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Those rare moments where his life is colored. 🌟😊💓 01/16/19 at Bacolod City

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Opened Cays #lunchbox last night and found this note to me. No matter what I go thru day in or day out; the boy always loves his momma. He is the only one who knows what my heart sounds like on the inside; what struggles I’ve prayed about, what pure joy felt like for me. When I read his little notes, in all their forms from legos, napkins, tissues, to dry erase boards, I get teary eyed because I realize I don’t need anyone else to understand my life or me or my growth or my schedule. It’s about my son. I am forever grateful for him and as long as he keeps calling me #mom and hugging my neck and saying #Iloveyou especially #toinfinityandbeyond I know I’m doing everything right by him. God blessed me with you because he knew I can handle the life of motherhood. It is selfless, hard, expensive, daunting, heartbreaking, long lasting, but it also loving, kind, patient, understanding, and full of new experiences! I couldn’t imagine any of this life without my #Shortcake! #blessed #mommason #boymom #caydendaniel #sweetboy #southernraised #loveyourmama #LoveLSS #OlaNoa #family #myson #myeverything 💙💜

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parce qu’ils ne te trahiront jamais. Quoi que tu fasses. Ils garderont toujours tes secrets les plus sombres, essayeront toujours de te réconforter lorsque tu en auras le besoin, ils sauront trouver cette force pour t’apaiser quand tu es au plus bas. Sans mots ni paroles. Juste un regard. Personne ne sera jamais aussi heureux qu’eux lorsque tu rentreras chez toi le soir, ils ne te feront pas de réflexion pour te dire qu’il est tard, ils seront toujours prêt à t’accueillir avec toute cette force, tout cet amour qu’ils auront puisé en t’attendant de pied ferme derrière cette porte. Ils ne te critiqueront pas, ne porteront jamais de jugements sur la façon dont tu es habillée, coiffée ou maquillée. Ils te trouveront toujours belle. Quoi que tu fasses. Ils ne t’en voudront jamais si un soir, tu cries trop fort car tu es énervé. Ils seront là pour t’écouter, t’epauler, à chaque fois. Malgré ta mauvaise humeur, tes crises de nerfs, tes pleurs. Retourne toi, et tes chiens seront toujours là. Rien n’est plus fidèle et c’est pour ça que je vous aimes. - ✏️ Cha | #togetherforever #mine #mypuppies #familylover #chihuahuafanatics #lespoilus #letchigang #snow #beaucouptropdamour #goodvibesonly #petsonly #dogslove #chihuahua #lifewithadog #mydogsisbetterthanyours #bestfriends #britishlonghair #catstagram #meow #waf #love #picoftheday #photooftheday #toinfinityandbeyond at Melun, France

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Essa é a hora de continuar o seu curso no CCAA! O CCAA Divinópolis não esqueceu de você. Por esta razão, criamos a promoção EX EX-ALUNO para que você volte a estudar inglês. Queremos continuar a contribuir para a sua qualificação pessoal e profissional. Volte logo! Você faz parte de nossa história. *Válido somente para ex-alunos. *Não pode ter estudado em 2018 *Somente 15 vagas Mais informações no link da bio. #ingles #matriculasabertas #ccaadivinopolis #espanhol #toinfinityandbeyond #quandovoceveyouarespeaking #ccaamoment at CCAA Divinópolis

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Throwing it back this #tbt to last summer in France, and a fantastic day out at the aquarium and planetarium in Montpellier. One of the boys’ favourite parts of the day was this fun installation, where a camera projected your image onto a lunar scene in front of you, allowing you to ‘walk on the moon’. You could move around in your space suit and it was, frankly, hilarious! 🌎🚀 #spacemen #familytravel #learn #toinfinityandbeyond at Planetocean Montpellier

4 hours ago

Hello , I’ve been unmotivated lately . I think it’s because I’m graduating this semester, it’s so scary.😩 I mean I never knew life without school/ college! I guess it’s time to let go though ! Just like woody and buzz with Andy going to college and all 😢 it’s scary, sad , I don’t want it to happen. But it’s life ! ( I was editing this post , and my teacher walked by she gave me a little pep talk😩❤️ omg the way of the world ! ) #toinfinityandbeyond #woodyandbuzz #teambuzzlightyear #buzzlightyear #timallen #spaceranger #starcommand #toystory #senioryear #disneyart #disneyarts #disney #artistsoninstagram #art_spotlight #art #nawden any advice ?

