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48 minutes ago

Thoroughly blessed to have celebrated 730+ days with this one last week. El, you are a GEM. Keep shining bright, and as always, we shine together. I love you!! Dream Team since 2017!!♥️🥰 at Tampa, Florida

2 hours ago

My current WIP for YC3...Flash Gordon! I’ll continue to post progress pictures as I go 😆 It’s 9x12 inches on 80lb paper and done with my Micron 005 ink pen...and I’m about 99% positive I’ll need a new pen by the time I’m done with this piece.. 🙈 Alsooo, today is mine and @matthewsterns two year anniversary, so we’re going to celebrate by going and seeing Avengers tonight. I already told him I’d have to bring some tissues 😂😬😅😅 Is anyone else going to see it tonight? . . . . . #seebrittcreate #flashgordon @thesamjjones #samjjones #blackandwhiteart #blackinkwork #dotwork #pointillism #stippling #blackdots #yellowcitycon #yc3 #comicconartist #amarilloart #amarilloartist #amarillotx #texaspanhandle #coffeeandart #micron005 #micronart #geekart #wip #avengersendgame #avengers #sternsanniversaryadventure #twoyears at Amarillo, Texas

3 hours ago

Is our excitement extremely obvious?? We hope so! ——————————————————— Join us! ——————————————————— #RedeemedWomen #AnnualCelebration #TwoYears #CateredDinner #CateredDesert #MusicConcert #SilentAuction #ProfessionalPictures #CasualAttire #MenAreWelcomeToo #SupportUs #SouthDallas Thanks @incarnationdfw for hosting us! We are beyond grateful & we love you @nicholenordeman at Mokah Coffee & Tea

3 hours ago

two years with this handsome fella today! ☺️💕 side note: i can’t believe he’s going to be my HUSBAND in TWO weeks!! 😱 at Fort Collins, Colorado

4 hours ago

2 ans !! MERCIIIII 💚🎈🎊 2 ans de petits plats faits avec amour, d’événements, de rencontres, de pâtisseries, de recettes végétariennes, de nouveaux produits, de cuisine, d’amour, de passion... C’est aussi grâce à vous ! On vous aime 💚💚💚 at Green Cantine

5 hours ago

This front yard garden is brought to you largely by the Craigslist free section. stuff from the side of the road, and one v. creative Tommy. ⠀⠀ #twoyears #craigslistgardening

6 hours ago

HOW ABOUT THIS WARMER WEATHER, Y’ALL?! 😍 Yay for sunshine and camping and grilling out and parks and plants and not wearing an extra layer of clothing at all times 💁🏻‍♀️ Take a hike, sweatshirt! ⠀ ⠀ ......Just kidding. I’ll need you tonight. I live in the mountains 😂⠀ .⠀ Anyway, Hi 👋🏼 I’m Dani! I’m the Owner & Gift Extraordinaire of The Blushing Bushel. I see we’ve acquired some new followers while we were away 🥰and I wanted to tell you a little about The Blushing Bushel. ⠀ .⠀ Ahem. Here we go. Born out of a strange love for making personal, unique gifts and not finding many on the market, The Blushing Bushel was originally just a gift basket company. As with all great things, it has evolved into so much more over time. ⠀ .⠀ All bath and beauty products are made to order with simple ingredients and carefully crafted in small batches for a more natural experience. We are CONSTANTLY thinking of you and what we’re inviting you to bring into your home 💜We use high quality ingredients and only ones we wouldn’t mind soaking in and slathering on ourselves 🌱 .⠀ And, our pride and joy, personalized gift baskets, are specifically made to capture the true essence of the recipient 🧺We can take ALL of someone’s favorite things and bring them together in one gift that knocks their socks off 😱We believe gifts should be not only meaningful, but FREAKING AWESOME 😎⠀ ⠀ All of our products are made with an eye for detail, an unparalleled creative flair, and lots of love. Currently, we are working to add some other REALLY cool products to our shop 🤗 We are approaching our 2 year anniversary and we’re ready to kick it off with a bang 🎉⠀ .⠀ So come on down. Try us out. Ya never know. You might just love us 🤷🏻‍♀️ ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ BUT ENOUGH ABOUT US! We want to hear about YOU! Tell us a little about yourself in the comments below! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 . #twoyears #twoyearsanniversary #meetthemaker #hithere #bath #beauty #allnatural #giftbaskets #customgifts #collaboration #mothersday #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #shopsmall #heresmyface at Effort, Pennsylvania

