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🎧 Madonna - Masterpiece Меня часто спрашивают, что такое боке, что это за «профессиональный термин», и с чем его едят. Всё намного проще:) Эффект боке - это эффект размытия или «тумана». Сам рисунок боке напрямую зависит от самой оптической формы объектива, от лепестков диафрагмы. Причём совсем необязательно, чтобы рисунок был из световых кругляшков или многоугольников; боке - это любое размытие фона. Есть разные критерии по определению качества боке, но все же тут присутствует очень личностное восприятие. Одному человеку может понравится боке фотографии, а другой скажет, что такой рисунок боке ему вообще не нравится. А вам нравится боке на этой вечерней картине?) На фото - железнодорожный вокзал Сочи

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Descending lines

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I need your help ! I’ve entered this image in a competition, it would mean the world to me if you could take 30 seconds to vote for me the link is in my bio, the website is also giving 2 voters a chance to win a weekend in NYC 🙏🏼 If you’re feeling extra generous feel free to share this message on your stories ❤️

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The most of you should know that I love creating photos which are unique. Photos which can tell a story. Photos which will catch you for a minute. I hope this one is one of these. - At the moment I can't tell you why I like this picture but I can describe it to you and maybe you get an idea of what the place felt like. - This picture was taken out of a taxi's window in Iquitos. Even if it was really hot - 34 degrees -, the locals act normal and our windows doesn't want to close, they were broken. The locals are taking a bus or a motortaxi. - The motortaxis were my favorite vehicle in Peru. The are cheap, fast and they don't need that much space. We saw thousands of them. But like every vehicle, there are some cons as well. One motortaxi is quiet but a dozens of them are loud as hell. As well it gets hard when it starts to rain. I am pretty sure I don't have to explain it to you further, just look at them. - At the end I can only show my respect to the people who are driving the whole day a motortaxi for almost no money at all. - If you read all this, comment a 🛵 under the picture so I can recognize you and I'll check out your pictures!

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Spent my 4 most life changing months in Asia with this girl. So grateful for everything that happened and everything we got to do, there is nothing I’d change even if I had the chance to. And for that I mostly have to thank @jessicabjorses . Thank you for being there back then, thank you for being here now. ❤️ Fujifilm x-t2 & 16 mm f/1.4 • • • #artofportrait #portraitvision #folkportraits #portraitsfromtheworld #portraitfestival #portraitstream #startersofig #theworldguru #fujilovers #borntotravel #fujifeed #ishootfujifilm #fujifilmnordic #suomalaisetbalilla #trappingtones #moodygrams #nvkviikonkuva #asiaexchange #travelindonesia #wildernessnation #wildernesstones #visualwanderlust #vibesofvisuals #portrait_like #portraitstream #portrait_planet

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Let everyone wonder a little bit about you! 💯💯 Whatcha say? Comment below? Follow @top.mindset4success for more 🔝🔝

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Deep green tones 🌱

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“Life is either a daring ADVENTURE or nothing at all.” -Hellen Keller

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Recently we went on a mini roadtrip to the mountains in the Berber region of Algeria so I hope you enjoy a few out of the ordinary adventure captures. 🌻 • • • • • • • • #igtones5k #ig_epicshotz #createorgrams #mystiquephotos #acreativevisual #depthobsessed #innercitykillerz #wizardsoftones #illegalvisuals #transfer_visions #rawurbanshots #lol5k #visualsofearth #tv_depthoffield #unknownperspectives #leagueoflenses #vibesofvisuals #offthechaingram #moodynature #infinity_parts

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The night wraps me, my heart keeps racing. All the memories I’m erasing.

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Okey now I feel it! It's this super excited, nervous and anxious feeling about going to a new trip! I missed Asia ans Nepal! 💕 and this time no laptop with me as there anyway won't be many chances for roaming connections but I'll share pictures afterwards 😍. There is still this big exciting moment tomorrow if we will have time to get the special trekking permits - I don't want to think what happens if we don't 😄. . . . #roadwideopen #neverstopexploring #MG5k #vibesofvisuals #moodygrams #eclectic_shotz #earth_shotz #bestravelphoto #expeditionearth #artistfound #roamtheplanet #themoderndayexplorer #outdoorfolk #lifeisadventure #exploretocreate #artofvisuals #lifeofadventure #visualsofearth #discoverearth #outdoorpeople #earthimagined #earthfocus #thinkcreateexplore #roamearth #folkscenery #ourplanetdaily

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Make your life a masterpiece. Imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do!

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Gara" ROS lupa IG 🎒 : @svggest

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Can you spot the people in this shot?

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Perfect Design 

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Люди разных профессий, разных религий, смотрят разные фильмы, читают разные книги. В уютной атмосфере нет места ссорам, здесь те кому за двадцать и те кому за сорок. Достойный отдых вдали от шумных тусовок, свободный выбор всех цветов и фасонов... ©

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Tentang satu yang ganjil. Tentang genap yang membuat tegap. Tentang ambang tanpa gamang. Tentang arah tanpa pasrah. Tentang engkau tanpa rotasi. Tentang rumah dan surga. Tentang terbit dan tenggelamnya kala. Tentang ranting tak berdaun namun anggun. Tentang setapak yang samar namun tampak. Kita adalah helaan tanpa akhir. Jeda dan ruang kini...Satupadu. . . . 🚩pantai pulau merah - banyuwangi . . #jedadanruang #freedom #welifetoexplore #livefolkindonesia #liveauthentic #theweekoninstagram #vibesofvisuals #beautifuldestinations #thisiseastjava #yoikibanyuwangi #inijawatimur #pulaumerah #explorebanyuwangi