurt anyone, right? Well, about an hour before I was planning on leaving my house, I got a text from Eliza. “The dress shop told me that my dress won’t take well to rain spots.” Driving to the Capitol from Orem is a pretty decent drive, so I had lots of time to worry about the weather on the way up. As soon as I got to the point of the mountain, I got hit with the hardest rain I had seen all year. “No no no no no no,” was on repeat in my head with lots of prayers for the next half hour. To my relief, there wasn’t any rain and only some water on the ground when I got to the Capitol, and the clouds broke for the most stunning sky. Such a beautiful session with so many tender feelings! at Utah State Capitol

4 hours ago

I am still geeking out over this shoot with @ciararene !! She had never modeled before but you wouldn’t have ever known that. She did amazing and we had so much fun haha. I’m excited for longer days so we can shoot when she’s done with work haha. - - - - #portraitpleasures #cityports #portraitphotography #fashionphotography #portraiture #lifestylephotography #portraitgasm #pulsefilm #pursuitofportraits #dreamermagazine #editorial_labs #featurehighlight #potraitcollective #makeportraits #naturallight #portraitgames #loveauthentic #visualcoop

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Leigh & Matthew tried to warn us, but man, their party was some seriously next-level dance craziness and almost too much fun to photograph. I’ll never forget, someone that night said “you have the best job don’t you?” and, well... yeah, we sure do 🤘 at New York Athletic Club

4 hours ago

This day and these florals! Take us back please! Also I am loving answering all your questions over on our story! Keep them coming! ❤️ at Rockhurst Farm Wedding and Event Venue

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Deep in the woods in a cozy cabin

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set at Osaka

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Goodbye Tokyo ✌️🇯🇵 be back very soon... at Tokyo, Japan

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Why I REALLY quit my job | Nearly 2 years in and I have so much to reflect on. The truth is that I didn’t really quit my job to travel. I planned on leaving my job regardless and it just so happened that I wanted to spend a year traveling as well. The timing was perfect. I was 23 with no kids, no husband, and no major commitments other than my own drive to learn more about myself & the world. I figured there was no better time to take a risk(and a break) than at that point in my life. . . When @eaglecreek asked me why I quit my job, I could have easily said “to travel” but the reality is that it’s much deeper than that. I’ve gotten the chance to see the world but I’ve learned many lessons along the way which have proven to be much more valuable. I wanted to discover my strengths and my weaknesses. I wanted to fall in love with strangers. I wanted to discover my purpose and place in this world. I wanted to say no to things, jobs, and people that were no longer serving me. I wanted to say yes to TRUE adventure - including the good AND the bad. I wanted to break bread with people from other cultures. I wanted to discover what else was out there, on my own terms. You all have stuck around for the (literal)highs and the lows...from parasailing over the city of eternal spring(Medellin, Colombia) to being robbed the next day. From wondering where my next paycheck would come from to being hired as a remote travel writer. From crying when I landed in Mexico on a one-way solo ticket to seeing so many of you book your own first solo trips. This barely scratches the surface, but I think you get the point. . . I‘m constantly full of gratitude because this journey hasn’t been(and still isn’t) easy. The best part is that I never wanted it to be. A journey is comprised of highs & lows. You can’t have the good without the bad and everyone knows that any adventure would be boringgg if it were perfect. So why did I quit my job again? To travel, but to also create and pursue a life beyond my wildest dreams even if that means launching myself into the unknown. . . When did you start following? Any questions about the journey? #findyourunknown #quityourjob #prtner at Dominican Republic

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we all lie tell you the truth 🎞 #스카이캐슬 #홍해 #거짓말

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Sharing a bit of commercial work this week. But fret not! New fashion and editorial work is coming. . New portrait work for James Mueller. at South Bend, Indiana

