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6 hours ago

More NY photos coming soon but headed back to this dreamy coast for now #35mm at Oregon Coast

12 hours ago

We at Kula take pee cloths - and pee cloth research - to the next level. Today we are giving you a rare glimpse into our ultra high tech and top secret research facility, where we put our new prints to the test before releasing them to the public. NOTE: the location of this facility is top secret and our hundreds of research scientists are flown into the location blindfolded each day on a private plane owned by Kula Air. All scientists have signed a non-disclosure agreement and have relinquished their right to ever consume pizza again if they are found to violate the terms of the agreement. The facility is heavily disguised and is patrolled by intelligent guard dolphins in a 20ft deep moat. We hope you enjoy this tiny peek into the science behind Kula. 📷 @mtngrl32 at Undisclosed Location

1 day ago

35mm B&w set from a trip up to the ravine a few weeks ago stoked to head back up soon for some spring corn! at White Mountains New Hampshire

1 day ago

The big 2-5! 🎉 No better way to celebrate than being outside and climbing mountains ⛰ Thank you to everyone who's reached out today and made me feel so loved. I'm so grateful for both the blessings and hardships I've been given for the past 25's to the next 25! ✨ #improbablyoutside #bouldercolorado #bearpeak #coloradooutdoors #outdoorblog #birthday #livewylder #alwaysgo #thisisrange #womenwhohike #womenwhoexplore #naturephotography #outdoorbloggers #rei #mypubliclands #boulderopenspace #sheexplores at Bear Peak

1 day ago

i definitely got sick which honestly isn't that bad because i bought an HBO subscription, so being isolated from the world is kind of ideal right now.

2 days ago

Dreams are a funny thing - we have them, and they make us feel so alive and excited, and then we do the thing that kills all dreams... we start trying to figure out HOW they are possible. A dream or a vision of something that you want to create doesn’t have a roadmap, because it’s never been done - and that’s the best part, because it means that YOU get to make it whatever you want it to be and YOU get to hold the pen that writes the story of your life. When you realize that you, and you alone, hold the key to unlocking your heart... you also realize that the world isn’t ever holding you back - only you can hold yourself back by listening to the story in your mind. Dream big, and be open to the possibilities. Say what you want to create, and move forward, not needing to have the map, but knowing that you’ll look back one day and see the path that you built with your own hands. What are your big dreams for yourself? What would you do if you knew that everything was possible?

3 days ago

This is my ‘try hard’ face. Also my ‘the rock is razor blades’ face. Also my ‘breaking in new climbing shoes’ face. Also, and this one is the hardest to discern, my ‘having the time of my life’ face.

3 days ago

Hiked gunstock in ski boots today w/ the homie. Also trying out some new film filters lmk what you think 🤙🏼 at Gilford, New Hampshire

3 days ago

Hemp's status in the U.S. is complicated. 🤷‍♀️ But according to sustainability and supply chain consultant @strategicallysustainable it's time for stakeholders to get comfortable with radical innovation in what's now known as a "disruptors' arena." 🥊 #RANGEmag contributor @so.goodman reports on marijuana's sober cousin. 🌿 Link in bio. Photo by @emmapratte #thisisrange

4 days ago

One of my favorite pieces of @surfragette in France combined with a Full Moon rise over sand dunes on the Utah/Arizona border symbolizes the wild, raw beauty of our Earth & our active being within it. • at Bar De la Côte

4 days ago

All aboard the observation station. 😎 In partnership with @subaru_usa and @wearefieldscout we curated an art show showcasing some of favorite creatives and #RANGEmag collaborators. 🎨 We're always looking forward to creating experiential activations that enable us to bring our digital communities together IRL. Inspired by the open pass, our friends @designers_on_holiday built this incredible lookout installation. #thisisrange

5 days ago

The air is different now. I emerged from a brutal winter, and find myself here, moving through air that opens me. I can feel again. I can breathe again. Every time I share these sentiments of winter woes and summertime energy, there’s a resounding “me too!” from my community, so I wanted to share an experience I had in therapy last week. I told @intothewoodswell about how I feel good again, I feel like me again, and what a joy it is to emerge from winter and realize I’m okay. And she asked me: “What are you going to do when winter comes back?” I didn’t know. So we sat down and made a plan. She wrote down my reflections and what I realized I needed to do to care for myself during the winter season. Because, well, winter will come back. But this time, I’ll be ready. If you’re feeling like a seasonal survivor, I invite you to make a plan too. Write it down and tuck it away until the end of fall brings that first bitter freeze. My plan involves investing in movement, creating boundaries with my inner darkness, traveling home to Florida more, and making sure I don’t isolate myself from my community. What steps will you take to plan for the inevitable return of a season that knocks you off your feet? We need darkness to balance the light, but we also need to hold ourselves steady as we move through each season. 💛 at Tucson, Arizona

