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7 days ago

ALEXANDER BLOT Redkiss Saint-Petersburg, 2018 Formats Alexander usually works with at urban space, vary from small dilapidated walls to large-scale facades of multi-storey buildings. In spite of an already established and recognisable visual language, Alexander leaves an opportunity to experiment with form, composition and colour for himself. #streetart #graffiti #blot #sashablot #verityfair #verityfairart at Saint Petersburg, Russia

8 days ago

ALEXANDER BLOT PARADISE APPLES Spray on canvas, 140x140, 2019 The artwork is inspired by the story of Adam and Eve. Here the two characters are in a state of love, study and connection with each other. They seem to be alone in the whole universe and nothing more can disturb and interest them in the same way as they do. Even the forbidden fruits that lie at their feet. #sashablot #blot #verityfair #verityfairart #contemporaryart #sprayoncanvas at Saint Petersburg, Russia

11 days ago

SASHA ROSCHIN Dynamic, liquid forms, multidimensionality, mixed layers and volume - reflect the very essence of his artworks. Thus, context and narrative always come secondary. Usually, he chooses to deal with experimental and intuitive techniques that are rather close to abstract expressionism. #sasharoschin_ #verityfair #verityfairart #abstractart at Saint Petersburg, Russia

16 days ago

SASHA ROSCHIN UNTITLED Plastic, ink, 128x208 For Sasha working with layers and complex fluid forms is a natural interpretation of the world as a constant changing stream of matter and consciousness. «Whatever I do in the framework of abstract art I call it a manifestation of the Liquid world» - says the artist. The work consists of 3 layers of plastic with ink of different colors on each layer. As a result, all the layers constitute a single, changing form that comes into motion. #abstractart #verityfairart #sasharoschin_ #verityfair #contemporaryart at Saint Petersburg, Russia

24 days ago

SASHA ROSCHIN No. 2 / "About Material and Time" series Plastic, ink, 300х200 cm, Since spring 2016 artist has changed the direction of his activity towards experiments in the field of abstract art. As a result, the main object of his study was the perception of the form, scale, and color of image. He left unchanged the use of synthetic materials, such as plastic, alcohol, ink, epoxy resin as the most accurate metaphor of the modern world. #verityfair #verityfairart #abstractart #sasharoschin_ at Moscow, Russia

25 days ago

SASHA ROSCHIN UNTITLED Ink, plastic, 200х120 сm, 2017 Sasha tells about his art as of a vitality symbol. Basically, such an abstract field that he is working at may show and reveal something special for each spectator. The artist deliberately avoids figurative images and depicts only a pure impression, without any particular name. This is a great combination of artist's feelings and creative energy which a viewer can experience through contemplating the work. Sasha loves working with illusions. "I am emotional by nature and so is my art" - confesses the artist. #verityfair #verityfairart #sasharoschin_ #abstractart at Moscow, Russia

1 month ago

Ztwins crew behind the scenes of our upcoming video. In the video you’ll take a look at the process of creating “Fragments of Reality” for Artmossphere biennale. Artists analyze the role of internet and technology, which are such a big part of modern society that we can not separate the real world from virtual one. It seems like the fragments of the space fall apart like glazed tiles and reveal blue screen light. You’ll be able to see the result of the work tomorrow on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned! 📸: @daniilshkaruba #verityfairart #verityfair #ztwins #industrial at Artmossphere

1 month ago

ZTWINS PIPES & STRUCTURES NO. 1 Plywood, Acrylic, Spay paint, Dia - 75 cm, 2017 In 2014 after rethinking their creative path, brothers came up with the name ZTWINS. Hence a new stage began, they started working together. Before that, since 2007, Yury and Anatoly have been working under separate pseudonyms. It was a time of experiments and active searching, time of making classical graffiti, its typical characters. From now on, ZTWINS depict architectural and industrial aesthetics in their artworks, they weave it all with geometric abstractions, and never afraid of experimenting. #verityfair #verityfairart #ztwins #art at Moscow, Russia

1 month ago

ANATOLY AKUE LET GO Oil and acrylic on canvas, 100x100cm, 2018 Anatoly is trying to make the process of working with abstract canvases a part of a meditation state. “You don't have to respond on different emotional obstacles (laziness, fear and lack of trust during the work) but you can make them your supporter. If you are not attached to them you can see it as a richness of your mind not a disturbance. In this case painting without specific aim becomes a pure joy” - says the artist. #verityfair #verityfairart #anatolyakue #abstractart at Moscow, Russia

1 month ago

ANATOLY AKUE UNTITLED GREY Mixed media on canvas, 140x140 cm, 2018 Anatoly Akue's artistic path has started with graffiti and street art. Thus, specific forms and motifs typical for these movements can be found in his creativity. For the last five years, he has been concentrated on a studio work searching for ways of including graffiti elements in joyful abstract paintings. Anatoly's artworks are multi-layered, vivid and fluent, some of them may also be associated with cartoons. Besides, he gets inspiration from Buddhist philosophy and images. Anatoly explores the development and transformation of human inner traits, he tries depicting this metamorphosis in his artworks. "In my images, I combine transcendental practices - such as meditation, for instance, - and regular everyday life experience, to reveal and show strong interconnections between them" - says the artist. #verityfairart #anatolyakue #art at Moscow, Russia

1 month ago

PAVEL RTUE UNTITLED Mixed media on banner, 100×60 cm, 2018 In recent years Pavel Rtue has been trying to pay more attention to unconscious forms in his works. To achieve the effect of unconsciousness he uses his old wall drawings, children’s graffiti sketches and subcultural clichés as a basis for his works. #verityfairart #pavelrtue #art at Moscow, Russia

1 month ago

PAVEL RTUE WHATEVER Mixed media on banner, 100×60 cm, 2018 Pavel gets inspiration from everything: it could be films, music, city, his mood, absolutely any eventuality. Starting in the 2000s with typical graffiti fonts, he was gradually working on his individual recognisable style and technology. His collages and compositions usually come as a result of experimenting, modelling and discovering new approaches and forms. Artist’s pieces combine abstract and figurative images, which transform into expressive compositions or fonts. In his last artworks Pavel is trying to find out a new way of interaction with the composition, inspired by his graffiti background. "I always crave for figurative solution and harmony" — he says, — "Usually, I combine different impressions which I extract from depths of my consciousness". Pavel states that he does not insist on one and only reading of his images, because "it is very essential to leave some private space for a spectator to reflect their inner ideas". #verityfairart #pavelrtue #art #abstractart at Moscow, Russia

1 month ago

PAVEL RTUE UNTITLED Mixed media on banner, 100×60 cm, 2018 Pavel Rtue is a street artist from Sevastopol. Starting in the 2000s with typical graffiti fonts, gradually came to his recognizable style and technology without losing the desire to experiment and discover new approaches in the work for themselves. In his work combines abstraction and figurative images, making of them expressive figurative compositions or fonts. #verityfairart #pavelrtue #art #abstractart