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6 months ago

The most awarding part of my job is when a client gives me full reign to execute their project understanding my 20 years of dedication might actually take the tattoo further than that awful tattoo you saw on that celebrity or the image on pinterest 10000 other mindless idiots though was super unique, makes appointments and shows up, is good company,shares good conversation, sits well free of complaints and constant breaks, pays me my worth then hands me a tip as a sign of true appreciation. Then contacts me a few weeks or months later to do it all over again. Thank you Ryan for all your support and respect. I just wish you were apart of the majority not the minority. #respect #timesarentwhattheyusedtobe #outlinesforlife #wearingunfinishedtattoosisthenewthing #fuckflakybrokeindecisivepintrestpickingentitledhalfasscollectors #overpeople #millenialsocialmediaaddictedbasickidsarentlitorboutit #goodworkrequiresdedication #takemebacktowhentattooingwascool #inkmasters? #instagramfamous🖕 at Lake Forest, California