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DAY 41 - Reconnected Woth Siren, #IcyCold #Brooks, and Pup Rocking the #Trail. It was nice waking up rested in the dry school house. For breakfast, I had hot cup #coffee and a banana. While I was packing up, I brought my phone down to the visiting center bathrooms to use the outlet for a recharge. We walked 2 miles into town early on this fine Monday. I was eager to go to the restaurant everyone was talking about called The Barn. I went there excited to see the neon open sign on, but when I pulled on the door it was locked. It turns out the place is always closed on Mondays.  Someone must have left the open sign on by mistake. On the way, I turned on my phone and noticed that I had a good signal. It was enough that I could sort through four days of photos and journals. It took a good hour to to figure out what photos went with which days.  We decided to pack out and continue on. There were many signs of spring with the green valleys and flowering plants. The day ended with 22 miles and we set up the tents in the dark. While making dinner, we had a nice little #campfire to top off the evening. #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2019 #thruhiking #dogsofinstagram at Ceres, Virginia

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PCT zero ❄️ days | Mile 266.1 |Big Bear Lake⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This girl was bowled over by the kindness and hospitality of the folks she met in Big Bear Lake. Thank you for providing warmth during these unseasonable May snowstorms.🌬💋 at The Bowling Barn

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Day 67 Mile 935.4 sobo 12.4 miles so far today . . Woke up and heard @lydlmama packing up at 5:30AM . Wayyyyyy to early for me 😂 . I strolled out around 7AM and jammed out to our groups playlist on spotify. . Oh yeah I forgot to mention...we call ourselves the Meat Locker fam. (Don't ask why 😂) . . We now are at the lodge drinking our free beer and AYCE Spaghetti 💜💜💜 . . #pctig #pacificcresttrail #pct2019 #trekthepct #thruhike #thruhiking #hikingculture #nature #natureaddicts #naturephotography #naturelovers #outdoors #outdoorliving #outdoorphotography #optoutside #getoutdoors #adventure #trekking #adventurenthusiasts #merknmountains #peoplewhoadventure #wilderness #wildernessculture #wanderlust #wanderer #withguthook at Callahan's Lodge

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This sign was only 28 miles or so into our trek, such a momentary scene with a good view, but nothing special compared to most of the trail.  But I keep coming back to the image. A single word but one that grabbed me powerfully, offering so much meaning in the moment, and evolving to mean even more as this journey grows through each mile we walk. This.  It demands that you are present, reflecting both on the singular moment, and everything the trail has meant as a whole.  This. As I come across this image again today, I am forced to reflect across the entirety of this journey so far. It's so early on trail and I know that the PCT has already fucked up my life.  Ruined it with the rich possibilities that lay in every day and every mile of the trail ahead, and in every trail to follow.  In deepened passions, and new passions. It hasn't changed the direction I was going in my life, but has led me down more paths at the same time. This is trail has both changed nothing in my life, and made me feel more fully alive at the same time.  Like the difference between being awake, but exhausted after only a half night's sleep, and waking up fully rested and with coffee in hand.  Having been so fully knocked out of our normal daily life, we are more intentional, while being more relaxed. This image will always bring me to the moment, and the whole of my trek, and for that I'm immensely grateful. #pct2019 #thruhiking #this #pacificcresttrail #liveyourdreams #olympusem5mkii #travelphotography #desertwonderland #thetrekpct #pctassociation

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(Day 61 | 729.7 miles | 33.29%) Butterly on a flower, hiker in a chair in a creek, dog in a bush, turkey vultures on a cliff, breakfast in bed on a knob, beer with a view. This section has had it all. As for the hiking...we completed the Virginia Triple Crown (Dragon's Tooth, McAfee's Knob, and Tinker Cliffs) and are oh so tantalizingly close to 1/3rd of the way there. We're rejuvenated and more motivated than ever thanks to a few solid days off our feet. We appreciate all of the support and love. Be on the lookout for a few posts about some #hikerhacks we've discovered along the way. Coming soon! #hikertrash #thruhiking #happyhikers #optoutside #withguthook #beanoutsider #appalachiantrail2019 #atnobo2019 #appalachiantrail #thruhike #dragonstooth #mcafeeknob #tinkercliffs at Daleville, Virginia

