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2 days ago

For Derek Mandell, co-founder of clothing line and local brand Run Guam, tourism is an industry that plays a big role in the sustainment of many small businesses, including his own. Whether it’s participating in and sponsoring events like the United Guam Marathon, or simply greeting visiting runners from off island looking to check out their charming East Agana shop for new gear, tourism can benefit Guam residents from all walks of life. To learn exactly how tourism works for Derek and Run Guam, tune in tonight on KUAM News Extra! #tourismworks

2 days ago

Looks Like A Scene Out Of A Fairy Tail! This Gorgeous Couple Dined With Us Yesterday Celebrating Their 49th Year Anniversary. We Hope To See Them Again For Their 50th! 💕

4 days ago

Our Senior Industry Advisor Julia has been in Geraldton this week, visiting businesses in between training workshops. Julia dropped in to see Wendy and Jacinta at Geraldton Air Charter, a China Ready & Accredited Business, in the middle of a busy Chinese Spring Festival which has seen numbers of Chinese and Hong Kong visitors soar by 200% from last year! #tourismworks #watourism #chinaready

9 days ago

For graduating senior, Katrina Tahimik, studying Tourism and Travel Management at the Guam Community College is bound to offer her and her peers an endless list of possibilities outside of the classroom. Taking advantage of Guam’s natural resources and beauty, and sharing that with visitors, is one way Katrina knows Tourism will continue to benefit her and the community in the future. To learn more about how and why Katrina aims to be a part of the tourism industry on Guam, tune in tonight on KUAM News Extra! #tourismworks

11 days ago

TCWA CEO Evan Hall joined the Premier and Tourism Minister this morning for the announcement of liquor reforms that will see the tourism benefits of applications given equal consideration among other issues - a reform which the Council has championed for many years. The changes will reduce the regulatory burden on new tourism businesses and allow operators to create experiences offering great customer service. #tourismworks #watourism

16 days ago

Our #tourismworks profile today features Joey Crisostomo jr, business developer for Let’s Ride Guam. His favorite thing is being able to take tourists/visitors to parts of the island they might not usually get to see. It’s a unique experience and seeing their faces light up and smile is the most gratifying part. Tune in tonight to KUAM Extra to learn more about how tourism works for Joey!

16 days ago

Time is such a fickle thing, I walk past this photo every day and stopped to really look at it today... 18 years seems to have blended so pausing to take in this image is pretty powerful. Taken at the mouth of the Warren River about 10 years ago - Kieran would be around 6 (now in his 16th year) and already showing up his dad on the tours 😜 thanks for listening 😊 #tourismworks #australiassouthwest #pembertonwa @pemberton_australia @pemdisc

16 days ago

The first international soccer club appearance at @Optus stadium in July is expected to attract around 15,000 interstate and international visitors to WA, with visitor expenditure creating around 160 jobs. This is the power of major events and the new capacity to host them! #chelseafcinperth #tourismworks #watourism

1 month ago

Team Ski Utah slaying it at Tourism Day on the Hill. I hope our legislators realize the importance of tourism to our State’s economy and continue to fund tourism at the maximum level. #skiutah #tourismworks

1 month ago

Great news today as the State Government announces @segwaytourswa has received final approval to operate in Kings Park. Developing new tourism experiences is critical to attracting more visitors, growing tourism and creating jobs. #tourismworks #watourism

1 month ago

Home match maker and owner of, Leah del Mundo, loves getting those relocating to Guam, or even residents already here, excited about what our island has to offer. Whether it’s finding a home for a client, recommending a new restaurant to visiting tourists, or going live on Facebook to showcase the island’s latest sporting event, Leah has dedicated her work to sharing with people from all over the world an array of new and exciting activities Guam has to offer. Tune in tonight on KUAM News Extra, to learn more about how tourism works for Leah! #tourismworks

2 months ago

Catch the magic of the holiday season one last time. Check out GVB's Holiday Illumination Christmas Village next to Tumon Sands Plaza. The final day will be on January 14, 2018. The Christmas village is open nightly 6-10 p.m. Monday - Thursday and 6-11 p.m. Friday - Sunday. #gvb #tourismworks #instaGuam #visitguam2018

2 months ago

Today on #tourismworks we feature @justinbenavente and @coffeeslutguam! According to Justin, “What makes us unique is that we are a specialty coffee shop. We specialize in cold brew Nitro and juice. Tourists and locals alike are looking for high quality cold brew coffee. We do everything from seed to sip. All Coffee is organic.” To learn more about this establishment, catch them on channel 8 at 6:30 tonight!

2 months ago

Rene Logie makes it her goal to give people a relaxing, fun, active atmosphere to enjoy Guam's signature hospitality and island life. See how she's leading Guam Sports Events’ services for both tourists and locals alike on KUAM News Extra! #tourismworks

2 months ago

Dampier port near #Karratha. Stunning colours and clear blue water filled with marine life.

2 months ago

A fuel stop on the way to the #berkeleyriverlodge Being remote has its challenges and the logistics of operating a safe helicopter service take some experience and lots of local knowledge. We have plenty of both! We have drum fuel located at strategic points to allow us to traverse @thekimberleyaustralia safely whilst delivering your expectations.

2 months ago

Owner of Sup Shack, Jonte Deleon, is all work and play as she runs her paddle board rental service down at Matapang Beach in Tumon. However, it’s not just about lending a board to customers. For Jonte, it’s about interacting with tourists and offering them a unique and fun experience out on the beautiful crystal clear waters of Guam, making friends every day on the job, and making sure to raise awareness about the health of Guam’s reefs to our visitors as well. To learn more about how tourism works for Jonte, tune in tonight on KUAM News Extra! #tourismworks @supshackguam

2 months ago

Wow wow wow! How awesome is this shot by @landibradshawphotography !! 📷 “With temperatures well over 40 degrees and very high humidity over the last few days, it usually means there is some good build up activity on the way. Watching this angry #storm roll in was insane! The storm moved in fast and where the light from the #sunset shone through was a sheer wall of rain that lit up bright orange. Followed by this mammoth bolt striking the river right in front! The whole time it was moving through there was constant #lightning striking the horizon and the water, along with angry #thunder rumbling each time. So so so so good!!” - Landi