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G E T Y O U R F R E E C O P Y Get your free copy of the BredaPhoto Special of Professionele Fotografie (nr. 7 2018; retailprice € 9,95) during the Cultuurnacht Breda at Stedelijk Museum Breda where our team is handing them out. #seeyousaturday! at BredaPhoto

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Happy birthday to the one who rises above the archetype; to the one who inspires everyone around him to be better or do better; to the one who loves me with so much conviction that it is impossible to doubt how capable I am of becoming exactly who I want to be and what I want to achieve. Thank you for being you 💜 #soulmate #toinfinityandbeyond #youdarealmvp

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New episode dropped today. I had some issues editing the audio to make it flow better, and all if it got mixed up so if you already listened, I am sorry!! I am still learning how to do this thing, and tweaking the process as I go. Thank you for your patience with that process. at Long Beach, California

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p r o p s t o t h e s u n s e t at Dobel

6 hours ago

Let’s take it back to two years ago! Hahah love this guy here! 😘 have a wonderful bday and hope you have mannnnyyyy mannnnyyyyy more! #toinfinityandbeyond

7 hours ago

37 hey? Sounds a bit scary but it's just a number. Luckily I'm happier and healthier than the last bday and the bday before that. So good to be surrounded by loving people, especially my #fitbrit, whose already made today great by waking up next to me. Thanks everyone for all the bday love so far! #toinfinityandbeyond #wellmaybe90somethingwilldo at Gold Coast, Queensland

8 hours ago

her: *likes pineapple on pizza* me: gotta blast! at Jimmy Neutron

9 hours ago

We aren’t always happy & dandy. Shits been really hard lately. It got scary. But when I vowed until death do us part, no matter what, I will always mean it. At the end of the day, you are my peace. Regardless if I’m mad at you, my thoughts are still of you. I really want us forever, I know we’re not perfect people, or maybe not even perfect together, but I can feel it in my soul that you’re my person as I hope I am yours. I just want to make it clear that in the good & in the bad, especially during the bad times, I love you. I’m willing to fight, I’m willing to grow, as long as you’re with me on this. I will do my best to be better motivation for you. & if you ever slip, I’ll do my best to pick you up & guide you if you lose your way. We planned this life out since we were kids, not knowing it would really come true; We’ve made it this far & I know we can go farther ❤️ #14YearsOfFriendship #3YearsMarried💍 #012216 #MyBaby #TeAmo #ToInfinityAndBeyond #NotEvenDeathCanDoUsPart

10 hours ago

Wilder! You have brought us 14 months of a joy we didn’t know was possible. You have an adventurers heart, a fearless spirit, and a laugh that brings tears of joy to our eyes. Keep on paving new roads little man #toinfinityandbeyond 🚀

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Wednesday Workouts No matter how your day went, if you want it bad enough, you’ll show up & do the damn thing. Tonight’s workout wasn’t long, but it got my blood pumping and my muscles activated for growth & body burning fat #cardio #warmup #lowerbodyworkout #legs #quaddamn #quads #glutes #fitchick #athomeworkout #teamnoexcuses #bringbackthebooty #legcurls #running #toinfinityandbeyond #infinity #gauntlet #wod #wednesdayworkout #femalefitness #familyfitness #fueledbyfaith #fitnessmotivation #gymratette at Hollywood, Florida

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Do your bands hang low and make you shake out of control❓ Can you tie them in a knot and wrap them around your torso❓ Can you find faulty mechanics and then make them functional❓ Do your bands hang low❓ . . . #postworkout #selfieseason #smile #endorphinson #resistancebands #flex #sweat #chinup #eyesontheprize #toinfinityandbeyond #maytheforcebewithyou #work #personaltrainer #endurance #focus #efficiency #function #braingains #longevity #myfirstlove #BITbyKK #BodyIntegrationTraining

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I love her ♥️ so much. I might need a bigger heart to house all the love I have for this beautiful being. Still can’t believe I was the one God chose to bring her into this world. #ToInfinityAndBeyond

11 hours ago

Em uma época onde os valores e as famílias estão desestruturadas pela nossa constante insatisfação, manter o espirito Alegre é um grande desafio, esse nosso cotidiano, 'onde tempo é dinheiro' e a concentraçao errada de nossas forças coisas fúteis é onde que deixamos passar as verdadeiras oportunidade e a graça do nosso Deus, como estão nesses 25 seg onde muitas pessoas nem isso as vezes dizem que não tem para elas mesmo ou para sua família, quem dirá ao seu próximo. Parar,Respirar, e disfrutar um momento ao seu redor é vida, é paz é uma experiência com nosso Senhor, que nao tem preço, dinheiro ou bem material maior que se compare. #thanksmylord👑 #sunset #redsea #lifestyle #fuisurpeendido #guerreirosdaluz #sejaincomum #eusouincomun #toinfinityandbeyond at Jizan Region