5 days ago

Grab your bags fam #RANGEmag Issue Eleven is almost here and hits stands June 2019. 🗓 We’re putting the final touches on our list of select outdoor retailers and stockists. Where do you want to see us this summer? 🌴 Tag your favorite shop below and we’ll say hi. 👋 #thisisrange

6 days ago

A cold Montana night, but warmed by friendship, food and fire. Grateful for being able to visit my Bozeman boo who knows all the things about all the places and for getting to travel and laugh with my Bellingham boo. What a joy to share the week with these badass ladies! at Gardiner, Montana

6 days ago

Hey Kula-verse!! Exciting news from the mothership! Our Galaxy print is officially out of stock (have no fear, it will be back in stock sometime next week!). Why is this exciting?! Because it means we are GROWING - very quickly!! When we placed our first big order for custom fabric it was terrifying and thrilling all at the same time - when your product is only 6x6, buying 50-100yds of fabric seems pretty crazy, but we KNEW that Kula was something special - and you’ve proved that to us!! Over the next two weeks, we are also transitioning our fulfillment to a more streamlined and sustainable process - this means that there could be a few days lag time in shipping - if it’s going to be anything out of the ordinary, we will contact you individually to let you know. Otherwise, we are excited to feel these growing ‘pains’ - and so proud and honored to have all of your support. Big things are coming: TWO new prints are being released in the next couple of weeks and SAVE THE DATE - October 25/25/27 for the first annual Kulapalooza in the North Cascades!! It’s hard to believe that on July 20, 2018 we opened our website with the belief that this was possible... with the dream of making a difference. YOU are the reason we have been able to do that. We have some really exciting projects coming up in the next few months and cannot WAIT to share them with all of you 💙 at Planet Earth

6 days ago

I’ve been in Mexico for two weeks now. Not only do I have no words but I also have no photos. My time has been so full and rich and human-centered that I just haven’t felt a need to add another language yet. For now here’s the room where we’ve been eating in the mornings and if you come over we’ll make you a sunny brunch too :))) at Colonia Roma

6 days ago

Dream big and then go make that thing happen. 💯 Built in just four days, this floating skate ramp was designed as a result of professional skateboarder Bob Burnquist being asked to think of something that was seemingly impossible and then bring it to life. Can you guess what lake the floating skate installation was built on? Photo via @dezeen #thisisrange

6 days ago

It boggles my mind thinking about climate change deniers. We have so much evidence and such a narrow window of time to avert disaster within...and the scientists at the forefront of the most critical research are continually attacked. I can’t imagine what the sense of frustration must be like for a climate scientist already dealing with the depressing reality of their life’s work. @conservationorg is running a campaign right now to help show support for scientists working in the climate change field. I believe in science-based solutions and policy work, and if you do, I’m linking the form letter to show support for the science community in my bio. Science community: we’ve got your back. Thank you for all you do. 🌿 #thisisrange

7 days ago

KULAGRAM- we’ve done it again! Yet another epic Mad Lib caption! If this is totally out of context... we asked for words in our stories for a pre-written caption. Each time we do this, the result is equally hilarious and we love following the adventures of Winnie! So, without further adieu, we present, “Winnie and the Stew”: The weather was stupendous and Winnie decided it was the perfect time to go backpacking in @deathvalleynps . She loaded her @granitegear Blaze 60 with lederhosen, a rock and plaid shirts. For dinner she decided to make stew out of donut holes, cilantro, crème fraiche, bratwurst and tofu. For breakfast she brought a bag of chili paste and gummy bears. She hoisted her pack, which weighed 2,387 pounds, and hit the trail. She arrived at a sickly alpine lake and exclaimed, "I can't believe how flimsy this is! I can't wait to retch." She set up her @nemoequipment tent and decided to make her dinner and drink a warm cup of 15 packets of ketchup. She fell asleep easily, but in the middle of the night she heard a loud KA-POWIE!!! "What was that??" she shrieked! Hesitantly, she peered out of her tent, and couldn't believe it when she saw a Centaur and a Jackalope standing in her campsite. The Centaur just looked at her calmly, “YOLO" it said. Winnie shrugged. Nobody was going to believe this. Maybe it was just a really rotten dream? She wrote a quick poem to capture the memory: Roses are Red Violets are blue I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t have eaten that stew. at Death Valley National Park

7 days ago

Do yourself a favor and zoom in on Chritter’s concentration face... at Cowell, Arkansas

7 days ago

Ida getting ready to make coffee on a morning of warm sun and cold rocks.

