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Oneness. That is my desire for our family and to be rooted in Jesus Christ. To be one. In unity. That as we create the culture in our home, it would reflect in our actions, words, thoughts and attitudes. • Ephesians 4:3-13 “I want you to get out there and walk—better yet, run!—on the road God called you to travel. I don’t want any of you sitting around on your hands. I don’t want anyone strolling off, down some path that goes nowhere. And mark that you do this with humility and discipline—not in fits and starts, but steadily, pouring yourselves out for each other in acts of love, alert at noticing differences and quick at mending fences. You were all called to travel on the same road and in the same direction, so stay together, both outwardly and inwardly. You have one Master, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who rules over all, works through all, and is present in all. Everything you are and think and do is permeated with Oneness.” - Post by @ meghanjoytoday - at Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

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Our last day on the beach in Bucerías! As my husband cut up beautiful fruit for breakfast, he suggested I create a fresh face mask! This is papaya, pineapple, and avocado, full of Vitamin C and A, alpha hydroxy acids, minerals and moisturizing oils! Also featured is my new hand-embroidered Oaxacan cotton shirt! #skincare #diyskincare #organicskincare #facemask #diyfacemask #beachvibes #vacationmode #nomakeup #nomakeupselfie #freshingredients #poolsidechillin #mexico #handembroidery #bucerias #redhead #exfoliation #pineapple #papaya #avocado

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Windy session, red sunset 🔥nothing special but I'M happy to Finish the day in this way

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It’s a good thing I DON’T have to be a saleswoman to run my business. Talking to people and connecting them to simple solutions with online tools built by world renowned Dermatologist that know skincare is so easy. SO EASY that the only skill sets you need is: ☝🏼 to know people with skin 🤔 and ✌🏼 to like said people 😜 While I’m sitting here relaxing in this gorgeous venue, my business is still building. I have probably said it to you before but it literally keeps building while I’m on vacation and traveling all over the world for work. And, because it’s so simple I can quickly help my customers and business partners while I’m lounging in my chair or in the evenings in my room. And I choose the times I want to work it. Do you know people with skin? Do you generally like people? Then we should talk as you will ROCK this business. If your answer to the second question is “no” then we should still talk so you can connect me with your network to share this opportunity. 🤩

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I was born with my ❤️ on my sleeve , A fire in my soul and a mouth I can’t control🙅🏻‍♀️😍 #vacationmode #girlstrip

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My plan for 2019 - finish the thesis🔚🔜 follow the sun. at Tulum, Quintana Roo