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Sunshiney days ☀️❤️☀️

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I promise to be genuine on social media. I will not paint a picture of what isn’t. I’m not going to share my deepest secrets, that’s not me, the world doesn’t need to know everything. But I will be who I am, talk about the things I’m passionate about and what I’m going through. And sometimes I’ll be wrong because I’m not perfect and I don’t know everything. I struggle through every blessed day of motherhood. I often feel lost and I may forever be trying to find my place in this world. I’m mostly positive but I have my days of 🤬 I love natural remedies and wellness but I firmly believe there’s a time and a place for western medicine. I struggle with disordered eating especially after my last pregnancy but I’m trying to rediscover eating for pleasure while balancing that with health. I love animals and want them treated humanely but I am not vegan. I choose animal sources that were raised with freedom to roam and eat their natural diet and who’s farmers cared about them. I believe eating animals is OK but we need to be kind to them in their lives and practice respect and moderation when harvesting their meats. Other than my family I love cycling, swimming and yoga. Sincerely, Ashley 💕

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A few years ago I interviewed part of the duo of an amazing design team Young & Battaglia based in my hometown in the UK. As a bit of a reminisce I have reposted on my blog for inspiration and hope to include a couple of their designs when I finally finish having my house destroyed by two kids 😂. I love this picture of such a well behaved lili the dog courtesy of the designers @mineheartdesign @youngbattaglia #interiordesign #design #inspiration #art #creative #thingsilove #mineheartdesign #youngandbattaglia

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When it comes to conquering your kitchen drawers, the key is to divide.🍴

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After feeling like I was only able to meet the bare minimum to keep Bridge Nine going during the first trimester, It feels so good to be able to get back to work and get ahead of the curve. The candle cabinet is almost stocked and I started pouring....wait for it...FALL SCENTS this week 😱. Since this little guy is due at the end of September, It'll be one crazy holiday season for us! (P.S. no one tell me how long it lasts feeling this good during pregnancy, ignorance is bliss 🙈) . . . . . . #bridgeninecandleco #homestyling #apartmenttherapy #mycovetedhome #howwedwell #candlestyle #portlandlife #pnwstyle #cleanliving #thingsilove #mycreativebiz #moderndecor #showmeyourstyle #theeverygirlathome #myhousebeautiful #simplethingsmadebeautiful  #forahappymoment #howyouhome #hyggehome #slowlivingforlife #seekinspirecreate #myhappyviews #womenbusinessowners #daretocreate #modernmaker #handmadehome #ivfbaby #behindthescences at Portland, Oregon

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Still hasn’t quite hit me that I graduated from a Masters program today, but I’m sure it will soon, especially once I’m out living the 9 to 5 job life 😱 Couldn’t have done it without the support of my family and friends 💕 at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

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Things I Love Number 2: ⠀ The One Second Everyday App!⠀ @1secondeveryday I was first introduced to this app by an old doula client of mine. She would post these adorable videos of her daughters and son every month and I just loved them!⠀ ⠀ Life moves quickly and once you have a baby you realize that time doesn’t slow down even if you would like it to. As a mother, I often find myself wishing I could saver those few priceless years of my children being small, sweet and fearless, just a bit longer. How do you capture the little moments you know you will forget tomorrow? ⠀ ⠀ This is why I love this app! You can capture some of these little moments one second at a time. It’s easy to use, I currently am using the free version but if you want to pay a bit there are other features like music and longer clips you can do. Maybe I’ll invest in that next year when I have two littles I need to chase around. ⠀ ⠀ Memories are all we have at the end of the day. And I for one want to remember as much as I can of this season of my life. How did Allan laugh when I pushed him in the swing? How did he eat his spaghetti when he was just 2 years old? How his eyes lit up the first time we took him to the beach and his toes touched the ocean. ⠀ ⠀ You can save a small piece of it all. ⠀ ⠀ Check out my IG stories or my saved stories to see a bit our year thus far! ⠀ ⠀ Also, don’t worry that’s just my virgin mimosa aka orang juice in the table a girl can pretend right? 🍊 😂⠀ #1secondeveryday #onesecondeveryday at The Lakes, Las Vegas

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I finally made Julia Child’s bouf bourguinonne! It was a labor of love but it turned out delicious! I served it over homemade creamed potatoes and a side of buttered green peas. I’m hoping to try more of her recipes this summer. I love trying new and different foods! . . . . #thingsilove #love #midlifemama #mylook #travel #explore #wander #mystyle #foodie #cooking #whatamusesme #wanderlust #juliachild #frenchcooking #laboroflove #itwassogood #boeufbourguinonne #trynewthings

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Repurposed ❤️ My Dad paid 10 cents for that old ice box 40 years ago. It was lime green and he completely restored it . Perfect storage space in the office .💜

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Marybeth is a successful woman who knows the value in working towards a dream. Her energy was a joy to share in the gallery, and the enormous, watery beauty of a moss agate she chose to set is just delicious. She writes: "I really loved the entire process of working together to create a special piece of jewerly. I wanted to come up with something for myself that would be different from my usual style. I ended up learning about spinner rings and all about different stones from Leslie's collection. It was so much fun! I designed a spinner with two small beautiful stones [I posted this a few back] as well as a necklace that's a statement piece. Leslie guided me through the process of designing the setting, ring composition, chain, etc. It's important to me to shop local and support my community. Having our neighborhoods full of craft people, farm markets, and artists is what makes them enjoyable. I love supporting these endeavors."