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The past few months, I’ve been trying really hard to figure out what I am doing, where am I going, and how am I going to get there. I’ve struggled a lot with the “what’s next” and being patient for what God is doing in my life. And to be quite frank it’s been really hard waiting... “Jesus answered him, "What I am doing you do not understand now, but afterward you will understand."” ‭‭John‬ ‭13:7‬ So I’ve been working on some things and keeping stuff under wraps the past two weeks but I can finally talk about it! About two weeks ago I got a call from Red Light Management about a gig to co-manage and direct content for a few major artists on their roster including Dierks Bently, LANCO, Elle King, etc. I’m so excited to begin this new opportunity with this team! Here’s to making dope stuff with my new Red Light family. 🎨 (pc @tylercoleguitar) at Nashville, Tennessee

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That feeling when you’ve found the 〰️ one 💕🌸 at S&R Orchard Perth

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Une autre petite photo de la poule Olie Bouclette

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I love it when an image has motion. From creative shoots to headshots I always have my subject interact with their space. For some we even walk through a repeated pattern until we get the body language just right. • • What practices do you like to use when creating?

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these guys though 🙌🏼 Just as I was taking this shot, I looked back to see about 20+ photographers all in a line trying to grab a photo of these two, including one shooting between my legs 😂 Can’t really blame them though! These two were such troopers and the most naturally candid couple. at Dundas Peak

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So we turned my room into a studio for a day, and @isalaf worked some magic ✨

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An oldie from the summer ✨ I’m delinking Jesse & Damian’s blog post in my profile because I want each and every one of you to see how beautiful their wedding was. Every aspect was so completely and utterly them. And it ended with a wild dance party under the stars so how can you go wrong?! 🌚 at Saint Paul, Minnesota

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i have been loving photos that show more of a persons body. it makes me sad how much negativity there is around nudity in american culture. body’s are beautiful. i haven’t had the chance to photograph “models” like this yet sooo hmu to be one of the first!! . . . #chasinglight #lookslikefilm #tellon #girlgaze #inspirety #teenswhocreate #teencreatives #teenscreate #agameoftones #portraitcollective #advancedselfie #sanfrancisco #makeportraits #avengetheskies #visualcoop #ftwo #portraitgames #filmisnotdead #watchingthisinstagood #777luckyfish #smallportraitfeatures at Planet Earth

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Those “We’re gettin married!” vibes.

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I think I take music for granted all the time. My whole life, I have been surrounded by musicians. Between my dad being in bands and being lucky enough to attend a performing arts elementary school, music has always been a part of me, but never something I really took time to appreciate. I don’t like that about myself. I know I have so much privilege in having the background that I do, and yet sometimes it feels like I’ve thrown it all away. Maybe out of fear, maybe out of just plain laziness. I don’t really have any solutions. I just hope that I continue to reflect on it and remind myself to take advantage of the gifts I’ve been given. Here’s to more writing, composing, and growing as an artist in general 💙 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #sombrebeings #portraitfolk #creative_portraits #moodyportraits #portrait_mood #portraitsquad #humanedge #naturallightphotography #agameofportraits #portraitcentral #tonekillers #photographersoninstagram #endlessfaces #modelingagency #laphotographer #voguemagazine #portraitvisuals #portraitinspiration #portraitsmag #portraitshoot #fstoppers #portraitart #portraitsociety #worldofportraits #lifewellcaptured #portraitcollective #visualcoop #lifestylephotographer #guitarlessons #taylorguitars at Los Angeles, California

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Bonito não é? Mas cheira muito mal. Sobrevivemos todos ❤️😂l at Serra da Estrela

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So interesting. I love taking photos, and I love sharing art (and sadly, the dopamine I get when I see people affirm my art — working on it)... but sitting with captions and trying to cook up something witty and compelling or heartfelt is the silliest ordeal and time waster. Like does anyone read them?? What is this generation. . . Here’s some real caption “stuff” (cause I’m trying not to swear 👩🏼‍🏫 ): . I edited this photo to look pinker and love it. I feel like running away. I am getting great sleep, exercising lots and eating well but I still cry once a week due to stress. I feel hopeless every day about any chance of helping the planet. God is so real and so good. My friends are lit af and my mom is at the top of my recents at all times. I feel so loved and so miserable at the same time and I’m starting to see that as beautiful? Maybe. . . For the amount of time I spend on this app, I may as well be honest. @coastalkells w the runaway capture at Instagram Event

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Still crushing over this bar 🥰 at Primrose DC