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The guest on this episode of Trumpet Dynamics is Tony Glausi! Hailed as "a great writer and a terrific trumpet player" by legendary songwriter Burt Bacharach, and said by renowned jazz artist Dave Douglas to be "one of the finest young trumpeters", Tony Glausi has established his voice as an international award-winning trumpeter, keyboardist, composer, and producer in New York City. To date, Tony has released six records of his own music in physical and digital formats—iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, Google Play, and more. • Be sure to check out Tony on all social media platforms @tonyglausi —————————————————— Listen to all podcasts for free on website (link in bio) and on Apple Podcasts! • Follow 👉 @trumpetdynamics for great interviews with some of the worlds leading professional trumpet players! • Have a topic you would like us to cover? DM us and let us know!

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Day 75 of #100daysofpractice ———— I’ve been working on my altissimo lately, and I’m struggling with producing an even and supported sound. Especially on G6, the sound is wavering all over the place! I’m sure that continuing with long tones is the answer but I’m in a search for new exercises :)

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I've picked a lot of joints here in my hometown, but tonite was my first in Austin's premiere jazz club, The Elephant Room. What a night! Thanks to everyone who came out to pack the place to capacity & made us feel so appreciated & welcome! We are humbled. . . . #montewardenandthedangerousfew #jazz #crooner #tradpop #texastrad #songwriting #martinimusic #grownupmusic #cocktailmusic #mood #alloriginal #authenticity #martinguitars #trumpet #standupbass #atxmusic #texas #sxsw2018

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Guys, with this video i want to thank all of you for the support and kind comments/DM's the last days, especially yesterday 💛. It's the famous "Nessun Dorma" from Turandot by Puccini. This piece means A LOT to me, so i hope you enjoy my version. If so, please let me know with a comment 😊🎶 (Full video and sheet music are on Youtube: dantrombone) @classicfm @60secondsofclassical 👥 ⤵ Double tap & tag your friend Love it 😉💖 Would you like to wear T-Shirts or Mugs, Legging? Check out =>@trombone_well (Click on my bio) 💗 * Via:@dan_trombone . #trombonesection #tromboneshorty #trombonelife #trombonesolo #tromboneplayer #we_love_trombone #tromboneguy #flute #bassclarinet #trumpet #piano #trombonequartet

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Repost @tayobranston . The start of 2018 has been INCREDIBLE🔥🎶❤ 16 shows in 19 days between Vancouver and Lake Superior, a nomination from @thejunoawards, a release with legend @bootsy_collins, the honour of being listed as one of 25 Canadian drummers represented on the @loscabosdrumsticks page, and a full spring, summer and fall of music to come! I'm so grateful for the relentless support from all you music lovers out there, and the hardest working bandmates a guy could ask for.👊👊❤ Thank you so much for supporting Five Alarm Funk ! Here's to an amazing year ahead🥂🥁🔥🎶💥 #FiveAlarmFunk . . 📸@skipischris

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. なんとなく合わせてみたけどやっぱり先生すごい♪ . 3月21日にお世話になっているたっくんさんのイベントに出演させて頂きます♪ . 2018.03.21「RickieGmeetsコドナ計画」🌸open13:00/start14:00 #ゆきゆり #twins #双子 #ふたご #リアル双子 👯💕 #トランペット #癒し #音楽 #リラクゼーション音楽 #ミュージックセラピー #聴く薬 #ザ・ピーナッツ #恋のバカンス #realtwins #twinstagram #trumpet #relaxation #music #musictherapy

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It’s been about 10 years since Mr. Morgan played trumpet, but he decided to bring it out to show the importance of harmonic frequencies. Every note we hear is made up of several notes, called the harmonic series. Different instruments have a different combination of amplitudes within that series, giving them their unique sounds. This is why your voice sounds unique, and it’s even how you make different vowel sounds. The Hartman mute blocks certain frequencies, giving the trumpet a new tone, even when you play the same notes. Video from @b_douglas13 #physics #music #acoustics #trumpet #harmonics #sesamestreet

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Kali ini kita membahas masalah dasar dari visual yaitu Postur! Ini adalah hal paling utama didalam marching band. Untuk postur baik, yang harus diperhatikan adalah tidak adanya paksaan. Kebanyakan dari kita diajar untuk membusungkan dada, dagu keatas, dan tangan di pinggang. Terkadang kita jadi terlihat aneh, terpaksa & tidak natural! Karena paksaan tersebut, terbentuklah tensi2 yang tidak diperlukan disaat bermain. Tulang punggung seharusnya serata & selurus mungkin, sehingga dari ujung kepala sampai ke kaki merupakan satu garis lurus. Kaki dibuka 90 derajat membentuk huruf V untuk stabilitas. Kepala melihat lurus kedepan, dan tangan bersandar disepanjang sisi badan. Postur seharusnya terlihat natural tetapi tidak bermaksud membungkuk & malas2an. Badan tetap tegap dengan performa yang baik! Untuk pemain brass swipe ke kanan untuk rincian detail! . . Gimana posturmu badanmu? Silahkan coba tips dari aku dan comment dibawah hasilnya! Follow buat #TanyaSena minggu depan! partnered with @indomarchinggram

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Lean on 😘