8 days ago

Earth tile

8 days ago

The man across from me at the restaurant says Bangalore. Says, California of India. Everything happens there. Techie, so of course. Tells me to get my uttappam roasted. Comes crisped with tiny eyes of jalapeno. Ask for podi. Gives me a taste, not the whole thing. Maybe: too spicy. Man says he sometimes works in Austin. Four trips under Obama. Says he can’t go back right now. Your president is crazy he says. Has to reapply for his visa. Isn’t confident he’ll get it. Your president is a very hyper man, he says. Now that he had power, he says, he should calm down. He asks me what I do. Writer, I say. Lots of material here, he says. After, go to the liquor store while there’s still light. Dinner is mangoes and kingfisher. Men pour nips — clear — into their water bottles by the trash can. Keep coins in my pocket. At the beach, at sunset, the man balancing baskets on his head, red cloth over wicker, kneels down to give the little girl, party dress, a pistachio popsicle. High tide washes over break rocks where, yesterday, couples walked. Boys take photos of each other along the causeway. Red and blue polo shirts. Crew cuts. Hair slicked back like tiny waves. Arms on hips. Arms crossed over chest. Stare at camera. Stare at sea. Old man drops his cane and I hear clanking. His granddaughter, party dress, popsicle gone, picks it up. Breeze feels cold here. Across the bay are fireworks. A boy kicks a soccer ball against a brick wall. Red flag whips against the pier. A couple hugs, his hand at her low back where her shirt stretched up. Black pants wash ashore. A cat moves over my crossed ankles, her paws, for a second, on my feet. That pause. That feeling of touch. A woman in bright pink, regal, stands behind me. Watching what? Another day. An ocean. Crows circle over our heads. The pants are carried back out to sea. Along the concrete wall a man sits, back arched, head turned up like the handle of an open spigot. He sings. [Mumbai, India] #notesfromthetrail || #the100dayproject . . . . . #sheexplores #solotravel #womenwhohike #chaconation #passionpassport #shoestringwarrior #mytinyatlas #madeforyourmap #livewylder #livebravely #goatworthy #writersofinstagram #thisisrange at Shivaji Park

9 days ago

We’ve got big plans for the Kula-verse! As some of you saw in our stories, we are in the process of planning the first ever Kulapalooza (working title 😂). This is going to be a weekend retreat that will include art (with @drawntohighplaces and other artists), music with @themusicalmountaineers, meditation, outdoor skills workshops, hiking, and simply re-connecting with yourself through time with community and time in nature. Kula is a little piece of gear with a big dream and a big mission. What keeps us up at night with brimming over excitement are the possibilities of using Kula as a vehicle for so much good in the world - to inspire and encourage others to pursue their passions, let go of the stories and limiting beliefs, and really LIVE deeply and fully in the present. It is our commitment to YOU that Kula will never be about numbers or spreadsheets, but our measure of success will be calculated on the lives we’ve impacted, the adventures we’ve been on with you, and the difference that we have made - even in small ways - that impact not only the environment but anybody who uses or asks about this little .42oz piece of gear. We are so proud to be on the leading edge of a community that focuses on the good in the world and we cannot WAIT to meet many of you in person. Stay tuned 😍😍 at North Cascades National Park

9 days ago

It’s amazing to me how quickly I can shift from a space of self appreciation and tremendous sense of well being to tremendous self doubt and insecurity. I had a fender bender about a block away from my apartment yesterday at the very end of a 2.5 hour drive in the worst intersection in Austin and it seems to have shaken loose so many little pieces inside of me. I’ve been pushing and stretching myself in ways I feel positive about but I suppose the universe is trying to say I should push harder still. I crash I get up I crash I get up. : : : : : **making and taking pictures takes time energy and money. I love it and must do it no matter the consistent net loss ($). Will be photographing and selling some older paintings I’ve had for awhile for ~lowered~ prices to help me get through this current financial stress so keep your eyes peeled on my stories if you want to help in any way**