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Day 65📍1092.3/2192, PA ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀. Each day is its own adventure. As long as I keep my appreciation of this journey, I’ll keep on having a ton of fun. ✌🏽 . There is so much to love out here, and with that I feel like I have a lot of love to give back too. ♥️ Errything is just so dang pretty out here 😍 (5/23/2019) 🌲♥️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . . . . . . #TrekTheAT #TheTrek #HikeTheAT #AppalachianTrail #AT2019 #ATClassOf2019 #hiking #thruhiking #thruhike #goatworthy #optoutside #rei #AdventureOn #granitegear #TheGroundsKeepers #ForceofNature #TrekkingToes #rei1440project #LeaveNoTrace #LNT #leaveitbetter #backpacking at Pennsylvania

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#백두대간 #백두대간종주 #지리산종주 #백두대간1구간 #백패커 #백패킹 #backpacker #backpacking #thruhiker #thruhiking #42km #koreatrail #baekdudaegan 산방과 대피소예약 불발로 작년에 시작했을 대간을 올해로 미루게한 대간길1구간중 중산리- 정령치를 걷는다. 대피소예약을 오픈할때 잘했는데, 문제는 이틀째 정령치까지 가야해서, 연하천대피소로 예약... 거리가 만만치 않아서, 초경량모드로. #화이팅💪 #아자아자👊 #지리산국립공원 #고싸머기어쿠모36 #소니액션캠x3000r #gossamergearkumo #sonyactioncam at Sancheong

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I have rad friends that do rad shit!

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The border between Norway and Finland is a timeless world. Al confine tra Norvegia e Finlandia l’aspetto della Lapponia si uniforma nella tundra, un mondo di spazi senza tempo. at Lapponia, Finland

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Oh Casa De Luna, you were everything we hoped & dreamed you would be! Huge thank you to the Andersons (trail angels) for their hospitality (pizza, taco salads, pancakes, bandanas, etc). The Andersons have been supporting PCT hikers for 21 years and said 2019 is the coldest, wettest year yet. Challenge accepted. at Green Valley, California

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I’m sure a lot of you think I’m walking through the sunshine on trails that look like this. And while I am some of the time, I’m here to remind you that this isn’t what the trail is about most of the time (at least this year.) The other day I called my boyfriend on some hillside and told him I was hiking through the best hiking weather, then maybe an hour later I reached the top of the hill and got pelted in the face by sideways hail. Rooster hiked beside me to shield me from the worst of it, but hail flew into my ear, and stuck onto my bare legs as I hobbled and sobbed to some tree cover. We found Kermit and a few other hikers under some trees and decided to put Kermit’s tent up. We all huddled inside shivering until the storm blew away. It seems like we’re always trying to out hike some storm that’s blowing in our direction. Every time we set out theres going to be at least one day that we’re preparing to be rained on. The day I took this photo of Charm hiking amongst the flowers, my ankles felt like they’d be crushed under my own weight. Turns out I was stepping on a tendon the runs up my leg and the only way to help it was get some better arch support. I was stepping on rocks to get some relief, and then later shoved McDonald’s napkins in my shoes as a makeshift support until I could by some real ones. Things turn quickly for the better and for the worse out here, but the napkin support really really helped. Last night I sat with some other hikers at Casa de Luna under piles of blankets in the pouring rain as one of them talked about how we should talk about these moments more. I think it’s difficult to do that because I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, or having a straight up bad time, but this is it. This stuff is beautiful and painful all in one and you can’t have one without the other. These moments are the reality of thru-hiking

