Vegasfame Photos & Videos

2 months ago

Sun was just right that day. Can’t beat those old school throw away cameras

3 months ago

Boulder and St. Louis.. I remember getting chased from this spot by some guy.. I never have a problem getting over a fence for a better flick...

4 months ago

Been slackin on my posts... props to @del_chapo_030 for the Mexican corn on the cob flick and gettin me to see the light at the end of a 3 year tunnel...

8 months ago

On the way to this next rooftop spot. It was 84 lumber at Sahara and sandhill back in the day. The flicks Ima post over the next few days were only visible from 95. Killer spot I had a blast gettin up there

8 months ago

This is that same U haul building. Looks like #arek was battling somebody cause he went over himself again. Love how that K drops