Tillandsatuesday Photos & Videos

1 year ago

This gorgeous beast of a plant is headed off to its new home in California today! Many of you have asked about my Tillandsia inventory and I'm here to tell you that it will be restocked soon. If you have any special species requests, let me know below! πŸŒΏπŸ’š #hemleva #tillandsatuesday I also updated my inventory of Misters in my Etsy shop last night. This is the perfect time of year to use a mister like this one. It has a super fine mist and creates a humid cloud, and when it's cold and dry, most plants crave warm humidity. And in cash you were wondering how it patinas (how the metal on the mister oxidizes) since it's 100% brass (like all of my himmeli) this one hasn't been polished in at least 8 months. I wrote a few polishing tips in my FAQ section of my website too JIC you like your brass to sparkle. Follow the link in my profile. ☝️✨

1 year ago

For this week's #tillandsatuesday we're going to talk about one of my favorite air plants, the Tillandsia Bulbosa. This is one of the few air plants that thrives with very little to no sunlight. It's smooth dark green leaves makes this plant unique and extra easy to care for. Because it only needs to be misted 1-2x a week to thrive, it's perfect for the forgetful waterer and for the office. Click on the link in my profile to adopt one today, and to enter into an amazing Plant Lady giveaway with some of my favorite grammers, more details are in my last post. πŸ’šπŸŒΏβœŒοΈ