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5/23- Day 50- 21.3 Miles, 696.1 Total AT Miles, VA 620 Trout Creek . Today was a day I planned to go 29 miles but my feet had other plans so stopped at 21.3 instead. I found myself telling myself there hadn’t been many views but when I looked back through my photos I found there indeed had been many just different then top of the Mountain views which tend to be my favorite. So many neat moments. at Catawba, North Carolina

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Day 46 | PCT 317.9-328.1 | 10.2 mile day The rumors were true, pizza and beer were had, and I couldn’t be happier. at Pacific Crest Trail

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APPALACHIAN TRAIL | DAY 75/76 | MAY 21/22: wowWEEEEEE!!! I didn’t get back on trail until 1pm, then I did 15 miles before sundown, and THEN...I did THIRTY FOUR the next day!!! I never thought I would be able to pull that kind of mileage on this trail, much less after taking two weeks off but BAM! Here we are. Ok, but, why put in that many miles, you ask! I am horrible at calculating resupply timing—I shipped my package to Port Clinton because it was halfway between Pine Grove and Delaware Water Gap, NOT because I thought I could get there before 11am on Saturday (when the Post Office closes). That would be nearly 120 miles in basically just over 3 days of hiking! No, I didn’t think about that, so I’m hauling ass to make it there in time to pick up my package, otherwise I will be stuck waiting through the rest of Saturday, all of Sunday, and into Monday morning when they open again 🤦‍♀️ . The rigorous walking schedule has been beeeaUuutiful (if not a bit disorienting). Catching sunrise every day, gorgeous sunny and cool fall-type weather, so much greenery 😍 And yes my body feels like it’s going to fall apart any moment, like my muscles are rubber bands lazily yanking old twig bones along the trail, but we’re getting there, friends. We’re getting there. at Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania

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Didn’t take any photos of the actual hot springs because they were clothing optional.✌🏼 at Deep Creek Hot Springs

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New England Trail 2019 The trail is not all mountains and forrest sometimes it passes thru wetlands full of fluffy cattails.

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A late start in the morning, but a good day of hiking along the river and into the deep creek canyon. 1. Carie appreciating a well constructed bridge over Deep Creek 2. I liked this guys hat 3. From hills to river beds 4. Hiker below 5. Our terrain 6. In the bushes 7. Late afternoon light 8. Carie packing out the jalapeño chips 9. Watch out for hikers under the bridge 10. Sometimes you have to use all limbs to cross the river More thoughts on the day in our blog, link in bio ( at Splinters Cabin Trailhead

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Цель на эти выходные - расслабиться и набраться сил. Завтра поедем в поход, так что будет полный перезагруз и наслаждение моментом. ⠀ А пока что оцените этот кадр) есть ощущение картинки из кино? at Lagon De L'ermitage

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Amateur Tip: hike mountains during snow storms . . We had a wild last few days... got rained on, then got snowed on, my sleeping bag got soaked, found a vacant cabin to wait it out in, kept hiking and eventually made it to dry land. Showed up to town with just about 0 food left. Yeah we build some character... #grit #PCTorbust 💪❄☃️

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Going, going

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I’m finally starting to process all the images I captured at Trail Days. Most of it is on my Canon 7D, so I won’t have those up on IG for a little bit, but they will be on / @appalachian.trail very soon! It’s really hard coming back from even just a week long AT vacation and trying to fit back in. All I want to do is talk about the trail, hiker life, etc. I miss all my tramily members, fellow hikers, and the lifestyle that is Trail Days/AT. Around the campfire of our 2017ers, we talked about how dull it can be when you’re back in the motions of “normal life”. It’s not normal to us. It’s weird. No one has the same mindset as you, no one wants to do what you’re interested in. It’s just a constant struggle. I hate - and I mean hate - being back in a large city. There’s too much noise, too many humans (and nasty ones at that). I don’t like everyone rushing around like their lives depend on it. It’s just not my thing. After being back on trail, seeing my friends, and having myself feel like “me”, it just makes me wanna quit everything and get back on the AT right now. I have some money to save up, but it’ll happen soon. I know a 2017er got so depressed after Trail Days he’s thruhiking it again this year! What a champ! In the end, hiking is my life, the AT my home, and my friends are family. Our group plans to be at Trail Days every year as long as our health lets us go. We have a lot of fun things planned. Keep hiking, folks. at Damascus, Virginia

