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3 minutes ago

I guess you could say I’m a little extra 💃🏻 I thought you guys might get a laugh at my extensive set up on this Mondayest of Monday’s 😴 - 182.5kgs/403lbs is the most weight I’ve pulled since October, and while I’m happy with that, I was anticipating 400lbs moving much better than it did 🤷🏻‍♀️ #ohwell - Squats have certainly stolen the show this prep, and I’m not mad about it! - I can’t wait to see what happens in 11 days 🤩 - #doitforthegram #gainz #deadlift #sumo #teamchaffey #thezoo #zooculture #pullsumoeatbutt #whatisbenchpress #arnoldsportsfestival at Zoo Culture

4 minutes ago

I don’t always look pissed off but when I do, it’s because I’m trying to focus on steadying my hand long enough to snap a quality post-workout pic 😂😪 #toopumpedtay #deloadtings #harbinfitness

12 minutes ago

Pretty sure this is the first time I’ve touched 250+ in a bit and it moved gooood So much focus in the first video and not so much by the second 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 but today was probably the most fun I’ve had in gym in a long time. Thanks @rachaelredclover 😘😘 • • • • • @blueprintonline @garrettfear • • • • #usapl #deadlifts #legday #powerbuilding #girlwhopowerlift #platformready #powerlifting #gwpl #liftheavy #girlswholift #strength #fitnessmotivation #deadliftvideo #powerliftingwomen #benchdeadsquat #bettereveryday at Fit City Gym

13 minutes ago

Pull up PR!! (20). Just enough to beat my good friend in our pull up comp 😉

22 minutes ago

Well today's session was awful. It should not have felt as hard as it did, but it was and I just had to deal with it. ___ Did my top double on squat which moved slower than a snail. Then moved onto bench and hit a 3x3 with 122.5kg which felt like death. 🤣 ___ Oh well, got through it and it's in the books. #believetosucceed #bench #roadto600

23 minutes ago

This past Saturday I competed in my second powerlifting meet at the #usapl swolemates challenge. I was happy to break meet prs on both squat and deadlift and increase my total by 71.7lbs in 9 months. Now it's time to get back to the grindstone to get stronger. #usapltennessee #powerlifting #deadlift #benchpress #squat

25 minutes ago

Finally got pics from Nationals, and this is probs my favorite one. Breaks my heart to turn down the offer to go to worlds, but longevity is the ultimate goal in sports. Time to heal up and come back stronger than ever.

27 minutes ago

The Squat Gods have been good to me lately. 425lbs for a double, all time 20lb PR. And 405lbs for a triple, rep PR from last week. Thanks for the sides @kwcann and @simplestrengthphysio ! # Bench Gods not as giving. 245lbs felt heavy as fuck, so I stayed there for three sets. And then backed off to 225lbs for three sets. # @precision_powerlifting_systems @rxstrengthtraining #teamprecision #powerlifting #powerlifter #raw #squat #bench #deadlift #strength #training #strengthtraining #strongereveryday #usapl #usapowerlifting #massachusetts #7weeksout #LFG at Precision Powerlifting Systems

31 minutes ago

Last Friday the 15th of February I actually squatted. I’ve been training hard for a little over a year. And Friday it locked in. Clean. Depth. Solid back placement. 4x6 pause squats at 150. I’m sure I’ll loose it again (illusive fucker that squat is). But Friday was awesome. Today I hit 195x3. Not as pretty. Not as deep. But it happened and it felt like a working set instead of an all out max. There’s my amazing coach in the back, Ben Koenigsberg @raincityfit #makinggains #dancerturnedpowerlifter #usapl #kickingsquatbutt #masters2powerlifting #seattlepowerlifters #womenwholift #thisiswhat50lookslike at Rain City Fit

32 minutes ago

Comparison of + 17.5 kg on deads + 7.5 kg on bench (I love how consistent the timing of commands are on bench!) + 5kg squats from October 24->feb 16. I only need 20kg on my total to qualify for open nationals and 42.5 for raw nats... I think I can improve + 30kg again until July's qualifying meet 😁 I just really really love this sport and am so excited to keep pursuing 🔥💪 #pr #powerlifting #powerliftingwomen #gwpl #girlswhopowerlift #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #girlswhosquat #squats #bench #deadlifts #liftheavy #lifting #quads #quaddamn #usapl #strong #strength #fit #fitness #progress #transformation

