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9 minutes ago

Getting my sh** together by curating my IG feed again. 2/3 12/30/2018 at Perth Paradise Resort

30 minutes ago

D o n ' t t h i n k l e s s o f y o u r s e l f . R e m e m b e r , y o u a r e g o l d e n , o n e - o f - a - k i n d , l i m i t e d e d i t i o n. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 at Cebu City

50 minutes ago

Some people are artists, some themselves, are Art. 💎 • • • “Life’s a menu.”

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3 hours ago

Clear demonstration that i live in a big village. It's a popular resort, but still a village. Chickens, ducks, cows, goats are also can be found in the neighbourhood. Наглядное доказательство, что я живу в деревне. Курортной и большой, но всё же деревне. Курицы, утки, коровы и козы гуляют и пасутся прямо по соседству.