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Things I love! What is this you ask? It’s basically a “Roomba” lawnmower dressed like a bunny and I want it!!!! I saw this at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. It’s genius 🇩🇰🐰🌿 * * * * * * #tivoligardens #copenhagen #brilliant #inventions #clever #bunny #lawncare #lawnmower #thingsilove #wantthis #cutebunny #losangelesinteriordesigner #wanderlust #traveler #vacation #fun #silly #gadget #technology #whatsupdoc #sillyrabbit #designinspo at Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park Copenhagen

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I took my mom to downtown Milford today to browse the shops and have lunch. I found the cutest McCall pattern I ever did see from 1937, some butter pats, yellow buttons, a quilt and a few vintage linens. Five of the seven things I got were 50% off including the quilt! I love that! 🌿 #antiquefinds #antiqueshopping #antique #antiques #vintagequilt #vintagelinens #vintagelove #vintagefinds #butterpats #mccallspatterns #buttons #quiltlove #quilt #hexies #quiltsofinstagram #halfoff #shoppingtime #gooddeal #vintagelife #funfinds #thingsilove #favoritethings #johnmaddockandsons #sewingpattern #iloveantiques #vintagetreasures at Downtown Milford Ohio

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Lotsa art print designs!! (Printed on super quality card stock paper) ✨ all art prints are 2 for $25!!

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Met gegrilde groenten zit je eigenlijk altijd goed! Door te grillen breng je de smaak zo sterk naar voren, dat kruiden eigenlijk niet nodig zijn! In verschillende combinaties zijn gegrilde groenten vaak te vinden in onze gerechten. De aardse smaak van de paddestoelen doet het goed bij het lichte en frisse van courgette en tomaatjes en gecombineerd met een stukje gebakken vis is dat een geweldige maaltijd! #etenwaarjeblijvanwordt #grillen #smaak #grill #lovetocook #thingsilove #thingsilike #veggies #healthyfood

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Y’all! It is absolutely stunning outside! Seriously, if you live near me, stop what you are doing and GO OUTSIDE!! I love being outside! I love all kinds of weather: snow, wind, before a storm, during a storm, after a storm, crisp days, warm days, and even the hot day has it’s place. The weather is one reason why I love Virginia so much. It’s one of the states that gets all the weather and has a solid 4 season year. ❤️ My favorite place to be to enjoy most weather is on my front porch. I find a way-warm drink and blankets, or ceiling fans and cold beverage in hand-I’ll do both! So that’s why for my #thingsilove #eachdayinmay I have to say rocking on my front porch! Now this is not something you can go buy so it’s not a real recommendation, but it’s a recommendation of sorts. If you are needing a place to just be and enjoy the weather. If you are needing a friend to talk to or a burden to bear. If you are wanting a yummy drink and place to sit…Then come on over and sit with me, or I can even leave you alone to just “Be”. What’s you favorite spot to relax? Or favorite spot in your home? #thingsilove #eachdayinmay #frontporchrocker #rockwithme #rockingchair #sitonmyfrontporchandchatawhile #porchchatting #daycation #allkindsofweather at Spotsylvania, Virginia

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Gillar ni gnocchi måste ni bara testa detta recept ’Gnocchi a la SofiaWood’ på bloggen ⇒ Inspiration från @sofia_wood. Gott ... riktigt gott!

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So, lunch. Bloody hell the waiters asked if we wanted dinner menu!! It was fab - literally over the ocean, endless fish, endless cava sangria, great chatter with great friends. What’s not to love about a 5 hour lunch!! All I have to offer you is a full length pic of my swishy butterfly dress by @twinsetofficial that I wore last night. Sorry you’ve been short changed but tonight I’m sobering up on the terrace in my knickers!!!🙈 oh and another glass (bottle) of champagne- gotta be done 🙈🙈😂😉🤷‍♀️Sx💋😘 . . #howistylemine @gulbin_everydayfashion #springsummerfashmagic @mogzee_m @aprincipaloffashion #notsavingitforbest @lynnlovesshopping #neverknowinglyunderdressed @beautifuleveryday_uk . . #ootd #holidayvibes #whatiworelastnight #mylife #outfitoftheday #beachlife #outfitpost #mystyle #thingsilove #dresses #summerstyle #holidaystyle #mystylediary at Marbella, Spain

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Walk on through... 📸The Dairy Block. Downtown Denver.

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Even alleyways can be pretty cool in this town. 📸 The Dairy Block. Downtown Denver.