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Meander through an 18th-century riverside landscape and discover a breathtaking display made entirely of jack o’ lanterns. The tri-state area’s biggest, most electrifying fall event is here. Find other ways New York State will get you in the Halloween spirit. Link in bio. #NYLovesFall 📷: @missconciergenyc at The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze

10 minutes ago

Press On Gel Nails!! 😍 My new favorite way to wear nail extensions with easy removal and minimal damage to the natural nail! Perfect for 3 day weekends off work! Spend your Holiday Vacations in style 🔥 #gelnails #manicure #vacationmode #shellac

11 minutes ago

Trinidad Cuba 🇨🇺 👈 . Cuban Cigar👉Cuban Meditation 🧘‍♀️🔥 . Follow @cuba_live_now For More

19 minutes ago

Floravie en mode automne. Photos de Pascal Auclair. at Domaine Floravie

19 minutes ago

Cruising means never having to decide between the ocean and the pool 🕶 @royalcaribbean

20 minutes ago

Join us on our cozy terrace and make your Wednesday a bit more special 💥 at Mambo Beach Curacao

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2 hours ago

I’ve heard you have to dream big, so I’m going huge! 🙌 🌙 Small dreams equal small results, most people shoot for what’s comfortable and with in easy reach in life. Your comfort zone is the death 💀 of progress. When you look at the worlds greatest achievers, you better believe every goal and dream they’ve had. Was uncomfortable and so big it scared the sh*t out of them. Life is meant to be lived “Outside of your comfort zone” always growing and stretching out to become a better version of yourself. Who you’re now, does not define who you can and will be in the future, no matter the position you’re currently in. Don’t settle, don’t get comfortable! - - - - - #LifeByDesign #FreedomLifeStyle #TeamHelpAmerica #Bpositive

7 days ago

▪Never look down on people... unless you are tall and have no choice 😂▪