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PrettyBoiiKi 😍🦋🖤

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Smh, Another young black man bieng torn down by the corrupt system 😪

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Good morning everyone. Its such a beautiful day out. Wake up and have positivity and motivation in your mind. Be productive. Wake up and tell yourself you wont let haters or negative thoughts drown you. Tell yourself you will be okay. That everything will get better as you go. Tell yourself you are important that you are here for a reason. If negativity tries coming at you do something to block it out. Something that makes you happy. Make a happy place list and do the stuff on the list when you are feeling down. If its music. Write some songs. Put your feelings into a song. If its walking. Take a nice walk and do breathing exercises. If its videos. Watch something funny to distract your mind from negative thoughts. Life may seem bad. But we have to look at the positive side. Even if its just a tiny fucking crumb of positivity. We cant give up and lose hope. We have to try to fill this world with positivity. Its kinda like tug of war. Negativity vs positivity. I believe we can win. I believe it. I gotta keep trying for jah. We have to keep fighting for the good in life you see what im saying? Like. We have to keep fighting and spread positivity. We cant give up. Hes watching down on us proud as fuck knowning we are doing the best we can. I fucking love you all so much.... Hope you had a good birthday jah. 💖 see you soon

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Which one do you like 🤔? - Follow @juicewrld1 for more 🌍

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rips for hiding that he quit lean from his fans. How do you think @Future will respond to this? @joebudden

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good afternoon guys, i hope y'all have a beautiful and blessed day. spread love and positivity. 💛🌎

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Juice needs to drop more songs 😐 (@raptrend)

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billie & gus ❤️

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Smoking the huge 75 gram cross joint😲..What's the biggest joint/blunt you've smoked???... TAG THE HOMIES SO EVERYONE CAN WATCH😎 . . . SONG - EMINEM 🎶Rap God . . . #crossjoint #hugejoint #biggestjoint #fatjoint #dreads #dreadlocks #weedhumor #weedporn #bongrip #bong #lit #clouds #dope #plug #lilpump #liltay #tekashi69 #liluzivert #trippieredd #lildurk #drake #cardib #eminiem #migos #lilyachty #chiefkeef #kanyewest #nickiminaj #dabbasquad #yoodabbadabba . . @theblowing_smoke . credit:@yoodabbadabba420 .

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This happens all the time 😂 - Follow @uzivertphilly 🖤

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LeBron really disrespected Curry like that 💪 - Follow Me @takenankles For More!

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Young Thug x Future Type Beat 2019 - "Then & Now" | Free Type Beat | Produced by DMPN New beat out on YouTube Click Link in bio ♤♤♤♤ Young Thug x Future Type Beat 2019 - "Then & Now" | Free Type Beat | Produced by @dmpnxx #drake #trippieredd #hiphop #beat #freebeats #newbeats #producer #soundcloud #wshh #hiphopbeats #rapper #weworking #youngthug #future @cashmoneyap @metroboomin @mikewillmadeit @londonondatrack @tminus @illmindproducer @avedonmusic @scottstorchofficial

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He was Buying His Car For the first time :( luv u jah Always&Forever

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Did Soulja really start the new rap gen 🧐 - Follow for more

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“Cancun” 🏝 (2018) Unreleased* @playboicarti

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P and be was released with a 500k dollar bond🤯 - Follow For more

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Wtf have u done so far bitch

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Positive vibes and high frequencies only this year please 💕💕🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️ (dropping at 200 likes!!)