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Illinois didn’t have a place to pull over so we had to take our photo in the car 🚙 I don’t remember much from this place besides my parents eating deep dish pizza 🍕 • • • • #catsdaily #catsofsf #instacatlover #calicocats #calicocatsofinstagram #rescuecats #rescuecatsrock #citycritters #adoptdontshop #sfpets #sfcats #adoptacat #catsgram #catsoftheworld #catslifestyle #catlady #catladylife #catslovers #catsloversworld #catsloversclub #catphoto #instagramcat #travelaway #traveleverywhere #whereitravel #travellove #travelusa at Illinois

6 hours ago

Sometimes I have to share the perfectly imperfect shots with you guys 🥰 this was a moment when @chiaramecozzi caught me in my element ... running my mouth telling a ridiculous story (no doubt about a date or something 😂) while capturing an unreal sunset from my room @thehoxtonhotel and simultaneously drinking champagne and getting my hair done by @glamsquad ... these are my favorite kind of projects when work doesn’t feel like work one bit. 💋 at The Hoxton, Williamsburg

7 hours ago

Home sweet home. Feel so grateful to take this year off be to travel and work remotely. Thank you guys for your DMs and kind words. Taking this next 2 wks off while we’re at my in law’s to edit videos and will have some new content/videos up on our YouTube this week! at New Orleans, Louisiana

8 hours ago

And we’re off!!! ✈️ Could we BE any more excited for our honeymoon?! ⠀ ⠀ Our original flight from Detroit - Newark - Orlando was cancelled due to the weather and we had to scramble to get on one of the last flights out this afternoon! 💃🏻 We were delayed on the runway out of Detroit to Dallas thanks to all the ice and we looked like the McCallister family running through the airport to catch our flight in Dallas, but missed it by 30 minutes! ⠀ 😫⠀ Thankfully, there is another flight leaving Dallas - Orlando tonight and we’re about to be on it! Our luggage will, hopefully, meet us there since I managed to fit all 9 days worth of clothing for the two of us (20 outfits total), all hair & beauty essentials (including my hair dryer), and 4 pairs of shoes for our trip to Florida in our new @away luggage! I feel like I deserve the #MarieKondo award of packing. . . And a cocktail after all this! ⠀ 🍹⠀ Can’t wait to share all the behind the scenes moments from my first ever trip to Walt Disney World & Universal Studios with you this week! Hope you all love travel stories, Disney, and Harry Potter as much as I do! 🏰🐭⚡️👓🌂 at DFW Airport

9 hours ago

Why I REALLY quit my job | Nearly 2 years in and I have so much to reflect on. The truth is that I didn’t really quit my job to travel. I planned on leaving my job regardless and it just so happened that I wanted to spend a year traveling as well. The timing was perfect. I was 23 with no kids, no husband, and no major commitments other than my own drive to learn more about myself & the world. I figured there was no better time to take a risk(and a break) than at that point in my life. . . When @eaglecreek asked me why I quit my job, I could have easily said “to travel” but the reality is that it’s much deeper than that. I’ve gotten the chance to see the world but I’ve learned many lessons along the way which have proven to be much more valuable. I wanted to discover my strengths and my weaknesses. I wanted to fall in love with strangers. I wanted to discover my purpose and place in this world. I wanted to say no to things, jobs, and people that were no longer serving me. I wanted to say yes to TRUE adventure - including the good AND the bad. I wanted to break bread with people from other cultures. I wanted to discover what else was out there, on my own terms. You all have stuck around for the (literal)highs and the lows...from parasailing over the city of eternal spring(Medellin, Colombia) to being robbed the next day. From wondering where my next paycheck would come from to being hired as a remote travel writer. From crying when I landed in Mexico on a one-way solo ticket to seeing so many of you book your own first solo trips. This barely scratches the surface, but I think you get the point. . . I‘m constantly full of gratitude because this journey hasn’t been(and still isn’t) easy. The best part is that I never wanted it to be. A journey is comprised of highs & lows. You can’t have the good without the bad and everyone knows that any adventure would be boringgg if it were perfect. So why did I quit my job again? To travel, but to also create and pursue a life beyond my wildest dreams even if that means launching myself into the unknown. . . When did you start following? Any questions about the journey? #findyourunknown #quityourjob #prtner at Dominican Republic

10 hours ago

There’s something about the peace of mornings. Getting up before most and getting private views like this with only sounds of nature. Oh, San Francisco. #betheexplorers at San Francisco, California

12 hours ago

Never underestimate the beauty of your freedom. 🦅 --- Visiting Aida camp in Bethlehem has given me a sobering hit to the gut. I have always been grateful for being born in Canada, to have had a normal enough childhood and all the possibilities I could imagine seizing. All I've always only had to do is to dare take them. It hadn't sunk in until visiting Aida Camp, a Palestinian refugee camp. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 --- This wall separates the state of Israel and the West Bank, otherwise known as Palestine. Countless Palestinians fled their homes around 1948 in order to flee the war only to have their home taken from them while they were away, the locks changed and a new family to reside under their roofs. 😔 --- You can walk the length of this wall, read stories written by local Aida camp refugees and see art depicting their situation plastered or painted directly on its surface. It is, in my opinion, mandatory to have such a reality check to then realize how lucky you are 💕 . . . . . #travelpalestine #palestine #bethlehem #aidacamp #refugeecamp #middleeast #graffitiart #graffiti #openairmuseum #freedom #lucky #embracelife #travel #travelblogger #instatravel #seetheworld #gooutsideyourcomfortzone #warhasaprice #aroundtheglobe #travelaway at Bait Lahm