8 hours ago

D U S H I K O R S O U 🖤 at Curaçao

8 hours ago

'the best part of your life time will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you 💕 #twoyears #8april #couplegoals

11 hours ago

Non ci siamo mai dedicati dedicati le canzoni giuste forse perché di noi non ne parla mai nessuno. Non ci siamo mai detti le parole non ci siamo mai detti le parole giuste neanche per sbaglio neanche per sbaglio in silenzio. Se in mezzo alle strade o nella confusione piovesse il tuo nome io una lettera per volta vorrei bere in mezzo a mille persone stazione dopo stazione se non scendo a quella giusta è colpa tua❤️ Ma senza te chi sono io? Un mucchio di spese impilate😅un libro in francese che poi non lo so neanche bene io. (Scusa se penso a voce alta) #bolzonella #twoyears #anniversary #love #instalove #lotsoflove #amoremio #biscotto #instamood #instacool #instagram #loveislove #instalife #igersitalia #igers #igerspavia @bolzo___ 💙 at Pavia, Italy

11 hours ago

Today is the two year anniversary of Ares coming home from #nicu 💜 The amazing little boy he’s become. So spunky and sweet. There’s nothing like kissing those sweet cheeks!! 😍😘 He is so aware of all the little things of the world! He loves analyzing flowers right now 🌸🦋 • • • I remember that first night home.. I wrote about it. It was so relieving. To have MY baby be MINE. It was the first time I had held him alone. I had only held my own baby twice since his birth. The third time was when I brought him home. As a new mom, it was devastating not to have your baby with you- not being able to hold them.. I felt like I had been jipped out of his birth.. 💜 Very hard. Lots of emotions. • • He’s mine now. He’s here. He is safe. He is loved. And I will hold him EVERY chance I get! • • #homecoming #secondbirthday #twoyears #twoyearsago #teamares #nicuwarrior #teamares #themommabearblog #clubfoot

11 hours ago

//💛🎸 Siamo su un treno che va Ma sembra di stare fermi Duecento all'ora e chissà Perché ci sentiamo lenti E pochi sanno com'è Avere il fuoco negli occhi Che carbonizza i pensieri E accende i sogni Vorrei prenderti per mano Dirti che il dolore è solo un'invenzione dell'America Adesso stringi la tua stella al petto Guarda il cielo anche se spento Un sognatore non si perde mai Non dorme mai Cos'è quel vuoto che hai? Lo bevi poco per volta In quel bicchiere, lo sai Ci può annegare un pianeta Dopo un concerto si sa Brindiamo insieme alla vita Potrebbe essere questa La migliore mai avuta Vorrei prenderti per mano Dirti che il dolore è solo un'invenzione dell'America Adesso stringi la tua stella al petto Guarda il cielo anche se spento Un sognatore non si perde mai Non dorme mai È stato bello sognare Sognare insieme Stringi la tua stella al petto Seguila fino al mattino Un sognatore, sai, non dorme mai Non muore mai È stato bello sognare Sognare insieme +2 💘