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Day 45 | PCT 305.9-317.9 | 12 mile day Zed and I had coffee around camp and breakfast and enjoyed a slow morning. It was only 2 miles to Deep Creek Hot Springs and although Zed was steadfast against going in, I couldn’t say no to a little dip. Zed and I leap-frogged the rest of the day. I mainly thought about food all day. So I think it’s safe to say the hiker hunger is kicking in. Tomorrow is pizza and beer, I hear through the @guthookguides vine haha...but seriously, fingers crossed!🤞🏼 at Pacific Crest Trail

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Taking advantage of a special opportunity to do some “slack packing”, knocked out a good 20+ miles without all the heavy camping gear before heading back into Big Bear to wait out the incoming snow. 1. One of the ski hills above town 2. Mountains out east 3. A break in the trees 4. Sand storms in the distance 5. The “Big Bear Solar Observatory” 6. Downtown big bear lake 7. Looking west down the valley 8. Taking a closer look at our future, I believe this should be Mount Baden-Powell 9. A wild Carie is easy to spot today 😉 10. More big trees More thoughts on the day in our blog, link in bio ( at Big Bear Lake, California

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Arizona Trail Thru Hike. Passages 29/30: Mormon Lake/Anderson Mesa. Day 40. 3/22/2019. 26.0 miles. . So Day 40 seemed like the beginning of the end because by the time I reached Gooseberry Springs I was ready to quit and go home. . However, Payphone showed up and convinced me that my shoes would make the two day trek into Flagstaff and after that it was less than 200 miles to Utah. . I also knew Longbeard (@1_longbeard) was expecting me to show up ahead in Mormon Lake so it was difficult to bail just then. . Payphone and I started hiking and the snow and mud eventually faded into the past (at least for that day). . Right on cue, Longbeard joined the crew with a pint of whiskey in hand as liquid motivation. . Making the decision to continue hiking on Day 40 rather than going into Flagstaff immediately and figuring things out from there saved my thru hike. . Had I gone into Flagstaff that day I probably wouldn’t have gotten back on trail. So Day 40 seemed like the beginning of the end because I made it over the hurdle of thinking about quitting. . It didn’t cross my mind once after that. . . . . #loveazt #arizonatrail #hikeyourownhike #azt2019 #arizona #turkeyttacks #aztrails #exploretheoutdoors #aztrail #hikertrash #rei1440project #optoutside #backpackerstories #thruhike #thruhiker #thruhiking #withguthook #wanderlust #whyihike #wildernessculture #type2fun #backpackerslife #mountainhikers #snow #sunrise #nationalscenictrail #embracethesuck #embracethebrutality #mogollonrim #postholingsucks at Mormon Lake, Arizona

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Pacific Crest Trail Day 3: I wake up early today but am unable to drag myself out from my motel room into the SNOW and gale-force winds (defined as 34-47 knots - 39-54 mph / 63-87 km/h) so I end up walking out into the cold at around 8 instead. . The snow turns to hail which is incredibly painful as the wind blasts it into my legs (maybe should have forgone the shorts today?) - I'm literally yelling out in pain and frustration as I continue walking - why is it snowing in the desert in late May? Why am I not still in my motel room? Eventually, I make it to a nasty privy where I'm able to escape the wind and the wet for a few glorious (and smelly) moments. Leaving the toilet locker the weather begins to improve and the sun even manages to pop out for a while (instead of hiding from the sun in the desert I'm basking in it). . I make it to Scissors Crossing where I spent night five of the PCT in 2013. There's someone already pitched and inside their tent when I arrive and they don't come out to say hello. Instead, they make what sound like irritated throat-clearing sounds as I make my dinner and set up camp. What do they expect when camping at the only water source for a dozen miles in either direction? . Don't forget your earplugs when thru-hiking, friends (they'll make it easier for the bears to sneak up on and eat you). . Day: Mount Laguna to Scissors Crossing Day's distance: 29.21 mi / 47 km Day's elevation gain: 2,720 ft / 830 m #ScissorsCrossing #PCT at Pacific Crest Trail