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Found this gem on my phone💕 Zach was so little then, just #8monthsold The lakes in Liechtenstein are breathtaking. We had a picnic by the water with friends, swam in the lake and Zach napped on the rug for his afternoon nap. ⠀⠀ at Liechtenstein

13 hours ago

So hashtag blessed with the crisp winter sun (and juuuust the right amount of snow) practically every day, the only things on my mind were what how on earth does that man play the church organ and what color I’d make my house if I lived here. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I’m pretty confident everything is designed with these beautiful deep muted hues to bring joy in all the darkness and that the organist in Hallgrimskirkja Church has extra hidden limbs. 🌈✨🏙 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📍Hallgrimskirkja Tower | #elle__travels #latergram #sonyA7 at Hallgrímskirkja

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G O L D E N | H O U R | 🌅 Les couchers de soleil en Floride... J’en avais longtemps rêvé, et j’en ai eu les larmes aux yeux chaque soir lors de mon séjour 🥺 Il y a des endroits comme ça où l’on se sent immédiatement chez soi: tout nous paraît familier, on inspire plus profondément et on se sent à notre place. Bizarrement, ça m’arrive plus souvent quand je suis sous le soleil et les palmiers que sous la pluie et le ciel gris! Ça vous arrive aussi? Belle soirée • • • • • #passionpassport #lonelyplanet #bestcitybreaks #travelawesome #citybestpics #travelaway #travelinspiration #travelblogger #thetraveltag #traveldreamseekers #youmustsee #youmustvisit #wedontvisitweliveit #prettycities #prettylittletrips #stayandwander #suitcasetravels #theprettycities #exploremore #finditliveit #wheretofindme #seemycity #neverstopexploring #pursuepretty #searchwandercollect #disneyworld #orlandolife #epcot at Epcot - Walt Disney World

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Happy hump day to everyone except people living in temperatures above freezing. Really needing winter to end so I can get back to places like Fiji. Amirite? Plz snow Gods. We’ve had enough 😩❄️🙅🏻‍♀️ at Fiji

16 hours ago

It’s been so nice getting to relax in Palm Springs even though there was snow in Joshua Tree and it’s been pretty cold the entire time. We got a bit of sun yesterday though and it was amazing!! at Palm Springs, California

16 hours ago

“Let your love be strong And I don't care what goes down Let your love be strong enough To weather through the thunder clouds Fury and thunder clap Like stealing the fire from your eyes All of my world hanging on your love.” Switchfoot - Let Your Love Be Strong _________ #switchfoot #moon #nuremberg #airport #flyaway #bluesky #vscofilter #vscoedit #vsconuremberg #vscocity #travelgram #travelholic #seetheworld #seethemoon #travelaway #ig_nuremberg #iphoneography #iphoneonly #flughafen at Albrecht Dürer Airport Nürnberg (NUE)

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Waiting for my online orders to arrive.

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One of the best parts of working abroad is experiencing the beautiful culture of the countries we get to work in! You will get to be on site long enough that you will become friends with the vendors in the market, you’ll learn your favorite taxi driver’s name, and you’ll probably get invited to a wedding or celebration or two! The magic of waking up in a new place is unmatched ✨ Come do some good and see a new beautiful part of the world 🌍 ❤️ apply at Fall, Winter, Spring, & Summer! at Nepal

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Self-care doesn't have to involve an elaborate and expensive routine. It can be as simple as choosing to do some morning yoga instead of hitting the snooze button. I love to use @burtsbees facial wipes to clean my skin after my morning yoga or after a workout at the gym! How do you practice self care? #ad #selfcarewithBurts at John F. Kennedy International Airport

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MILAN Se balader dans les rues chargées d'histoire mais aussi et surtout faire du shopping ! Je ne pouvais pas aller à Milan sans flâner dans les noobreuses boutiques de mode ! Certaines boutique savent se démarquer pour qu'on les voient. 🚲 Cest décidé l'année prochaine je retourne la bas et je fais toutes mes soldes chez les italiens 🇮🇹 #milano #shopping #italy at Colonne di San Lorenzo

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You have a choice! I choose a life of adventure whether home or away, it's all about the journey. I'm ready to go to Asia and travel and work remotely. Remember, Jesus revealed who he was on the road to Emmaus! (Luke 24:13-35) . . . . . #instapassport  #passionpassport #wanderlust #traveladdict #gltlove #travelbloggers #tlpicks #bucketlist #travelinspo #travelmemories #vacaymode #rsa_outdoors #traveldeeper #travelawesome #loaded #all2epic #remotework #workremote #stoiclifestyle #travelaway #travelescape #beadoer at San Diego, California

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A couple and their dogs out for a stroll near the Louvre. I remember being surprised by the architecture in Paris feeling so similar, a vast contract to my memories of Rome, and honestly I felt tired of it after a week. But having visited the city twice in one year and looking back on all the photos, there’s something about it that’s calming. Classic and timeless. It’s as if you could capture life and people and the culture without the surroundings stealing the attention. Instead they quietly, beautifully accentuate life as a Parisian. at Musée du Louvre

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The perfect carry-on, by @Away Unbreakable, thoughtfully designed, and guaranteed for life. Made to fit the sizers of major US airlines, ideal for those flying on big planes or with extra outfits. Ejectable battery is compliant with all airline policies, TSA-approved, and safe to fly. This #carryon can charge your cell phone while waiting to board. Starting price retails for $225 #TravelAway #Gifts #GiftIdeas #GetJeffreyNow #Traveler #SuitCase #LUGGAGE #luxurygoods #luxuryluggage #thebiggercarryon #giftinspiration #giftgiving #travelgifts #giftsfortravelers #travel

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