34 minutes ago

Tried the curved bench bar today just to feel it out. Was talking with someone who uses it a lot about grip width on this bar vs the others. Did some reading and here is what I read about this bars benefits: # “This positioning cues proper joint centration in the shoulder while also improving both lat and scapular engagement. Despite the increased ROM of the press users report significantly reduced (eliminated) shoulder pain while gaining increased training effect from the additional range of motion. The improvements in joint centration as well as both lat and scap engagement, grooves the correct pressing patterns, automatically ensuring the proper engrams are programmed.” # In other words, it’s just really good for long term shoulder health. If you have shoulder issues while benching, this may be a good route for you! at ABC Sports & Fitness

36 minutes ago

525lbs/238kg #incline rarely does a misgroove this heavy go well 🤷‍♂️ bodyweight pr no spotter pr belt pr

45 minutes ago

So I'm scrolling on pintrest and this ad pops up. LET ME TELL YOU! 1,200 calories is not enough food. I don't care who you are, where you're at in your fitness journey. IT'S NOT ENOUGH! During my weightloss I was eating 1,200 calories for a month, and my body hated me. I stopped being able to lift heavy, my brain could not keep up with school. I couldn't sleep a full night. I thought that I would be able to eat that much and lose weight fast. I did, but it hurt me. I hit a hard plateau, and I was about to go lower with calories before having a breakdown and realizing I couldn't. I cried over the thought of eating less. _ PLEASE!!! DONT!!! EAT!!! THIS LITTLE! I hate seeing this casually online, it gives eating healthy a bad image. You can eat more and lose weight. Take care of yourself, please. Eating this little is not healthy. _ _ #powerlifter #powerlifiting #usapl #usaplarizona #powerliftingwomen #plw #gwpl #stronggirl #strongwomen #weightloss #transformation #motivated #fit #fitness #health #healthy #pintrest #selfcare #food

51 minutes ago

Rough meet back at the barebones national qualifier, left a ton of weight on the platform due to some of the harshest judging I’ve experienced. Opened extremely light on all lifts, on squats made 402, missed 440 (depth), made 440. Bench I missed attempts one and two at 248 and 270 due to phantom calls for my butt moving on the bench, made 270 on third attempt. Deadlift I hit 457, 507, and 540 for a National Record. Won the 148 junior and open divisions, made national qualifications, and got drug tested; which were all I wanted to accomplish for the meet so that’s cool. Proud to compete alongside my brother @kole_amor and have the support from @gsprunkshw @ironcoregym and Taran so I could have a more successful meet this time around at CBUS Lifting Co

52 minutes ago

Block 12 W2D1: 313 Tempo Squat: 265x6x3 @6 023 Tempo Bench: 205x4x4 @6 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Squats are moving well! Finally squatting like I used too 😅. Tempo bench was ehhh. Should have worked on the upwards motion longer. But considering how sore I was and not much sleep, pretty happy i got it done 🤪 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🎥: @joshxdec Coach: @thekoreanhulk at Crunch Fitness

55 minutes ago

Great big shout out to this chic right here, for always making time to get in to the gym! No school today but she still came in the morning. Head down, eyes forward 👀! @tanyabrant . Are you ready to start your fitness journey?! . Send me a message or Check out our website to schedule a free consultation! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ One day or Day 1? You decide! *********** ❤💪💙 . FB: @AvengerAthletics . #avengerathletics #love #weightlifting #powerlifting #strongman #boxinglife #mma #garagegym #gainz #teamwag #muscle #usaplclubcoach #level1trainer #deadlift #benchpress #squats #girlswholift #wodtastic #goals #mastersathlete #motivation #fitnessapp #farmercarry #yoke #wodtasticapp #strongmantraining #usapl #goals #keepmovingforward #hershey at Hershey, Pennsylvania

55 minutes ago

1st set of 2x1 @ 225. Wish it moved a little better, but it’s 90% of my 1RM so I’ll take it 🤷🏼‍♀️ I need to stop taking a million steps before getting into my stance😅

58 minutes ago

Top single with 242.5kg/534lbs. Much cleaner and more fluid than last weeks double.. . Meet T from @onestrongherd at Mass Barbell

1 hour ago

What do you call an acid with attitude? A-mean-o-acid. 250x2 @ amonia #maroonfacemonday

1 hour ago

Dread it... run from it... destiny arrives all the same. . 500x3 pain free at about a 7.5 RPE. Followed by 3 sets beltless at 405 and 3 sets of 8 on back squats with 495. Here I come. 😈. . Music: Hi-Finesse - Supreme . Programming by @thestrengthcave

1 hour ago

Leg day.