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I really love how there will be spots very nonchalantly marked as “view” in @theatguide, and you come to a random break in the trees to be greeted with THIS. at Virginia

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Thanks to my awesome Vecto by @cnocoutdoors I didn’t go without water during this stretch of the Appalachian Trail. Thanks CNOC . #cnocoutdoors

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Want to get involved in #AppalachianTrail conservation? Between the ages of 18-30? You're in luck: we're currently accepting applications for ATC's NextGen Advisory Council! Click our profile link or head to for more info and to apply before our June 5 deadline. #ProtectYourTrail

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Day 41 | 3.4 miles | Iron Mountain Gap to tentsite at 367.8. It was the best day EVER. We were very grateful to get offered a ride back to Erwin by the wonderful Bob and White Water (a badass thru-hiker who’s going for his triple crown next year on the CDT). Well the day only got better when they asked if we would like to join them white water rafting - YES! And just like that we were adopted for the day to raft down the Nolichucky River for our first white water rafting experience. We were lucky to have Will as an incredible teacher, and we spent truly the greatest day cruising down the river. Afterwards they dropped us off with their good friends Green and Callie for dinner in town and a ride back to the trailhead. We are so lucky to have met this incredibly kind, welcoming, and generous crew. This will forever be one of the very best days in the AT and in general🥰 at Nolichucky River

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The shin that was bugging me on day 8 has been giving me a bit of grief lately. At the beginning of day 14 on the PCT, I think I figured out that the source of the issue is my left shoe being a bit too small (my left foot is longer than the right). And because my toes can’t splay out completely, the stress of walking isn’t being absorbed and distributed properly throughout my foot and lower leg. So I took advantage of the 21st century technology current thruhikers have access to, and ordered a larger pair online through my phone, all while walking. As long as I didn’t mess up the delivery address (which I may have) and the postal service is on my side, I’ll have a brand new pair of size 10.5 shoes waiting for me when I get to Wrightwood tomorrow. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Other than the shin thing, this morning was a mission on the outskirts of Silverwood Lake to get to the McDonalds on Interstate 15. That’s where throngs of hikers rub shoulders with roadtrippers and truckers to rest our bodies and shovel greasy calories into our faces. I hung out with Coralie and Sam from Australia who I shared the troll camp under the bridge with the previous night. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The afternoon was tough because of my sore leg, but the sun came out and I managed to have a great time admiring some beautiful rock formations and being treated to ridge-walking through purple and yellow wildflowers. Being way up on those ridges reminded me of the epic montages of Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn on their travels, and I sang the Lord of the Rings theme song out loud while I walked. It was some of the nicest country I’ve ever hiked in, and it seemed like the only people out here enjoying it were the 50 of us per day just passing through on our way to Canada. It could be a major dayhiking destination as far as I’m concerned. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Mile 324-347 at Angeles National Forest

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Day 66 Mile 923 sobo 5.4 miles Total pct miles 828.5 . . Continental breakfast buffet at The bards inn..AMAZING. . We all soaked our feet one last time before leaving to hitch to the trail. . . Got a ride to Hwy 66 and got to the trailhead around 1:30? . . All did a nice and easy day to a beautiful pond and set up camp before the rain. . Had a lovely fire thanks to @crunchmaster_hikes and all I did was eat my donuts that I stuffed in a ziplock bag. . . 📸: @acetakesahike 1st (thanks for the awesome photo 💜) . . #pctig #pacificcresttrail #pct2019 #trekthepct #thruhike #thruhiking #hikingculture #nature #natureaddicts #naturephotography #naturelovers #outdoors #outdoorliving #outdoorphotography #optoutside #getoutdoors #adventure #trekking #adventurenthusiasts #merknmountains #peoplewhoadventure #wilderness #wildernessculture #wanderlust #wanderer #withguthook

