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Amici da una vita 🖤! È iniziato qui il nostro tour della California...Disneyland un sogno da quando eravamo piccoli! Questo è il primo inaugurato da Walt Disney in persona! • • • #disneyland #losangeles #mickeymouse #california #travelwriter #travel #instatravel #travelgram #tourism #instago #passportready #travelblogger #wanderlust #ilovetravel #writetotravel  #instatravelling #instavacation  #instapassport  #postcardsfromtheworld #traveldeeper  #travelstroke  #travelling #trip #traveltheworld #igtravel #getaway #travelblog #photooftheday #travelpics at Disneyland California

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When the squad is matching but legitimately didn’t plan it... which is crazy. For the past seven months I’ve been living in a new place and it’s hard not having an in-person community (aka this totally fab pink and black group here)... but I’m finding it’s SO IMPORTANT. If you have one, a good one- CHERISH IT. If not- gotta find one. That’s what I’m doing... when I’m not sulking about how I wish all my friends lived in the same place. Who else wishes all their friends would just BE IN ONE PLACE 😭😭😭 . Not pictured @carolinesolvsten because her red Baywatch swimsuit didn’t match hahahaha we still love you . 📸: @light.travels or maybe @tracykomlos I can’t remember 🤷🏻‍♀️ x @pangeadreams #pangeadreams #pdtrsrilanka at Sri Lanka

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To @airbnb across the globe !! In New Zealand, Navy allowed 15 Lighthouses across the country to be converted into homes. We stayed in one !! Sometimes, we are just too lucky in life ! . . Missing traveling while I wasted an entire week being sick. . . After ages, I was like down with fever; and trust me spend more time in exercise, in selecting food & in building inner core resistance; else you would spend up similar or more time in getting well. . . To renewed focus on fitness. . . #travelphotography #traveling #airbnb #lighthouse #lighthousepoint #lighthousewellington #wellington #newzealand #gurgaondiaries #wearegurgaon #travelblogger #lifestyleblogger #indianfashionblog #crazytraveller #traveldeeper #gurgaonblogger

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Ich weiß... ich seh' aus, wie ein kleiner Bub'.. Und das weiß ich, weil ein kleiner Bub' mich kurz zuvor mit seinem kleinen Bubenfreund verwechselt hat.🙋🏼‍♂️ #jamoin #buboderboob #peacebro 🏂🗻❄ at Mt Hutt Ski Area

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Yet another unfiltered rolling grasslands photo now with Tibetan prayer flags. Zoigê (若尔盖 Ruoergai), Sichuan Province at Zoigê

20 minutes ago

There is something so soothing about being by a river—hearing the crisp water flow over and around the smooth stones perfectly placed along the bed below—knowing the potential for its destructive power, but seeing the water gently carry this leaf downstream. Sometimes getting out to hear these sounds and to watch the misty fog roll into the trees on the banks is just what ya need. at White River, Arkansas

20 minutes ago

Kabaragala on a rainy day.. at Kabaragala

20 minutes ago

Country roads and adventures make the perfect Sunday! Muffin didn’t nap a wink BUT we saw platypus, turtles and a bunch of other animals to make up for it. Muffin’s low consistent whine really seemed to calm the animal kingdom into coming out to visit.. or see what the strange noises were. Don’t be fooled by the gorgeous grin he gave me when I suggested he take his nap for the 100th time. #weekend #babyboy #newborn #newbornphotography #nature #brisbane #brisbaneblogger #landscape #travelgram #traveldeeper #discover_earth

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Before I went to the Flamengo game at Rio’s Maracanã stadium , I never thought I would become a soccer fan afterwards. The crowd was supper hyped, the beers were flowing and the red and black Flamengo won! The atmosphere at a match is crazy! I haven’t watched a match in the USA yet but Brazil just set the standard. I would highly suggest going to a match while abroad and watch the local team if they are playing. You will love it! I’m definitely doing it again. Flamengo fans celebrated before, during and after the win against a visiting team from São Paulo, but if you know Brazilians, they would have partied even if they lost. Lol

8 hours ago

Civitas Fidelissima | A leghűségesebb város📍 #sopron at Sopron

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I can think of a solid 3 things that I love more than the exterior of this coffeehouse: 1) family & friends 2) dogs 3) coffee itself at Pegasus Coffee House

2 months ago

Smiling THIS big cos I’ve been overcoming fears all week ☺️🎉 Also planning on going back to Siargao ASAP! Anyone wanna come with? at Cloud 9, Siargao Island, Philippines