9 days ago

Couldn’t pass him without asking for a portrait #35mm

9 days ago

Aura feels #35mm

9 days ago

Super extra. Day is the river, nights are the hills. Day is hot rocks and cool pools, night is juniper baked and fragrant. Fast approaching, we can hardly wait! 📸: @louielothrop #rivertime #gorove #wilderness

10 days ago

Kula-verse: Today on the Kula Blog we are featuring THE INCREDIBLE @11thessential. Britany is one of the most passionate advocates for stewardship and public lands that we know - she’s also a member of the 2019 @thegroundskeepers and a Kula Ambassador! This is the new norm. Let’s not glorify the people who don’t abide by LNT practices - let’s CELEBRATE the people who do. Let’s focus all of our attention on people like Britany who are truly making an impact on our amazingly wonderful planet. Britany is also hosting an event on April 19th - a virtual clean up for Earth Day!! The link is in the blog post to register for the event and you can read all about Britany and the 11th essential using the link in our profile! 📷 @11thessential at Planet Earth

10 days ago

“I felt very alone and on my own. Coping with these changes hasn’t been easy, but I know damn well that Ollie has impacted my strength and perseverance more than I could have ever expected." 🐶 To celebrate #NationalPetDay we caught up with adventure photographer Stephen Martin of @explorewithmedia and his Insta-famous dog @explorewithollie to talk post-military life and climbing Colorado's tallest peaks. 🏔 Read the heartwarming story of Stephen and Ollie on #RANGEmag at the link in our bio. #thisisrange

11 days ago

On a farm in Virginia, my boss took a pair of garden sheers and lopped off the top of a tree growing out of a bright blue planter. Handed it to me. It was dusk. He was a little stoned. I held the cat. Got this in a box from Africa, he told me. Wrapped in newsprint. Gift from an old intern. Put it in some soil and watered it, he said. Now it’s a tree. I took home the stick. Put it in a terra cotta container of potting soil. Watered it. Placed it on the steps of my back porch. In winter, put it on top of my bookshelf. Next summer, it bloomed. White and yellow flowers. Thick, puttied, perfect. In fall, light frost, it frizzled. Might be growing again but I don’t know. Left the plant, with its dozen siblings, in my friends living room, turned into a jungle. I don’t see my tree again until I’m in India. Walk into a cave of basalt rock. Deep. Twelve enormous columns. Meditation chambers. Nine extremely detailed panels of Vishnu. All hand carved. Small chisels and hammers worked over 200 years, almost 2,000 years ago. Three heads — Brahma, Vishnu, Maharaja — over 18 feet tall. But it’s the flower that halts me. Fallen on the cave’s entryway. Just one. I look up and there is the tree. And suddenly I am halfway around the world, home again, its blossoms on the back steps, my dog’s head soft and warm under my hand. [Elephanta Island, India] #notesfromthetrail || #the100dayproject . . . . . #sheexplores #solotravel #womenwhohike #chaconation #passionpassport #shoestringwarrior #mytinyatlas #madeforyourmap #livewylder #livebravely #goatworthy #writersofinstagram #thisisrange #modernoutdoors at Elephanta Caves

11 days ago

@TheFunHog once tried to make a roadkill calendar. He and his friends spent a year taking portraits of roadkill all over the country. Armadillos, coyotes, raccoons, iguanas. They went to have it printed at a CVS and basically got kicked out of the store. • I’m currently going on two years of trying to make this ice machine calendar I have in my head. I’m not quite sure why. • The moral of the story is that sometimes your ideas don’t make sense, don’t work out, don’t get finished, have no prestige to them and people won’t quite understand them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and get weird with it. Otherwise you’re just living for everyone else. #thisisrange

11 days ago

On this podcast episode of You Have a Cool Job, we talk to Jeanine Pesce, Founder of @thisisrange. Jeanine shares her journey in establishing RANGE in the outdoor and active scene. She explains how her background in trend forecasting, fashion, and journalism came together to position RANGE in this niche outdoor consulting and editorial space. Listen now, link in bio! . #petersons #petersonsarticle #petersonsblog #highered #highereducation #college #blog #article #education #educationnews #collegelife #students #studentlife #petersonspodcast #podcast #podcasting #audiostories #youhaveacooljob #cooljob #uniquejob #uniquecareers #coolcareers #bestjobsintheworld #RANGE #thisisrange #rangemagazine #rangemag