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Mile 436.1: North Fork Ranger Station . Fun Fact About Me: I secretly dream of owning a ranger station, adopting as many dogs as I can and handing out hot dogs and cold sodas to PCT thru-hikers as they pass through. . The North Fork Ranger Station is the closest thing to my dream and even inspired this crazy dream of mine in the first place when I stopped here last year along my first PCT hike. . This is one of the many magical stops along the PCT in Southern California. The caretakers who manage the ranger station allow hikers to come by to rest in the shade, use the pit toilets, enjoy the picnic tables, camp for the evening and provide filtered water to anyone who needs it. . These guys also provide cold sodas and bags of chips for $1 each. Proceeds are donated to a local hiking nonprofit group. I’m telling you, after hiking up some pretty steep climbs and descents in the sun and heat while trying to avoid several swarms of bees just to get here, this was one of the best tasting (and well earned) sodas and bag of chips I’ve had in a long time. . Thank you North Fork Ranger Station for hosting us dirty, smelly thru-hikers and creating an oasis for us in the middle of the desert. ❤️ . . . . . #pct2019 #PCTClassof2019 #pcthiker #PacificCrestTrail #P3Hikers #hike #thruhike #thruhiker #thruhiking #hikethepct #HikingAdventures #TakeAHike #HikeMore #HikingFun #HikerTrash #GoOutside #OptOutside #WomenWhoExplore #womenwhohike #SheExplores #withGuthook #TheHungryHiker #WildAtHeart

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Today is my “monthiversary” on trail! Crazy how time flies, and how it also doesn’t seem to move. This is around the time when I really start to ache missing the loves of my life. While I can call Olga, I can’t call my puppy, so she probably expects me to come home any minute...:( . Why do I do this? Not entirely sure. Many reasons. @haitibiblemission continues to stir my heart, and I want to finish what I started. But the thought of so much love to come home to is very comforting. . Onward! . #cdt2019 #cdtc #embracethebrutality #trekthecdt #hikertrash #thruhike #thruhiking #backpacking #optoutside #hike #outdoors #newmexico #bravethecdt #triplecrown #ultralight #hokaoneone #homesick #wanderlust at Spokane, Washington

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TRAIL DAYS 2019 HAS BEGUN! A few things: Come to / @appalachian.trail booth today (around 10-1ish) and I’ll take your portrait! Get silly, serious, whatever expresses your personality! Make sure to pitch soon because Tent City fills up quick. I can’t wait to meet so many of you! I will have a lot of Stories so get ready for the fun 😎 at Damascus, Virginia

16 days ago

Hope everyone’s having a good day! Who’s getting stoked? It’s almost that time of year... A week until all the Trail Days pre-fun starts! I’ll be camping in Tent City, but where in TC you ask? Not sure yet. There’s so many great “towns” within the City. Groups of hikers name their own sites/group/etc and host parties, eating contests, raffles, you name it. I missed last year because I was prepping for knee surgery from my 2017 AT injury. Now, 2 years later I am back and ready to tackle the trail! Make sure to check out the official site for all the scheduled activities. Lots of chances to to win rad gear, eating contests, local hikes, etc. I originally was planning to hike out of Damascus NoBo to Bland, but realised I wouldn’t have enough time off work to accomplish this until next month. Who else is coming to tail days? Let’s meet up! Since I’m driving down, I’m bringing my professional camera gear. It’ll be a great time documenting this festival with Canon/GoPro versus just an iPhone. For any first timers, if you have questions please feel free to ask :D Its an absolute blast!! at Damascus, Virginia