1 hour ago

Last lift which really should’ve been my opener. 300kg/661Ibs. Decided to play it safe considering I took out my stitches last week. Two different angles. Got 9/9 which I’m happy with. 3rd clip is what my hand looked like 3 weeks ago. #Bench #Squat #Deadlift #Powerlifting #BritishPowerLifting #GreaterLondonPowerlifting #Gym #BodyBuilding #deadlifts #PureGym #LondonPowerlifting #IPf #USAPL #ISYMFS #IronAddict #WeightLifting #Injury #bethnalgreenweightliftingclub #GreaterLondonPowerLifting at Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club

1 hour ago

This last weekend Kate and I completed at the Minnesota State championships (@usa_powerlifting_mn )Amongst the increasing amount of competitions I've done, this turned out to be the best. Going 7/9 and totalling 635kg, all despite coming down with some kind of illness last Wednesday. The only thing that peaked was my garbage immune system, shouts out to my diabetes, hypothyroidism, and Celiac's for holding me down. Literally, in some cases. Attempts and results, in order of highest lift made. Squat - 3/3 Third - 529 - 33 lb meet PR Second -512 - meet PR Opener - 496 Bench - 2/3 Second - 358 - 6 lb meet PR Opener - 341 - bar path was rough Third - 374 - back cramped and I lost lat tension. Deadlift - 2/3 Second - 517 - 16 lb meet PR Opener - 484 - was forward Third - 535 - was forward again barely broke the floor Shared the platform with some of the best people and reasons I love this sport so much. Although it is a competition we quickly develop friendships forged from our love for metal sticks and circles. Unforgettable experiences make this sport so great. Huge thank you to: @genopowerlifting for announcing and being a tremendous friend. @katelynnstrupp_ for doing so well at her first meet and being so supportive with the time this sport can take. @shawnauld74kg and the gopher barbell for doing solid bar loads and spotting, making the meet run smoothly. @jbeargard for being my diabetic ally, slap coach and pulling 706. Shouts out to the squad @cw1n_ @hmongpowerlifter @marc_oss @lord_farquaadz @squatsullivan @akehursta @nperry1126 @kateealatee @colewarren_shp @hand.carli @jbeargard @mashelbee @hundredto1shot @nehemiah_inc @timmytries And many others at Rockford High School

7 days ago

When I was a kid, my favorite superhero used to be Superman. I used to pretend to be him all the time. I would tie my grandmother's red shall around my neck like a cape and pretend to fly around 😂. • I loved the fact that he was so invulnerable and anything that would hit him would bounce right off his chest where the S is. I always wanted to be like that. • So naturally the first exercise I ever did when I stepped into the gym was bench press😂. It took me two years to bench press one 20 KG plate on each side! Even though I have progressed a lot, compared to my training buddies my bench press is laughable. • But because they are stronger than me, I am getting stronger. My bench press went from 85 KGS to 105 KGS in less than 6 months! This is the message for today's post. Surround yourself with people who are better than you! • Most people would feel worthless and small in presence of someone better than them. I want you to spend more time with them to learn from them and get better! It's called the law of environmental exposure! • Train hard, train smart, eat smart, and surround yourself with people better than you! • Muneeb. • P. S. I don't think Clark Kent has a beard 😂 LOL • • • • • #fitnessmotivation #benchpress #fitnessaddict #powerlifter #ipf #fitnessjourney #fitnessmodel #powerlifting #bench #deadlift #gymlife #fitspiration #fitnesslifestyle #chestday #fitlife #deadlifts #fitnessfreak #fitnesslife #fitgirl #fitnessgirl #abs #gymmotivation #strongman #usapl #instafit #girlswholift #fitnessgoals #superman #uspa #instafitness