11 days ago

Before it cleared 🌫

12 days ago

High noon nooks I’d like to nap in at Utah

12 days ago

Went out at low tide. Blue boat hulls cresting wet waves of plastic. Dogs trotted in pairs, mud to their bellies. Arabian Sea puddles on the walkway. Said no. Said no thank you. Said, head down. Walked up stone steps into a house of marble. White walls. Green planters. Fountains. Open windows, open roof. Everything crumbling. Sea, salt, span of time. Let the man pile my sandals. Took the scarf from my bag. Looped it over my hair. Stood at the outskirts. Hands open in prayer, palms like saucers, fingers bent at the last knuckle. Red, green, gold cloths laid over the coffin in a giant mound. Crow clacking. Man with the copper beard smacked with his broom — first shoulder, second shoulder, forehead, back. Red strings tied around the knobs of wooden doors, palm trees and boats in the long panes of glass. The wall a cut out — stars and crosses. Fan spun through the women’s section. Wiped the sweat with our scarves. I kept my camera in my bag. Too intrusive? Tossed pink roses. Floor was tiger stripes. Bathroom full of pigeons. When I left the mosque, walked toward the water on ground that would be covered up again, by the sea, quite soon, I touched the Arabian with open toes. Watched the boy bob, seal-like, with his brothers offshore. Low tide crackled like pop rocks. Hinged back and forth, compulsively, as I balanced over stones slick with algae. I wondered at the movement — wonder — is this how worship feels? Drank mango juice through a straw but ate the slices one by one. [Mumbai, India] #notesfromthetrail || #the100dayproject . . . . . #sheexplores #passionpassport #mytinyatlas #thisisrange #womenwhoexplore #chaconation #createdaily #exploremore #optoutside at Haji Ali Dargah

12 days ago

We shared this in our story yesterday, but thought it was worth repeating because the message is so true. It’s easy to get trapped ‘in your head’ worrying about things like ‘the competition’ or whether or not you are ‘ready’ or ‘good enough.’ It’s easy to look at hugely successful people or companies and feel like an outsider - and then use that feeling as an excuse as to why you should quit or not go after your dreams. This is not an uncommon feeling - it’s not new or special... it’s a manufactured story that has been sadly passed down over and over again until instead of just some random thought, it is believed to be true. We are here to tell you: it’s a lie. It isn’t true at all. When you jump in and go for it and follow your heart, the companies and people that you’ve always admired will be the FIRST ONES to lift you up and cheer you on! Case in point: @granitegear. This is a MASSIVELY successful company founded by two friends who had a dream of making backpacks. Kula founder @anastasia.allison had the chance to meet one of the founders at this past @outdoorretailer, and not only was he gracious and supportive, but @granitegear included Kula in its incredible @thegroundskeepers program. Do not be afraid to pursue your dreams with reckless abandon. At EVERY TURN you will find amazing individuals who have pre-paved the path and will do EVERYTHING to cheer you on. Believe in your mission and as a servant leader, devote yourself to giving and being exactly that same beam of light for the next wave of individuals who dares to dream big. When somebody lifts you up, you don’t just run off into the sunset... you reach down and pull somebody else up and then lift THEM up on your shoulders and celebrate who they are. That’s what this is about - uplifting each other and creating a community in the process. We are all here to uplift. We are all here to be that light on the path for somebody else. Thank you @granitegear for shining that light for Kula ❤️

12 days ago

Moon hung copper in the sky like a guillotine. Rounded the bay of marine drive. Lights a string of pearls — the queen’s necklace — and breakwater piled like giant stone jacks. Slipped my feet over the edge and it was slick. Suddenness pinged the soles of my feet. Ate barefoot on a plastic mat with plastic spoons, a child leaning into my knee. Left Chaupati for the beach. Bags of sand. Foggy spread of Orion’s belt. Couples mid-clasp under wire trees. Sharp sand. Marigolds like light bulbs. [Mumbai, India] #notesfromthetrail || #the100dayproject . . . . . #sheexplores #solotravel #womenwhohike #chaconation #passionpassport #shoestringwarrior #mytinyatlas #madeforyourmap #livewylder #livebravely #goatworthy #writersofinstagram #thisisrange #modernoutdoors at Juhu Chaupati, Mumbai