13 hours ago

A boy after his momma's heart. 💘

15 hours ago

SWIPE FOR PHOTOS. For those of you who don't know and didn't ask, today is my two year anniversary of me doing gig photography, and these are photos from the first ever show that I photographed. I can't remember why I wanted to start doing this, but I did and I'm still doing it. Well, not so much recently, but I'll be getting back out there very soon, and not just to shoot more Aeonic Impulse photos. My friends @eyecarlyxvx and @jordansalfity were in this super awesome badass band called Dry Humor, and going to their shows has always been a blast and a huge adrenaline rush and everyone was always so kind and friendly to me. This was at the Blacklight District Lounge, which unfortunately has been closed since last June. I don't remember if I said this somewhere else last year, but I love these pictures. I always will. If a Wikipedia page is ever made about me, it would be a shame for someone to leave out this important tidbit in my journey. ❤📸🤘🏻🎶 #dbknightphotography #photography #nikon #coolpix #dslr #blackandwhite #dryhumor #gigphotography #twoyears #anniversary #neverforget #blacklightdistrictlounge at Blacklight District Lounge

16 hours ago

Two years ago I tornado’d my way into my hoomans lives 😱😍🌪🐶 how cute I am is the only thing they can agree on today🙈 Go pies 🐧 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

18 hours ago

You know, I still look at him like this. We've spent the last two years growing together, intellectually and spiritually. We love. We learn. We fight. We make up. We laugh. We dream of our future together. I am so excited for our next chapter and unbelievably proud of Adam. He's my person and I am blessed to have him in my life. Let's keep moving forward best friend. Cheers to two years! @the_wanderer978 #30sneverfeltsogood #mycuprunnethover #blessed #love #twoyears #campertrailerduo #wevemadeitthisfar

18 hours ago

Já passam dois anos! Até parece dois meses 🤣 Fomos cão e gato kkk Agora duas lapas 😜🖤 É bom encontrar pessoas genuínas na nossa vida que valham a pena e que teêm grande valor. Gostei de ti pela tua maneira de ser! Sempre frontal Bom carácter Brincalhão E muito parvo ❤️🌹 Te amo muito meu melhor amigo, namorado ♥ e companheiro 💐👩‍❤️‍👨 Epah quem diria que há dois anos atrás iríamos estar juntos 🤣🤣 Nenhum dos dois se achou piada eheh 1 estranha-se depois se entranha 👑💍 Amo-te demais Morzão da minha vida ❤️ . . . #love #couple #cute #adorable #photography #instapic #kiss #kisses #hugs #forever #girlfriend #boyfriend #gf #bf #bff #together #photooftheday #happy #me #girl #boy #beautiful #instalove #powercouple #lovehim #pretty #fun #smile #poweroflove #twoyears at Vila Franca de Xira

25 days ago

✧260319ˊˎ- Se cumplieron ya dos años desde que conocí a esta maravillosa persona llamada Park Jimin, mi ultimate bias, mi mochi, mi todo, conocerlo fue una de las mejores cosas que me ha pasado y agradezco el día en que tome la grandiosa decisión de elegirlo como bias, se ha convertido en algo que amo demasiado y con mi vida, espero algún día conocerlo y se que es pedir mucho pero poder decirle aunque sea un te amo, te amo Park Jimin,no se que fue lo que me hiciste pero lo que si se es que estoy muy enamorada de ti:(♡ #bts #btsjournal #bangtan #kpop #lettering #handwritting #bujo #kpopjournaling #kpopjournal #parkjimin #jimin #journal #journaling #kpoppenpal #kpopbujo #bulletjournal #caligraphy #지민 #박지민 #perfect #twoyears #anniversary #love #purple #journalspread #kpopspread #btsbujo #kpopbullet #kpopbulletjournal #love #bias

4 months ago

Dois anos desde que a coisa mais incrível da minha vida aconteceu. Eu sou muito grata pela sua vida, filha, sou grata por tudo que me ensina todos os dias. Peço o tempo todo que você seja sempre assim, cheia de vida, que tenha muita saúde e seja feliz feliz feliz! Te amo pra sempre 💜 feliz aniversário 💜 Two years since the most amazing thing of my life has happened. I am so grateful for having you, my baby, grateful for everything you teach me day by day. I ask God all the time to keep you just like this: joyfull, healthy and happy, always happy. Love you forever and ever 💜 happy birthday 💜 #happybirthday #mygirl #twoyears #thankgod