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5 days ago

Still one more week left to see our current exhibition #urbaninterventions with works by #missbugs who were founded in the early part of 2007, originally coming from a background in photography and graphics. Working in partnership, they developed fast, spontaneous working methods, cutting and pasting existing images; ‘remixing and sampling classics’ in art to make new pieces with their own mark. at Private & Public Ltd

7 days ago

Our final research project at the Gensler summer internship program! How can we leverage mobility to foster interconnectivity between communities through a network of information and resources? We proposed a platform that provides Free Access to Volunteering, Organizations, and Resources. FAVOR connects the dots, bridging communities in a way that policy cannot. . . . . . . . #gensler #genslerchicago #urbaninterventions #summerinternship at Chicago, Illinois

8 days ago

UK based artist Hush draws influence from graphic novels, animation and the evanescent quality of street art. Hush's mix of crazy anime inspired characters and pop-infused imagery creates a fascinating commentary on urban culture and has been described as Urban Abstract Pop. Hush originally trained as a graphic designer and illustrator at Newcastle School of Art andDesign for 5 years. His love of street art goes back to his youth, when he did a bit of graffiti in his formative years and made posters for rave/dance nights, "I've always been interested in how graffiti was being reintroduced and how it was influencing styles and fonts, but never really being accepted as its own art form". Now street art continues to influence his gallery work. On the streets, Hush has noted, "people are going over each other's work adding to the work, this is also true of the art world,you're adding something to the environment and the environment adds something to the piece". Hush has worked throughout Asia, Europe and the USA. His interest and immersion in diverse cultures has informed his art which is recognizable for its cross-cultural influences. His central focus is the female form, in particular iconic and Pop Art renditions, from the geisha to anime manga. Exploring figurative elements, he confronts and examines "the power, innocence, beauty and cunning of feminine sexuality". In an interview Hush explained, "The female form is art, and I always like to convey the power of the female form and how the presence of a woman can influence". He is also interested in the contrasts between old and new and the fusion of Eastern and Western culture. Hush's technique combines various street art approaches with traditional art practices. Absorbing influences from his extensive travels, he has found a striking connection with the mark making, tagging and graffiti he has encountered. His canvases mimic city walls once adorned with layers of wheat pasted images, tags and painting. As a result, his mixed-media pieces are an amalgamation of painting, screen-printing, spray-painting and collaging of graphic novels and comics #hush #urbaninterventions

16 days ago

Banksy hits Jersey 🇯🇪 in graffiti celebration A local gallery owner, whose burgeoning breakdance and graffiti career was cut short by a Parish Hall Inquiry, has brought five works by Banksy to Jersey in a return to his "roots." The works are being featured in Private & Public's latest exhibition, 'Urban Interventions', which also sees the likes of Keith Haring and Invader hung alongside local street artists Bluntroller and Midnight Industries. Read more here ➡️ http://ow.ly/JNUu50wwiZr #BailiwickExpress #News #JerseyCI #channelislands #Banksy #graffiti #urban #streetartist #streetart #urbaninterventions #exhibition #gallery #celebration @private_and_public @keithxharing @bluntroller87 @axismason @invaderwashere @midnight_ind

19 days ago

Yet another sensational art exhibition in #Jersey tonight, bringing the #streetside themes & #urban ways to the walls of @private_and_public. Turning up late has its merits - especially where a thirteen year old niece’s birthday is concerned to excuse you from work - as so often at exhibition openings there is so little space to view the actual work which you turned up to see... Still a strong band of visitors upon arriving as well as a veritable feast of #streetart to behold 👊🚧🏙💣🛒 #tonightwemakehistory #somethinginthewater ⁉️👀🔝 ☢️ #urbaninterventions #urbanart #contemporaryart #privateandpublicspace #grafittistyle #banksy #hush #harlandmiller nickwalker #eelus #penguins #missbugs #keithharring 🚀🔝🥂 at Private & Public Ltd

19 days ago

Hey you the Rock Steady Crew! Are you ready? Doors open at 5pm this evening for the preview evening of #urbaninterventions A history of street art from hip hop to Banksy. We have DJ Nelson playing the old skool, krafty-cutz artisanal beers, gin and a super mellow cannabis infused rum for you to sample. Big up @axismason for being cool neighbours and exhibition sponsors. It’s going to be super busy. #wearatracky #seeyalaterz at Private & Public Ltd

21 days ago

With the rains, Pannonian Sea is rising again. " Seaweed " 2019. Soon. Seaweed is very important for sea life. They are indicators of sea ecosystem. Seaweeds capture carbon and release oxygen so they are the lungs of the sea. They absorb pollutants like organochemicals, heavy metals, nitrogen which are harmfull to fish and humans. Also, they are food and habitat for many sea animals. People too have benefits from seaweed. They are healthy food, full of antioxidants and micronutrients, but also used in cosmetics and like fertilizers. I want to raise peoples environmental awareness and point to importance of green and healthy planet. #streetartistry #streetartofficial #urbanart #streetarteverywhere #urbanintervention #tv_streetart #topstreetart #tv_streetart_ #urbaninterventions #stickerbomb #stickerlove #stickerslap #stickeraddict #stickerline #wallart #stickerporn #streetartinsta #stickerart #sticker #stickergame #handmadestickers

