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Ask yourself 'On what does my happiness depend?' Notice how your thoughts become troubled. They lose focus. Ask if your happiness seems to depend on the thoughts, feelings, actions or words of others. Of course it does. But that is only an illusion. Happiness depends on a mind that is clear. That is all. Just a clear mind Like the still, reflecting surface of a lake, A lake with no ripple of hatred and not a breath of desire, even worldly pleasures. Notice as you read this you will feel angry that it does. Take a moment to just notice and let the bewilderment pass. There is really nothing for you to learn. That your mind does not already know. It knows how to be happy. Like you it wants calm and happy Dwell in the present and accept the mystery. Happiness depends on a clear mind. That is all. Read that again.

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Why is everything in life so fucking confusing !!?

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Vattene dalla mia testa,ansi no resta. —————————————————————————————————segui @oracisiamonoi per altri post del genere————————————————————————————————————————————————— #scrivilosuimuri #poetry #scrittore #citazioni #citazioniitaliane #citazionitumblr #scrittori #tumblr #tumblraesthetic #tumblrquotes #frasiitalia #frasitumblr #frasitumblr👑 #amore #amoreterno #canzoni #frasicanzoni #tumblrquotes #sadlovequotes #sadquotestumblr #quotes #quotesdaily #jesto

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Martin Neuhof

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type DON’T if you want some to leave you 😒

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You need to be aware about what you deserve. It's not like I'm saying to give up on earning whatever you are earning right now. It's more about being aware and don't work just for the sake of getting two times of meal because you probably deserve more. Be aware about who are you becoming, what are you doing, where are you working and what's your field! Watch the masters at work and refine your art. Listen to those who talk to you with respect, considering you humans not slaves! Because you are not a slave! No one have a right to kill you with, physically or mentally! You are not here to stay disciplined if they aren't worth it! Voice out! Shoot and shout! Unite and fight! Give respect to those and accept those, who are not only helping you grow outside but inside too; who are ready to pay you your worth or if nothing then at least respect you in speech and heart. © Ritika Gupta . . . . . #ritikapeace #lovequotes #quotesgram #inspirationalquote #quotesforlife #inspirationalquotes #quoteofthenight #quotestoliveby #quotesaboutlifequotesandsayings #quotestagram #quotesaboutlove #quotesoftheday #quotesforyou #successquotes #quoteofday #sadquotes #quoteoftheweek #dailyquotes #quotefortheday #tumblrquotes #quotegram #positivequotes #quotesoflife #quotesdaily #marxist #marxism #beaware #workaholics #workers #writersnetwork

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Hayooo ngakuu

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— you are so precious. as usual, every few months i have to take a break from writing, posting and stuff. i feel like that time is now. my breaks last for like two days, two weeks or two months. they’re never set in stone. but let’s hope this one doesn’t last too long. this piece is one of my favorites, as i’m the child in the family who is a constant mess up. always. hope you all like it, and can’t wait to see you all on march 9th. until then, take care darlings. at Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Wow! This is profound!!! 🙌🏾 at Onike,Yaba.

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Saw a negative post and few things just rushed through my mind. . . . When people post something, it is not just a post but an actual representation of their emotional state causing them to potray it infront of the world, which they think can trick their mind thus giving them the satisfaction of achieving something, overcoming something, or having the things they wish to have. But instead it tells what you are going through. Why tell the world what you are going through ? As everyone knows that most of the people there are just to point at the things you have or the lifestyle you carry and either be jealous or express some kind of negative emotion. Instead why can’t we just share positivity and try to reduce negativity by not posting anything negative. Any pessimistic shit should really be avoided. Not just by not posting but by also not keeping it in our hearts as it blocks our true emotions of Love and Bliss ✨✨- PC at Social Media World