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47 seconds ago

Uncle Noah is such a great role model for my little man! The world could use my people like Noah! #uncle #loves #sweetbaby

5 minutes ago

Me and my uncle stu at the wee mans birthday #uncle

19 minutes ago

So it’s officially your birthday in Nepal so happy birthday to a special bro and uncle who has a heart of gold. We all love you to bits and are very proud of your achievements - keep up the great work #brobirthday #uncle #happybirthday

24 minutes ago

🧪🧫 🧬🦠👨🏼‍🔬🦌🦖⚡️ . . So much fun taking Owen to the Museum of Science in Boston with his funny Uncle Craig! 🤓 at Museum of Science, Boston

36 minutes ago

My twin #uncle ❤️

41 minutes ago

Baby Alister!! #Uncle

41 minutes ago

Look at this little chicken! Starting to stand on her own with just a little bit of support. #niece #niece💕 #uncle #funcle

1 hour ago

Have you ever walked into a room and seen something that warmed your heart♡ Last night our nephew stayed with us. This morning at 5:30 am, I heard the sweetest voice, "Aunt Trina, I have to go potty" He's 4 yrs old so naturally I was thrilled he woke me up,so he could go potty verses not waking and still going potty!! After, he and I watched some cartoons, while every time he spoke he whispered because the rest of the house still was sleeping. After some time, he heard Uncle Jeff moving around in the other room. So he charged down the hall to see him!! Few minutes later I also walked down the hall to see them sitting quietly together. Some moments you can't put into words, you just feel them♡ This moment reminded me of when our boys were younger, now 13 and 16 yrs old. Time is so precious and goes so fast. Be present in those moments. As time goes by, you realize you only get those moments once♡ at Wisconsin

1 hour ago

Buenos días, de Azael para el mundo #baby #boy #uncle los queremos ✌