13 days ago

Wafting dreamscapes between New and old Mexico. Also every time I come here I end up on steroids due to an apparent hypersensitivity to poison oak so beware bc dreams can bite too 🦇 at Big Sur, California

13 days ago

You can indeed try and take a photo of me, but I shall take a photo of you first. 🤷🏻‍♂️ at Grizedale Forest

13 days ago

Today we are thrilled to share a story from @adventuring_athena who recently completed a Kilimanjaro hike with the @curvykilicrew and @whoatravel. She writes, “A quick back story about getting the Kula cloth... I bought one for the trip and then for my going away gathering, another friend bought me two more. Since she is a hiker/backpacker too, I told her to keep one for herself. Once I met up with my tent mate in Tanzania, I knew she had been eyeing them too, so I gave her one. There were also two other women in our group that had them too. So in all, you had 4 Kula cloths on Kilimanjaro! A bit about the trip and experience with the Curvy Kili Crew...I have always had hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro on my "bucket list". It has been something I have wanted to do for many years. I have always been a hiker and have loved adventure and travel but as a plus size hiker, you sometimes feel like you'll be the slowest or that you'll hold people up etc. Long story short, I have also been on a body positive journey learning to love all the things that my body can do and really working on changing my viewpoint. When I saw this trip come up, and that it would be all plus size women, I jumped at the opportunity. Hiking Kili with people that have had the same experience as me, who hike at a similar pace took sooo much of the anxiety out of the trip. It made me be more present, more grateful and just more at peace about the entire trek. The women I hiked with are amazing and I built not only life long friends, but people I can go on more adventures with. Speaking of that, I now have been hired by WHOA Travel to be an adventure leader for their new WHOA Plus treks so my Kula Cloth will be coming on the Salkantay Trail in Peru in July! (I promise to get photos). My personal mission/dream of being part of the representation of diverse bodies in the outdoors is coming to fruition.” 📷 @whoatravel We are SO INCREDIBLY proud of Andrea for going after her dream and making it real... and so honored that Kula is a teeny part of her story ❤️❤️ at KILIMANJARO

14 days ago

Honking. Fruit fell from the roof. Yellow flowers in the street. Head down. Men playing cricket. Laptops on the park bench. Cat cradled in the woman’s lap. Reading their newspapers in a shade circle. Boy in the red T-shirt holding his fathers hand. They skip. Boy with the blue and white balloon animal. Girl in the gold party dress with bells on her ankles. Woman laughing into her cell phone. School boys in ties that go past their belts. Dust and orange and pink crepe flowers. Eating fruit off paper plates. Lentils out of tinfoil. Men petting dogs along the park walls. Cotton balls like mountain peaks stuffed into ears. Man outstretched along the tin fence, man in the orange hat balancing, man in the flip flops tying the pole of bamboo. Press conference next to a temple. Tree with blossoms like clementines. The dog running in front of me. Tar paper soles. Striped paint on the base of trees copper and white. Every one counted. Butterfly wing touched my eyelash. Cattle dog napped, red pigment between his eyes. Thirteen year olds doing their homework, his hand on her knee. Cluster of female bus marshalls. Black button ups, frizzy hair, nose rings. Truck of melons. The man sitting cross legged over his roost and the man asleep on his back, flies in his mouth. Biking with his tie in his face. Stringing flowers on the stone sidewalk. Woman in all yellow, just her eyes, rubbing the cow’s back. Cups of yogurt and potato, cups of chai, cups of vegetables simmered in tomato sauce. Fingers through the chain link fence of a train. Jump while it’s still moving. [Mumbai, India] #notesfromthetrail || #the100dayproject . . . . . #sheexplores #solotravel #womenwhohike #chaconation #passionpassport #shoestringwarrior #mytinyatlas #madeforyourmap #livewylder #livebravely #goatworthy #writersofinstagram #thisisrange #modernoutdoors at Shivaji Park

3 months ago

Every time I tell Selway I love her her ears perk up, and I think she understands what I’m saying. I don’t know how many of y’all believe in soulmates, but this little gal is definitely one of mine. ✨❤️🌲🐕 at Missoula, Montana

3 years ago

@matthewjrdog and i ended up having a bigger day than planned while hiking near Whitney Portal. these days usually end up being my favorite: I love getting back to camp just before dark, with jello-legs and a grumbling stomach, just to be greeted by a cold beer and a warm fire. #35mm #adventuredog at John Muir Wilderness