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9 hours ago

killer bee brew and crab dip with homemade chips :: pub food at its best at The Portsmouth Brewery

12 hours ago

Clean and bright white against a beautiful blue sky in Fira, #Santorini, almost 3 years ago. 💙 It was a surprise trip for Jorge’s birthday. I was 18 weeks pregnant. Life was so vastly different in just about every way. It’s amazing the changes a few short years can bring. 💙 Just booked another October trip to #Greece with my parents and Emilia. It will be my 5th trip to Greece, of which I believe four will have been in October, coincidentally. 💙 Is there a place that you seem to travel to more often than others that’s not connected to family or friends? at Firá, Kikladhes, Greece

23 hours ago

Does anyone else own a dress that the second someone tells you it's nice, you just yell "IT'S GOT POCKETS" at them? 🤣 Here's me and my dress-with-pockets exploring the gorgeous back streets of Grazalema. This was one of the villages we stopped off in for lunch on our roadtrip and I'm so glad we made the effort. It was one of my favourite places we visited. #grownupgapyear at Grazalema, Spain

1 day ago

no road trip through connecticut would be complete without a visit to mystic pizza :: sadly, @juliaroberts wasn’t there, but the pie was delicious and the beer was cold! at Mystic, Connecticut

2 days ago

Hey there 😎 Have you ever been in between two different worlds? Being in this place I just realized what such switches are really possible. Just look at this. This is the royal Sevilla bullring, because of its classical and noble architecture, its harmonious proportions and its tradition, is without doubt the most beautiful and suggestive of the Spanish bullrings. It’s the third popular place in Sevilla after cathedra and Alcázar. The building is distinctive because of the irregular outline of its arena. It’s construction took 120 years. Who want to visit this classic? . . . . . . . #sevillespain #architecturedaily #ourdailyplanet #europe_vacations #ig_españa #ig_spain_ #yallerseurope #summertravels #bestvacation #neverstopexploring #accidentallywesanderson #barocco #neverstopexplore #earthfocus #bullring #mapofeurope #pocketarchitecture #pastel #wethecreators #creatorgrams #postcardfromtheworld #best_worldplaces #theimaged #tinyatlasquarterly at Plaza de Toros La Maestranza, sevilla

3 days ago

Most every business in this little town had signage made by the local ironsmith— each one unique & a work of art! L’Ojetto, so fitting for me in calligraphy, & also for my lovey Nico, ‘The object’ of my affection :) // More of these amazing signs in my highlights ❤️💘 at Pescocostanzo

3 days ago

3 days ago

One of my favourite things about our Spanish roadtrip was stopping off for lunch in beautiful villages like Grazalema. Don't you just want to get lost in these streets? #grownupgapyear. at Grazalema, Spain

5 days ago

Happy Friday everyone! Hope it's filled with sunshine and palm trees 🌴 Who's got exciting weekend plans? #grownupgapyear at Cádiz

6 days ago

6 days ago

when the mercury pushes triple digits, there is really nothing else to do but walk right into a waterfall :: the cold water rushes over my feet, instantly soothing my scorching skin, and the rushing sound clears all thoughts from my cluttered mind :: there’s no place I’d rather be at New Hampshire

7 days ago

most national parks specialize in one landscape - mountains, desert, wide open wild :: @acadianps has the tallest mountain on the east coast, miles of gorgeous rocky shorelines, and grassy meadows 🌿 a truly unique place to wander, I’d love to see it in the other three season 🌿 happy birthday @acadianps, 103 never looked so good at Acadia National Park

8 days ago

There are 5 million photos I wanted to put in this post, but I feel like these capture us so perfectly. @colingoodman made Ty and I feel so comfortable and so at ease throughout this entire shoot. This was truly the giveaway of dreams. Colin gifted us with this couples session and a $50 gift card to @thefloridianstaug JUST BECAUSE. At no cost. Are you kidding?! We had the most beautiful date night thanks to this sweet man! We will always be grateful for these perfect photos and how they capture our love and joy. 🖤 P.S. Ty had only slept for two hours on a red eye flight the night before this shoot and BOY, you’d never be able to tell. You look so good, boo. 😍 at Downtown St Augustine

9 days ago

Aksi dan reaksi.. . Kebanyakan foto yang aku ambil jarang sekali menunggu di suatu spot tapi lebih banyak melihat dan bereaksi..kadang juga walaupun ada aksi ya bisa bereaksi walaupun komposisi dinomer sekian...harap maklum aku juga baru belajar fotografi jalanan...tetap semangat at Jl. Braga Bandung

9 days ago

• s e a s i d e • at Tisvilde

9 days ago

Pagi hari di bandung...orang orang dan aktifitasnya... at Jl. Braga Bandung

9 days ago

last year’s tanabata was a lot sunnier colourful and happy- and the legendary lovers got to meet in the sky. This year no dice😭🤦‍♀️ we’re having the coldest rainiest July i’ve ever experienced! Feels like april in Tokyo, i’m wearing sweaters! 。 。 。 。 #tokyo #japan #tokyofestival #japanfestival #tanabata #たなばた #festive #japaneseculture #travel #beautifuldestinations #worldnomads #travelphotography #mytinyatlas #tinyatlasquarterly #passionpassport #suitcasetravels #lonelyplanet #natgeo #tokyocameraclub #tokyoweekender #tokyolife #discoverjapan #holidaymagazine #tokyocolors at Tokyo, Japan

10 days ago

Talk about getting a little too confident - I thought a sunrise shot on the water this morning would be a simple. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, at least not for me. This was the best I could do although the ride down from our hotel was brilliant. #hoian #hoiansunrise #vietnam #vietnamsunrise #sunrise #worldsunrise #sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld #sunriseclub #asiasunrise #landscapephotography #world_sunrise #landscape_capture #photographerfocus #discoverearth #worldtravelbook #tinyatlasquarterly #ExploreYourWorld #landscape_lovers #sunrise_sunset_photogroup #sunrise_hunter #sunrise_and_sunsets_aroundworld #asia_vacations #sunrisevietnam #vietnamsunrise #hoianancienttown #visitvietnam #visitvietnam2019 canon 16-35mm f/4L II at 20mm, f/14, 30sec, ISO 100, 10 stop ND, 3 stop Grad ND. at Hội An

3 months ago

Fasil Ghebbi, the Royal Enclosure. Gondar, Ethiopia. This fortified Palace compound was founded in the 17th century by Emperor Fasilides. #amhara #gondar at Gondar Castle