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3 years ago

Save money on your laundry with these natural wool dryer balls, save on energy and dryer sheets #TimberWool

3 years ago

#TimberWool Dryer Balls get you out of the laundry room faster, and save you money. Www. Amazon.ca/ Timber-Wool-Dryer-Balls

3 years ago

If any parent is looking for a nice #natural alternative to dryer sheets, I'm using wool balls by timber wool. They decrease the drying time up to 20% and my favourite part is you can add your favourite essential oils to give your clothing a subtle smell of deliciousness! Great for allergies and I personally will be storing one with coconut scent in my drawer :) http://www.amazon.ca/Timber-Wool-Dryer-Balls-Alternative/dp/B016OFIH36/ #timberwool