21 days ago

“Abstract Rabbit” delighted to be exhibiting this piece of artwork at the “Urban Interventions” exhibition @private_and_public art gallery here in Jersey, Channel Islands. So honoured to be exhibiting alongside the greatest urban artists from around the world, spanning over the last 40 years! Featuring Banksy, Keith Haring, James Jessop, pure Evil et al! Opening night this Friday, 27th September! . . . #urbaninterventions #abstractsurrealism #conceptualart #conceptual_art #conceptualartist #contemporaryartcurator #artcritic #abstractexpressionism #installationart #abstractsculpture #3dart #artexhibitions

22 days ago

We are showing 5 works by the artist #pureevil at the gallery as part of our next exhibition #urbaninterventions which opens to the public on Friday 27th September at 5pm. Exhibition sponsored by @axismason with DJ sets and an amazing array of drinks by the @blissbrewco and the Channel Island Liquor Company for gin and rum infused with 🍃🍃🍃 at Private & Public Ltd

27 days ago

I hope your looking forward to our next show #urbaninterventions which opens 27th September and features this iconic image by Banksy Love Is In The Air, also known as the Flower Thrower or LIITA, first appeared in 2003 as a large format stencilled graffiti in Jerusalem shortly after the construction of the West Bank Wall. The graffiti was made on the 760km wall that separates the Palestine from Israel, a wall which, in Banksy’s own words “essentially turns Palestine into the world’s largest open prison”. The wall rapidly became a giant canvas for paintings and writings protesting against its construction. Banksy returned there in 2005 to paint a series of nine provocative works supporting freedom and equality. He later intervened in Gaza in 2015 where he painted four new pieces amongst the ruins of a bombed city with the intention of highlighting the plight of the people living in the Gaza Strip. Love Is In The Air is undoubtedly one of Banksy’s most iconic and most sought-after works of art, which has been reproduced on posters, phone covers, T-shirts and other merchandise all over the world. The image also featured on the cover of Banksy’s famous book Wall and Piece in 2005. Since its creation, the artist has created several versions of the stencil on canvas, and it was released as a print on the red background with an edition of 150 Love Is In The Air (Flower Thrower) signed prints and 500 unsigned prints. Love Is In The Air depicts a young man, dressed as a militant wearing a baseball cap and a bandana to mask the lower half of his face, in the middle of a grenade throw. The character is rendered in Banksy’s characteristic black and white signature stencil, against an intense block red background. However, the artist adds an inevitable twist, replacing the figure’s weapon with a bunch of flowers.

27 days ago

" Balloon-heads " Urban intervention 2018. Ego is our self image inside our mind and is result of brain activity. Healthy ego is useful if we uderstand it and if we use it wisely. Ego is the one who tells us when we do something wrong and ego have its disadvantages which is acceptable. But if ego is constantly angry, self focused, stubborn or depressive, obviously change is needed. Often, ego traps us, becoming stronger and taking control of our lifes. That is big ego and represents huge confidence and when ego does not want changes, problems occur. Unhealthy ego always wants more, always wants be on the top. This balloon heads represents you, me, everyone of us, because we all fall into the "big ego trap", and eventual deflation of the balloon heads is representation of ego death - a fundamental transformation of the psyhe. With this intervention i want to signify importance of being humble and ready to help others. #artisticempire #streetart #streetartistry #streetartofficial #urbanart #streetarteverywhere #streetartphotography #banksy #street_art_community #banksylicious #urbanintervention #urbaninterventions #taggraffiti #graffititags #graffiticharacter #charactergraffiti

30 days ago

Big thanks to our next exhibition sponsors @axismason We may share a common interest in art, design and architecture, operate from the same building and have monochrome logos but what people won’t realise that both principles were once internationally acclaimed Hip-Hop stars with 8 Grammy’a between us. Pictured here is Ian McDonald but if you scroll through you’ll see me from my breakdancing days. Enjoy! #urbaninterventions opens to the public on 27th September at 5pm for an exhibition of the best #streetart from around the world ⚡️⚡️⚡️ at Private & Public Ltd

1 month ago

Sneak preview!! “Graffiti Rabbit” . . A little taster of what’s to come!! @ #urbaninterventions exhibition 2019, celebrating A History Of Art From Hip Hop To Banksy, being held @private_and_public gallery , showcasing the most famous urban artists #keithharing #banksy #shepardfairey #mrbrainwash #pureevil et al and new emerging artists too, #gillian_linden_art #bluntroller from around the world. A history of #urbanart #streetart , spanning over the last 40 years! Exhibition opens 30th September- 18th October 2019. - - - #urbanart #urbanartist #urbanstreetart #urbanarts #banksy #streetartnews #streetart #streetartists #streetartistry #graffiti #grafittiart #graffitiartists #graffiti_magazine

1 month ago

My latest #poetryintervention #project #contestedterritory #poesíarepatriada showcased in #MER #VOX ✏️Stay tune for readings projections and launch of print journal in October in Harlem!!!! Mi proyecto más reciente de poesía repatriada basado en mi experiencia del proceso de repatriación, en inglés y español en Mom Egg Review. La selección de poetas #latinxs y curaduría del trabajo es de #elizabethlara #camioneera #streetpoetry #poesíacallejera #urbaninterventions #queerpoets #poetacallejera #poetacuir #queerartists #repatriation #repatriación #usarlavida #autorficción #pasteups #streetart #cubanstreetart #jacquelineherranz #rematriación #mothersanddaughters #writingtoflowerwell #urbaninterventions #lahabana #readmorespanish #streetartists